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Cnc Parts - China

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Item Name CNC Parts

Machining Equipment Threading machine,

CNC lathe, Cold heading machine , drilling

machines etc,

Size M2 – M 60

Material Brass Alloy: 3602 / 2604 /

H59 / H62 / etc.

Stainless Steel Alloy: 303 / 304 /

316 / 412 / etc.

Steel Alloy: Carbon Steel:


We handle many other type of

materials. Please contact us if your required

material is not listed above.

Surface Treatment chrome plated, zinc

plated , HDG, Brass plated , Electrostatic

spray , black oxide and so on.


Process tooling, machining, CNC, heat

treatment, etc , surface treatment and

assembly, we offer one-stop solution

Samples Samples making will be started after

cad drawing's approval; production will be

started after sample approval; if sample fail

in the first time, we will improve and make

until your satisfaction


Hex nut, lock nuts, slotted nuts, flange

nuts, coupling nuts, acorn nuts, square nuts,

Wing nuts, thumb nuts, tamper-resistant nuts,

captive nuts, tee nuts, Allen nuts, rivet


Acme nuts, electrical panel and conduit

fitting nuts, barrel nuts, ball nuts, push

nuts, speed nuts, clip-on nuts, T-slot nuts,

eye nuts, wire nuts, pipe lock nuts, tube

nuts, weld nuts, handle nuts, strut channel

nuts, regulator and welding hose fitting

nuts, bearing nuts, slip-joint nuts,

CNC Parts,

Barbed hose fittings , fittings for push-on

hose , quick-disconnect hose couplings, cam-

and- groove hose couplings, twist-claw hose

couplings, grip-lock hose Couplings, high-

pressure threaded couplings, garden hose

Couplings, swivel fittings with threaded

connections, fire hose fittings, welding hose

fittings , hydraulic hose fittings, hydraulic

pump hose fittings,

Tank fittings, bushings, shafts, Breather

vents, corrosion-resistant breather vents,

Miniature Breather vents, Weather-resistant

breather vents , Flange-Mount Breather vents

with cap , self-draining breather vents,

enclosure vents , key –operated brass air-

release valves, bronze air-release valves,


Machine Screws , Sheet Metal Screws , Wood

Screws, Thread Cutting Screws, Self-Drilling

Screws , Lag Screws, SEMS Screws, Binding Post

Screw Products, Thread Rolling Screws,

Furniture Screws , Thumb Screws, Multiple

Material Screws, Drywall Screws, Particle

Board Screws, Wing Screws , Drive Screws, Weld

Screws, Eye Screws, Collated Screws, Flooring

Screws, Dowel Screws, Roofing Screws,

Accordian Screws, Jack Screws


Cap Screws & Hex Bolts, Carriage Bolts,

Flange Bolts, Tap Bolts, Structural Bolts,

Square Head Bolts , Heavy Hex Cap Screws &c,

U-Bolts, Ferry Cap Screws, Plow Bolts,

Tension Control Bolts Hanger Bolts, Shaker

Screen Bolts, Elevator Bolts, Eye Bolts,

Connector Bolts, Tower Bolts, Penta Bolts

Step Bolts, Coil Bolts, J-Bolts, Timber

Bolts, Bin Bolts, U-Bolt Plates, Askew Head

Bolts, Sidewalk Bolts, Track Bolts, Cable Tie

Holders ; Wire Twist Ties,


Flat washers, lock washers, spring

washers, countersunk washers, sealing washers,

self-aligning washers, c, clipped washers,

blind rivet washers, square washers, notched

washers, sleeve washers, curved washers,

washers for foam insulation and plaster,

terminal cup washers, washers for square-

neck bolts, washers with tag hole , washers

with guide tabs , self-retaining washers,

vented washers. Pins, anchors, Retaining

Rings; External Retaining Rings;


Eyebolts and Eye Nuts; Hoist Rings ; Solid

Rod Ends ;Tie-Down Rings


Dowel Pins ; Spring Pins ;Taper Pins ; Headed

Pins ; Quick-Release Pins ;Clevis Pins;Cotter

Pins; Hitch Pins ; Locking Pins ; Locating



Stud Anchors for Concrete; Vibration-

Resistant Stud Anchors for Concrete; Stud

Anchors for Concrete , Block and Brick ;

Removable-Bolt Anchors for Concrete

;Removable-Bolt Anchors for Concrete Solid

Block and Brick ; Screws for Concrete and

Block ; Heavy Duty Screws for Concrete and

Block ; High-Strength Drive Anchors for

Concrete ; Plastic Drive Anchors for Concrete

; Pin-Drive Anchors ; Heavy Duty Pin-Drive

Anchors for Concrete and Solid Block ;

Anchoring Adhesives for Concrete ; Adhesive-

Grip Internally Threaded Anchors for


Internally Threaded Anchors for Concrete ;

Variable-Depth Internally Threaded Anchors

for Concrete ; Internally Threaded Anchors

for Concrete, Block, and Brick ; Shallow Hole

Internally Threaded Anchors for Concrete,

Solid Block, and Brick ; Light Duty Anchors

for Concrete, Solid Block, and Brick ;

Anchors for Drywall ; Toggle Bolts ; Self-

Drilling Toggle Bolts ; Stud and Internally

Threaded Toggle Anchors ; Never-Drop Toggle

Anchors ; Alignment Pins ,


Rivet Tools ; Drive Anchors ; Fabric Snaps ;

Binding Posts ; Rivet Nuts ; Blind Rivet

Retaining Rings

External Retaining Rings ;Nonmagnetic

External Retaining Rings ; Mil. Spec.

External Retaining Rings ; Metric External

Retaining Rings ; Heavy Duty External

Retaining Rings ;

Spiral External Retaining Rings ; Easy-to-

Install Spiral External Retaining Rings ;

Self-Locking External Retaining Rings ;

Metric External Clips ; Side-Mount External

Retaining , Rings (E-Style) ; Nonmagnetic

Side-Mount External Retaining , Rings (E-

Style) ; Metric Side-Mount

External Retaining .Rings (E-Style) ; Heavy

Duty Side-Mount External Retaining Rings ;

Bowed Side-Mount External Retaining Rings ;

Low-Clearance Side-Mount External Retaining

Rings ; Crimp-On External Retaining Rings

Internal Retaining Rings ; Internal Retaining

Rings ; Nonmagnetic Internal Retaining Rings

; Metric Internal Retaining Rings ;

Spiral Internal Retaining Rings; Easy-to-

Install Spiral Internal Retaining Rings ;

Self-Locking Internal Retaining Rings

Cable Ties

Cable Tie Holders ; Cable Tie Tools ; Wire

Twist Ties ; Hook and Loop Straps ; Cable


Pipe Hangers

Hangers ; Clamps ; U-Bolts ; Straps ; I-Beam

Clamps ; Strut-Mount Hangers ;Pipe and

Scaffolding Clamps

Tube Fittings

Barbed ; Compression ; Flared ; Push-to-

Connect ; Quick Disconnect ; Quick Turn ;

Sanitary Quick Clamp ; Butt and Socket Weld ;

Union ; Solder-Joint Copper and CPVC ; Vacuum

; Flexible PVC ; Glass

Hose Fittings

Barbed Hose Fittings;Fittings for Push-On

Hose;Quick-Disconnect Hose Couplings ;Cam-

and-Groove Hose Couplings ;Twist-Claw Hose

Couplings ;Grip-Lock Hose Couplings;High-

Pressure Threaded Couplings ;Garden Hose

Couplings ;Swivel Fittings with Threaded

Connections ;Fire Hose Fittings;Welding Hose

Fittings ;Hydraulic Hose Fittings ;Hydraulic

Pump Hose Fittings ;

Hose Clamps

Fittings Hose and Tube Clamps ;Clamps ;

Hangers ; Cable Holders


Through-Wall Fittings for Drinking (Potable)

Water ; Miniature Through-Wall Fittings ;

Through-Wall Fittings with Compression Pipe

Connections ; Swivel Through-Wall Fittings

Type 316 Stainless Steel Bolt-On Through-Wall

Fittings ; Weld-On Fittings for Flat Tanks

Weld-On Fittings ; for Curved Tanks Reducing

Tank Fittings ;Pipe Nipples Pipe Nipples;

Pipe Couplings Pipe Couplings;Pipe Elbows

Pipe Elbows;Pipe Tees Pipe Tees;Pipe Bushings

Pipe Bushings;Sanitary Pipe Fittings &

Accessories Sanitary Pipe Fittings &

Accessories;Pipe Adapters Pipe Adapters;Pipe

Unions Pipe Unions;Pipe Caps Pipe Caps;Pipe

Plugs Pipe Plugs; Expansion Plugs Expansion

Plugs ;Pipe Reducers Pipe Reducers;

;Pipe Connectors

Pipe Connectors ;;

Pipe Nipple Assortments Pipe Nipple

Assortments ;Pressure Regulators Pressure

Regulators ;Water Hammer Arrestors Water

Hammer Arrestors ; ;



Manifolds ; ;

Return Bends Return Bends; Tube Fittings Tube

Fittings ; Push-to-Connect Fittings Push-to-

Connect Fittings ; Compression Fittings

Compression Fittings ; Instrumentation

Fittings Instrumentation Fittings ;Grease

Grease Fitting Adapters & Couplers Grease

Fitting Adapters & Couplers ; Grease Fitting

Tools Grease Fitting Tools ; Grease Fitting

Kits Grease Fitting Kits ; Grease Fitting

Caps Grease Fitting Caps ; Grease Relief

Fittings Grease Relief Fittings ;Hydraulic

Hose Fittings; Hydraulic Hose Fittings

;Quick-Disconnect Hose Couplings ; Swivel

Fittings ; Cam-and-Groove Hose Couplings ;

Hydraulic Pump Hose Fittings


Through-Wall Fittings ;Drill Bushings ;

Sleeve Bearings ; Thrust Bearings ;Spacers ;

Linear Bearings ; Pipe Fitting Bushings ;

Conveyor Roller Bearings


High Noise-Reducing Mufflers;Flame-Resistant

High Noise-Reducing Mufflers ;Clog-Resistant

Mufflers ; Clog-Indicating Mufflers ; Compact

High-Flow Mufflers ;

High-Flow Mufflers ; Oil-Mist-Eliminating

Mufflers ; Oil-Mist-Recycling Mufflers ;

Easy-to-Clean Mufflers ; Parts-Ejecting End-

Exhaust Mufflers ; High-Flow Inline Mufflers


Heavy Duty Inline Mufflers ; Inline Mufflers

for High-Frequency Noise

Company Contact:

  • Phone: 0086075586381620

  • Address: B1106,GenZon Times Square Building LongchengRoad,L, Shenzhen, China

  • Email: Email

Published date: December 6, 2013 -

  • Business Description: Lock Technology (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd

    Who we are?

    Lock Technology is a professional fastening system solutions supplier, with well over 10 years of combined mechanical experience, stable financial back up and the commitment towards continued growth. Lock Technology remains dedicated to providing the highest quality customer service and support to existing and new customers. Lock Technology has positioned itself to provide customers with quality products in a timely and efficient manner. With a bright future ahead, Lock Technology shall always create and maintain a loyal commitment to customers while constantly looking for methods of improvement. In doing so, Manufacturing capabilities includes: Fastener, CNC machining parts; Assembly parts etc.

    Hex nut, lock nuts, slotted nuts, flange nuts, coupling nuts, regulator and welding hose fitting nuts, pvc fitting, copper fitting, brass fitting, steel pipe fitting, Tube Fittings, Bushings, Mufflers, Machine Screws, Wood Screws ,Thumb Screws, Weld Screws, Eye Screws, regulator and welding hose fitting nuts, Dowel Screws, U Bolt, lock washers, spring washers, slotted washers, square washers, Tower Bolts, Heavy Hex Bolts, Cap Screws, Plow Bolts, Elevator Bolts, Eye Bolts, Connector Bolts, Dowel Pins ; Spring Pins, Solid Block, and Brick ;Anchors for Drywall ; Toggle Bolts ; Self Drilling Toggle Bolts ; breather vents, Drive Anchors;Rivet Nuts ; Blind Rivet Washers; Internal Retaining Rings ;Spiral Internal Retaining Rings; Self Locking Internal Retaining Rings; Hose and Tube Clamps ;Clamps ; Cable Holders; Pipe Nipple, Welding Hose Fittings, bolt and nut, titanium bolt and nut, anchor bolt, stainless steel bolt and nut , stainless steel fittings, stainless steel bushings, brass bushing,

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