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  • Toothed Rubber Heat Resistant And Oil Car Timing Belts 121za19 For Fi - China

    price: contact company for price

    Toothed Rubber Heat Resistant and Oil Resistant Car Timing Belts 121ZA19

    for Fiat, Volvo

    Feature of this Timing belt:

    *It may solve the problem such as low transmission efficiency and lubrication oil required under the status of high speed when using the chain, distance limit between the drive part and the slave drive part when using the gear

    *Glass fiber as tensile member, no elongation if rubber belt.

    *Excellent hear-resistance, oil-proof, and wearing resistance

    *Higher transmission efficiency can be guaranteed under the condition of large change of operation speed and temperature





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    ZA | 55ZA13, 110ZA18, 120ZA18, 121ZA18, 124ZA18, 54ZA19, 69ZA19, 80ZA19, 84ZA19, 88ZA19, 89ZA19, 90ZA19, 91ZA19, 92ZA19, 93ZA19, 94ZA19, 95ZA19, 98ZA19, 102ZA19, 106ZA19, 109ZA19, 111ZA19, 115ZA19, 116ZA19, 118ZA19, 120ZA19, 121ZA19, 123ZA19, 111ZA25, 112ZA25, 124ZA25, 126ZA25, 127ZA25, 133ZA25, 148ZA25, 169ZA34 |

    ZBS | 55ZBS13, 117ZBS15, 76ZBS19, 83ZBS19, 92ZBS19, 101ZBS19, 117ZBS19, 120ZBS19, 122ZBS19, 137ZBS19, 117ZBS25, 163ZBS25, 149ZBS30, 119ZBS32 |

    RU | 76RU16, 101RU17, 89RU19, 92RU19, 95RU19, 97RU19, 122RU19, 122RU20, 110RU21, 113RU21, 143RU21, 92RU22, 105RU22, 138RU23, 142RU23, 143RU23, 148RU23, 101RU24, 106RU24, 107RU24, 108RU24, 111RU24, 113RU24, 124RU24, 126RU24, 89RU25, 93RU25, 95RU25, 97RU25, 103RU25, 104RU25, 108RU25, 110RU25, 113RU25, 124RU25, 126RU25, 127RU25, 129RU25, 131RU25, 133RU25, 134RU25, 149RU25, 157RU25, 125RU26, 126RU26, 126RU27, 132RU27, 134RU27, 123RU28, 148RU28, 152RU28, 196RU28, 112RU29, 150RU29, 151RU29, 152RU29, 120RU30, 141RU30, 145RU30, 152RU30, 108RU32 |

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    FIAT 131 1.4 Mirafiori 11.80-01.84

    FIAT 131 1.6 11.76-12.84

    FIAT 131 Familiare/Panorama 1.4 Mirafiori 11.81-01.84

    FIAT 131 Familiare/Panorama 1.6 11.80-04.85

    FIAT 131 1.4 Mirafiori 11.80-01.84

    FIAT 131 1.6 11.76-12.84

    FIAT 131 1.6(S) 10.74-09.81

    FIAT REGATA (138) 85.1.6 10.83-06.90

    FIAT REGATA (138) 100 Super 1.6 10.83-12.90

    VOLVO 240 (P242.P244) 2.0 08.76-07.79/08.84-07.85/09.78-08.83/10.82-08.84

    VOLVO 240 (P242.P244) 2.1 08.80-07.84/08.74-07.80/08.80-07.84

    VOLVO 240 (P242.P244) 2.1 Turbo 08.80-07.84

    VOLVO 240 (P242.P244) 2.3 08.78-07.80/08.80-07.83/08.86-07.87/08.84-12.89/08.84-12.89/08.84-07.86/08.80-07.84/08.83-07.85

    VOLVO 240 (P242.P244) 2.3 i KAT 08.86-07.93

    VOLVO 240 (P242.P245) 2.0 08.84-07.85/10.82-08.84/08.76-01.82

    VOLVO 240 (P242.P245) 2.1 08.80-07.84/08.74-01.79/08.75-07.80/08.80-07.84

    VOLVO 240 (P242.P245) 2.3 01.83-12.84/08.80-07.84/08.86-07.87/08.84-12.88/08.84-07.07.86/08.84-07.85

    VOLVO 340-360 (343, 345) 2.0 08.88-07.89/08.87-07.88/08.86-07.88/08.84-07.87/08.84-07.86/08.83-07.84/08.82-07.84/08.80-07.84/08.80-07.83

    VOLVO 340-360Stufenhenck(344) 2.0 08.87-07.88/08.86-07.88/08.84-07.90/08.84-07.87/08.84-07.86/08.84-07.84/08.83-07.84/08.82-07.84

    VOLVO 740(744) 2.0 09.88-08.90/01.87-08.88/01.86-08.90/08.85-07.92/01.85-12.85/12.83-07.84

    VOLVO 740(744) 2.3 08.84-07.90/08.84-07.88/08.83-07.88/08.83-07.84/08.87-07.92/08.86-07.88/09.85-12.89

    VOLVO 740(744) 2.3 Turbo 08.89-07.90/08.86-07.89/08.85-12.88

    VOLVO 740 Kombi(745) 2.0 08.89-07.91/09.88-08.90/01.87-08.88/08.85-07.92

    VOLVO 740 Kombi(745) 2.3 08.87-07.92/09.85-07.90/08.85-07.88

    VOLVO 740 Kombi(745) 2.3 Turbo 08.89-07.90/08.86-07.89/08.85-07.88

    VOLVO 760 (704, 764) 2.3 01.88-07.92

    VOLVO 760 (704, 764) 2.3 Turbo(704) 08.84-10.88

    VOLVO Kombi(704, 765)2.3 Turbo 08.90-12.94

    VOLVO 940(944) 2.0 01.92-07.94/09.90-09.93/

    VOLVO 940(944) 2.0 Turbo 08.90-12.94

    VOLVO 940(944) 2.3 08.90-12.94

    VOLVO 940(944) 2.3 Turbo 08.91-07.93/08.90-07.94

    VOLVO 940 Kombi(945) 2.0 01.92-07.94/09.90-09.93

    VOLVO 940 Kombi(945) 2.3 08.90-12.94

    VOLVO 940 Kombi(945) 2.3 Turbo 08.91-07.93/08.90-07.94

    VOLVO 960(964) 2.0 09.90-09.93

    VOLVO 960(964) 2.3 Turbo 09.90-08.93


    FITA : 44066334406633 VOLVO :271713463377

    GATES:5020 DAYCO:94057




    Toothed Rubber Heat Resistant And Oil Car Timing Belts 121za19 For Fi

    Thank you in advance for your consideration

    Company Contact:

    • Phone: 8657487476862

    • Address: Qixi Industrial Zone, Zhanqi Town, Yinzhou Distric, Ningbo, China

    • Email: Email

    Published date: September 14, 2012 -

    • Business Description: Ningbo Yilisi Special Rubber Belt Co., Ltd. is a high tech enterprise that professionally produces automobile synchronous belts, Multi wedge belts, and cut edge v belts under international and national standards. Our company is located in Qixi Industrial Zone, Zhanqi Town, Ningbo City, with a distance of 38km to the center of Ningbo. The sea, land and air transportation is quite convenient here.
      Product quality, specification variety, and production capability of our company are in the leading position in the same domestic trade, and have achieved the advanced level in the field. Our products have been widely used in automobiles, household applications, kinds of office mechanical transmissions, scientific manufacturing management ways, and complete inspection equipment.
      Our company has a batch of high quality science and technology talents. Therefore, we have strong technical strength. We have formed a completed before sales, during sales, and after sales service network system and our company has passed ISO/TS16949 2009 quality system certification. We sincerely welcome clients both new and old to visit our company and order our products.
      We will cooperate with you with the best quality, the most preferential price, and the fastest delivery. We hope we can create a splendid future with you!

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