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  • Eui Electronically Unit Injector - China

    price: contact company for price

    Number: DELPHI: BEBE4C00101

    Vehicle Model and Engine: VOLVO 12L TRUCK D12 EURO 3 06/ 01

    Main Products Of Company: Fuel pump, Repair kit, Nozzle holder, Nozzle, VE pump, VE Pump Parts

    CAT unit injector:

    Hanji No. Caterpillar P/ N Reman Engine

    HJ0R9595 3176B

    HJ10R2781 3406E

    HJ0R9596 3176B

    HJ10R2780 3406 / C15

    HJ10R2782 3406 / C15

    HJ0R4300 3406E/ C15

    HJ0R4205/ 0R9591 3176B

    HJ0R4203/ 0R4523 3176A

    HJ0R4523 3176A

    HJ0R4524 3176A

    HJ0R9591 3176B

    HJ0R9592/ 0R4207 3176B

    HJ0R9594 3176B

    HJ10R2781 3406E/ C15

    HJ0R4332/ 10R2782 3406E/ C15

    HJ116- 5426 116- 5414 10R0967 C10/ 3176C

    HJ0R4986 C10/ 3176C

    HJ10R0968 C12

    HJ0R9530 C12 / 3196

    HJ0R4521 3176A

    HJ0R4522 3176A

    HJ0R4525/ 0R9591 3176B

    HJ0R4526 3176B

    HJ0R9592 3176B

    HJ0R4529 3176B

    HJ0R4331/ 10R2781 3406E/ C15

    HJ0R4893 / 10R2780 3406E/ C15& C16

    HJ0R4118/ 0R4893 3406E/ C15

    HJ0R4895/ 10R2782 3406E/ C15& C16

    HJ0R4894/ 10R2781 3406E/ C15& C16

    HJ0R4667 3406E/ C15& C16

    HJ10R2782 3406/ C15

    HJ0R4668 / 0R4893 3406E/ C15

    HJ0R8780 C10/ 3176C

    HJ10R0963 C12

    HJ0R9256/ 10R2780 3406E/ C15& C16

    HJ0R9257/ 10R0957 3406E/ C15& C16

    HJ10R0963 C12/ 3196

    HJ0R9258/ 10R2780 3406E/ C15& C16

    HJ10R0960 C10/ 3176C

    HJ10R0967 C10/ 3176C

    HJ0R9530 C12

    HJ0R7549 3196

    HJ0R9597 3176B

    HJ0R9803 3406E/ C15& C16

    HJ0R9256/ 10R2782 3406E/ C15& C16

    HJ0R9257 3406E/ C15& C16

    HJ0R9258 / 10R2780 3406E/ C15& C16

    HJ0R9803/ 10R0955 3406E/ C15& C16


    HJ10R0954 3406E/ C15& C16

    HJ10R0956/ 10R2782 3406E/ C15& C16

    HJ10R0957 3406E/ C15& C16

    HJ10R0958 3406E/ C15& C16

    HJ10R0955 3406E/ C15& C16

    HJ0R0958 3406E/ C15& C16

    HJ10R0966 C10/ 3176C

    HJ10R0725 C12

    HJ10R0961 C12

    HJ10R1003 C12

    HJ10R1000 3406/ C15

    HJ10R1273 3406/ C15

    HJ10R1256 C10/ 3176C

    Cummins unit injector:

    CHJ No. Cummins P/ N OLD # Engine

    HJ3070739 3070739   N14

    HJ3071534 3071534   L10

    HJ3073995 3073995   M11

    HJ3073996 3073996   L10

    HJ3076029 3076029   L10

    HJ3080930 3080930   M14

    HJ3081314 3081314   N14

    HJ3081315 3081315   N14

    HJ3081316 3081316   N14

    HJ3081317 3081317   L10

    HJ3081318 3081318   L10

    HJ3081319 3081319   L10

    HJ3083846 3083846   N14

    HJ3083848 3083848   N14

    HJ3083849 3083849   ISM

    HJ3084589 3084589   M11

    HJ3087557 3087557   M11

    HJ3087558 3087558   N14

    HJ3087560 3087560   N14

    HJ3087733 3087733   N14

    HJ3087734 3087734   N14

    HJ3087772 3087772   M11

    HJ3087788 3087788   N14

    HJ3087807 3087807   N14

    HJ3088178 3088178   N14

    HJ3095040 3095040   M11

    HJ3095086 3095086   N14

    HJ3095731 3095731   M11

    HJ3409975 3409975   N14

    HJ3411381 3411381   N14

    HJ3411385 3411385   N14

    HJ3411401 3411401   M11

    HJ3411691 3411691   N14

    HJ3411752 3411752 3087557、 3084589 M11

    HJ3411753 3411753 3095040 M11

    HJ3411754 3411754 3087772 M11

    HJ3411755 3411755 3095731 M11

    HJ3411756 3411756 3083849 ISM

    HJ3411758 3411758 3411401 M11

    HJ3411759 3411759 3087560、 3087733、 3083846 N14

    HJ3411760 3411760 3083848、 3087558、 3087734 N14

    HJ3411761 3411761 3087807 N14

    HJ3411762 3411762 3409975 N14

    HJ3411763 3411763 3087788、 3095086、 3609796 N14

    HJ3411764 3411764 3088178 N14

    HJ3411765 3411765 3411381 N14

    HJ3411766 3411766 3411691 N14

    HJ3411767 3411767 3411385 N14

    HJ3411845 3411845   M11

    HJ3609796 3609796   N14

    HJ3609922 3609922   M11

    HJ3652516 3652516 3076029、 3081317、 3071534 L10

    HJ3652540 3652540 3073996、 3081318 L10

    HJ3652541 3652541 3070739、 3081314 N14

    HJ3652542 3652542 3073995、 3081315 N14

    Detroit unit injector:

    CHJ No. Detroit P/ N Engine Sreies Description

    HJ5234770 5234770 SERIES 92 EUI INJECTOR

    HJ5234775 5234775 SERIES 92 EUI INJECTOR

    HJ5234783 5234783   INJECTOR

    HJ5234785 5234785 SERIES 60 EUI INJECTOR

    HJ5234790 5234790   INJECTOR

    HJ5234795 5234795 SERIES 60 EUI INJECTOR

    HJ5234850 5234850 SERIES 92 EUI INJECTOR

    HJ5234865 5234865   INJECTOR

    HJ5234870 5234870 SERIES 60 EUI INJECTOR

    HJ5234915 5234915 SERIES 92 EUI INJECTOR

    HJ5234920 5234920 SERIES 149 EUI INJECTOR

    HJ5234940 5234940 SERIES 60 EUI INJECTOR

    HJ5234945 5234945 SERIES 60 EUI INJECTOR

    HJ5234960 5234960 SERIES 92 EUI INJECTOR

    HJ5234965 5234965 SERIES 92 EUI INJECTOR

    HJ5234970 5234970 SERIES 60 EUI INJECTOR

    HJ5234975 5234975   INJECTOR

    HJ5234980 5234980   INJECTOR

    HJ5234985 5234985 SERIES 92 EUI INJECTOR

    HJ5234990 5234990   INJECTOR

    HJ5234995 5234995   INJECTOR

    HJ5235520 5235520 SERIES 149 EUI INJECTOR

    HJ5235550 5235550 SERIES 50 EUI INJECTOR

    HJ5235558 5235558 SERIES 149 EUI INJECTOR

    HJ5235575 5235575 SERIES 60 EUI INJECTOR

    HJ5235580 5235580 SERIES 60 EUI INJECTOR

    HJ5235600 5235600 SERIES 50 EUI INJECTOR

    HJ5235605 5235605 SERIES 60 EUI INJECTOR

    HJ5235655 5235655   INJECTOR

    HJ5235670 5235670   MUI INJECTOR

    HJ5235675 5235675 83CMM INJECTOR

    HJ5235685 5235685   INJECTOR

    HJ5235695 5235695 SERIES 60 EUI INJECTOR

    HJ5235760 5235760   INJECTOR

    HJ5235805 5235805   INJECTOR

    HJ5235905 5235905 SERIES 92 INJECTOR

    HJ5235915 5235915 SERIES 60 EUI INJECTOR

    HJ5236015 5236015 8MM EUI INJECTOR

    HJ5236020 5236020 SERIES 53 INJECTOR

    HJ5236025 5236025 8MM EUI INJECTOR

    HJ5236035 5236035 8MM EUI INJECTOR

    HJ5236138 5236138 SERIES 92 EUI INJECTOR

    HJ5236256 5236256   INJECTOR

    HJ5236344 5236344   INJECTOR

    HJ5236347 5236347   INJECTOR

    HJ5236405 5236405   INJECTOR

    HJ5236550 5236550   INJECTOR

    HJ5236553 5236553   INJECTOR

    HJ5236560 5236560   INJECTOR

    HJ5236563 5236563   INJECTOR

    HJ5236587 5236587 SERIES 6V92 INJECTOR

    HJ5236672 5236672 SERIES V92 INJECTOR

    HJ5236674 5236674   INJECTOR

    HJ5236750 5236750   INJECTOR

    HJ5236952 5236952   INJECTOR

    HJ5236962 5236962 SERIES V92 INJECTOR

    HJ5236977 5236977   INJECTOR

    HJ5236978 5236978   INJECTOR

    HJ5236980 5236980   INJECTOR

    HJ5236981 5236981   INJECTOR

    HJ5236992 5236992   INJECTOR

    HJ5236995 5236995 14L INJECTOR

    HJ5237014 5237014   INJECTOR

    HJ5237026 5237026   INJECTOR

    HJ5237099 5237099   INJECTOR

    HJ5237320 5237320   INJECTOR

    HJ5237334 5237334   INJECTOR

    HJ5237578 5237578   EUI INJECTOR

    HJ6000030 6000030   INJECTOR

    HJ6040032 6040032   INJECTOR

    Chinahanji Power Co. , Ltd We are the OEM who has specialized in manufacturing of diesel fuel injection system for quite a few years. Our products include nozzle, elements & plunger, delivery valve, VE- pump and so on. All products are in higher quality with competitive price.

    Our excellent quality has been performance in various kind of reputation brand- BOSCH, ZEXEL, DENSO, Delphi. Now we are producing the parts which used in the engine system of M35A2 and M60 tank, the type of the parts are HD90101A and HD8821, their most competitive price( almost one tenth of the product which made in USA) and the same quality will meet your need fairly.

    Best regards!

    Company Contact:

    • Phone: 00865943603380

    • Address: No.188,Hangang xilu High-tech Ind-Developing zone, Putian, China

    • Email: Email

    Published date: April 7, 2015 -

    • Business Description: Car,Marine,Pump,Diesel,Engine ,Fuel pump,Repair kit,Nozzle holder,Nozzle,VE pump,VE Pump PartsChina Manufacturing of Diesel Fuel Injection System.
      Chinahanji Power Co.,Ltd We are the world diesel engine fuel injection system producer.
      Chinahanji parts plant:We are specializing in diesel fuel injection system.All produets
      are in higher quality with competitive price.Our clientsare throughout the Word_America,
      Europe,mid_east,southeastAsia etc.
      Our specialized oil fuel injecting pump serial production expert,mainly produces
      the smooth talker, the plunger, the delivery valve,pumps the prime a series of oil fuel
      injecting pump vulnerable product.
      Chinahanji Power Co.,Ltd:We fuel fountain Co., Ltd. of containing etc. in being, it is
      specialized fuel that spray pump system produce experts, mainly produce: Glib talker, the
      post is filled the valve in, produce oil, such a series of fuel as ve pump ,etc. spray the
      accessories of the pump.Visit our website. http://www.chinahanji.com & http://www.vepump.cn & http://www.dieselchinahanji.com&http://www.chinanozzle.com
      Email:linxuehua@vepump.com Tel:+86 594 3603380 Fax:+86 594 3600560
      We are the OEM who has specialized in manufacturing of diesel fuel injection system for quite a few years.Our parts include nozzle, elements & plunger, delivery valve, VE pump and so on.

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