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Taurus B 155 Goodyear 9048 Cf Gomma 1sc 250 28 97042 Air Suspension Spring - China

price: contact company for price





CF GOMMA 1SC 250-28


DAIMLER CHRYSLER A 699 328 01 01

A 658 328 01 01

M.A.N. 81.43601.0065









national agents city - Beijing tianjin shijiazhuang in hebei

province in taiyuan, Shanxi Province Inner Mongolia

autonomous region, Inner Mongolia Hohhot changchun city of

jilin province in shenyang, liaoning province Harbin in

heilongjiang province of Shanghai, hangzhou city, zhejiang

province, nanjing city, jiangsu province, hefei, anhui,

jiangxi province fuzhou city of fujian province to jinan in

eastern shandong province nanchang city of zhengzhou city,

henan province, wuhan, hubei province in changsha city in

hunan province of the guangxi zhuang autonomous region,

guangzhou city, guangdong province , nanning, haikou, hainan

chongqing chengdu of sichuan province guizhou guiyang city

yunnan kunming in Lhasa, Tibet autonomous region in gansu

province lanzhou city of xining city xian city in China's

shaanxi province of qinghai province in yinchuan, ningxia

hui autonomous region of xinjiang uygur autonomous region of

the Hong Kong special administrative region of urumqi Hong

Kong Macao special administrative region, the Macao Taiwan;

Guangzhou Guomat Auto Parts Co, . Ltd foreign agents around

the world: east Asia: China, Mongolia, north Korea, South

Korea, Japan, southeast Asia, the Philippines, Vietnam,

Laos, Cambodia, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, brunei,

Singapore, Indonesia, and east timor, South Asia: Nepal,

Bhutan, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the

maldives, central Asia guangzhou kingway foreign agents

around the world: east Asia: China, Mongolia, north Korea,

South Korea, Japan, southeast Asia, the Philippines,

Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, brunei,

maldives, central Asia, kazakhstan, kyrgyzstan, tajikistan,

uzbekistan and turkmenistan, west Asia: Afghanistan, Iraq,

Iran, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, the Palestinian, Saudi

Arabia and bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and the united Arab

emirates Oman, yemen, Georgia, Armenia, azerbaijan, Turkey,

Cyprus, Europe, northern Europe: Finland, Sweden, Norway,

Iceland, Denmark faroe islands eastern Europe: Estonia,

Latvia, Lithuania, belarus, Russia, Ukraine, moldova,

central Europe: Poland, the Czech republic, Slovakia and

Hungary, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein,

578-93-3-100, 50 A05034BQ, 50H08-01028, 50H08-01055,

MK334786, WG1642440025WG1642440085WG1664430078,

WG1664440068, 1B24950201011, 2B383, 20F-2, 3B300, 3B383,

20F-1, 2B120-20, 1C3011, 1C3012, 1C3007, S1085, 1B300, 1B9-

202, 1B12-300, 2B250, 2B260, 2B200, 2B220, 2B210, 2B9X2,

2B40-10, 2B20-1, 2B20-2, 2B360, 2B330, 2B331, 2B5020,

2B6X2F, 2B5831, 03362 - 33000, 49711-1010, 2 B5007, 2B26C,

2B70-13, 2B400, 2B5315, 2B8X2, 2B5364, 3B5179, 3B12X3, W01-

358-7994, 3B12-328, W01-358-6927, FD200-25-453-426- 454,

W01-358-6943, W01-358-7557, FD530-35530, 2B14-383, W02-358-

7012, HINO52270-2253 , 52270-1350,

50893914, 7041502, 7032701, 7032704, 70303515, 70305 D1, 6100201,

60913001, MAN,

81.41722.6053, 81.41722.6048, 81.41722.6051, 81.41722.6049, 81.4

1722.6052, SCANIA,

94114144, 93113143, 9428902919, 9428900219, 94289060, VOLVO,

3172984, 1075077, 1081785, 20721169, 20427897, 1075076,

1075077, 3172984, 1629724, 1629719, 20534645, M5Q-5001550B,

FS40-6; FS50-5FS70-7FS120-9FS120-10FS120-12FS200-10FS330-


20FD200-19FD200- 25FD330-22FD530-22FD530-30FD530-35FT330-

29FT530-32FT530-35644N, 661N, 662N, 701N, 713N, 715N, 720N,

727N, 762N, 769N, 782N, 786N, 817N, 819N, 882N1, 884N, 897N,

916N, 927N, 928N, 943N, 945N, 975N, 1885N, 4390N, 4420N,

4713N, 6605N, 6606N, 6608N, 887M, 4151N, 836M, 940MB, 941MB,

810MB, 811MB, 942MB, FS40-6, FS70-7DZ1640430030,

DZ1640440015, DZ199112680014, WG9114680004, WG9725680014,

WG910068001, WG9100680046, WG1642440021, WG1642430091,

WG1642430385, WG1642430285, WG1642440028, 5001290B242

, 2905010-369 , 2905011-8H-21, WG6029440091,

116029110091, 1122929200006, 1120029210005, 1138129200010, 11240

2920005, 1417029200015, , 2921Q01-010 , 2921C-010, 2921D-010,

1B24950200137, 1B24950200131, 1B24950200083, 1B24950200132

, 5001290-660, 5001085C0302, 5001150C0302,

8683173010, 8684473011, 86831 Y4010G, 86844Y4010G , 54300-

7H050, 2905010G1710, WG1642440081, WG1642440082,

WG1642440381, WG1642440382, FS40-6FS70 -7, FS120-9, 1B7-540,

1B8-550, 1B8-580, FS200-10, 1B9-202, FS330-11647, FS330-

11474, FD200-19724, FD200-19539 ,

FD200-19505, FD200-19319, FD200-19310, FD200-19315, FD200-

19362, FD200-19320, FD200-19504, FD200-19452, FD200-19499,

FD200-19450, FD200-19448, FD200-19506, FD200 -19510, FD200-

22524, FD200-22706, FD200-25717, FD200-25453, FD200-25426,

FD200-25454, FD200-25427, FD200-25463, FD200-25428, FD200-

25429, FD200-25507, FD200-25511 , FD200-25717, FD330-22363,

FD330-22472, FD330-22471, FD330-22500, FD330-22313, FD330-

22337, FD330-22318, FD330-22346, FD330-22364, FD330-22365,

FD330-22366, FD330 -22637, FD330-22331, FD330-22368, FD330-

22327, FD330-22343, FT330-22334, FT331-26514, FT331-26541,

FT331-26480, FT331-26541, FT530-25543, FT530-35530, FT530-

35545 , FT330-29-498, FT330-29-

546, FT330-29-547, FT330-29-521,

FT330-29-432 , FT330-29-433, FT330-29-469, FT330-29-466,

FT330-29-469SK112-24, SZ130-25P04, SZ37-6, 816Z, SZ53-10,

SZ50-9, SZ51-4, SZ51- 5, SZ51-7P02, SZ51-10, SK95-26, SZ135-

19, SZ11-5.867Z, SZ35-11, SZ50-11, 644N, 661N, 662N, 673N,

701N, 713N, 715N, 720N, 727N, 737N, 757N, 762N, 769N, 782N,

786N, 817N, 819N, 882N, 884N, 896N, 897N, 916N, 927N, 928N,

943N, 944N, 945N, 975N, 1421N, 1885N, RZ415-28, 644NP04,

661NP01, 715MB, 725NP01 , 725NP02, 725NP03, 726NP01, 769MB,

782NP04, 819MB, 836MB, 836MK1, 836MBK6, 836MBK4, 836MK1,

881MB, 887MK1, 887MBK6, 887NP03, 887NP04, 940MB, 4940NP02,

941MB, 4941NP02, 4962NP02, 942MB, 4390N1, 4390NP01, 4390N2 ,

4390N21, 4390NP02, 4390NP03, 4390NP23, 4390NP04, 4713NP02,

4420NP02, 4881NP02, 4882N1P01, 4882N1P05, 6604N1P01,

6605NP01, 6606NP01, 6608NP01 , 910-10P328, 4150NP04 , 910-

12A543 , 910-12A327, 4159NP06 , 910-12A488, 910 -14A469

, 91014-A545 , 910-14A546 , 910-14A330 , 910-14A490 , 910-14A437

, 910-14A492 , 910-14A496, 4156NP04, 4156NP15, 4159NP044,

4159NP06, 4159NP03, 4159NP09, 4159NP07, 4159NP05, 4157NP04,

4157NP05 , 4157NP06, 4157NP10, 4158NP03, 4158NP04 , 99-9P767,

4004NP02, 4004NP03, 4022NP02,

4022NP03 , 1110.5-15A415 , 1110.5-15A506 , 1110.5-15A414

, 1110.5-15A421 , 1110.5-15A422, 1110.5 -15A420, 810MB, 810NTB

, 1110.5-17A367 , 1110.5-17A365 , 1110.5-17A405, 4810NP04,

4023NP03, 4813NP07, 4028NP05 , 1110.5-21A313, 4811N03, 813MB,

811MB, 4811N04, 4813NP07, 4913NP04, 912NP01, 912NP02

, 1110.5-21A370 , 4913NP02, 912NP03

, 1110.5-17A377 , 1110.5-17A364, 1R2D 390 360, WG9925520610 /

1, WG9925520611 / 1,

884N, 897N, 916N, 927N, 928N, 943N, 945N, 975N, 1885N,

4390N, 4420N, 4713N, 6605N, 6606N, 6608N, 887M, 4151N, 836M,

940MB, 941MB, 810MB, 811MB, 942MB, FS40-6, FS7030030, Guomat

Auto Parts DZ1640440015, DZ199112680014, WG9114680004,

WG9725680014, Guomat Auto Parts WG910068001, WG9100680046,

WG1642440021, WG1642430091, WG1642430385, WG1642430285,

WG1642440028, 5001290B242 , 2905010-369 , 2905011-8H21,

WG6029440091 Man chassis (Yutong, Menshy, off), Wuzhou

Dragon Bus \ Scania, Scania, Iveco, Italy IVECO-off chassis,

Guangzhou high-Matt \ Modern Man chassis (Golden Dragon,

Golden Dragon, Yutong, Eurostar, Fukuda Europe V), Volvo ago

a Man chassis (Yutong, Menshy, off), Wuzhou Dragon Bus W01-

095-0021, W01-095-0087 W01-095-0118, W01-095-0191, W01-095-

0195, W01-095-0197, W01-095-0204, W01-095-0207, W01-095-

0382, W01-095-0429, W01- 095-0437, W01-095-0556, W01-358-

2119, W01-358-6948, W01-358-7636, W01-358-8025, W01-358-

8027, W01-358-8211, W01-358- 8829, W01-358-9082, W01-358-

9270, W01-358-9362, W01-358-9597, W01-358-9622, W01-358-

9648, W01-358-9780, W01-358-9781, W01-M58-0776, W01-M58-

6364, W01-M58-8619, W01-M58-8620, W01-M58-8775, W01-M58-

8966, W01-M58-8978, W01-358-9534, 90557303, W01-358-9141,

90557110, W01-358-8748, 90557167, W01-358-5776, 90557174,

W01-358-8793, 90557270, W01-358-5892, 90557304, W01-358-

9597, 90557172, W01- 358-8629, 90557294, W01-358-0856 Suzhou

Golden Dragon (Scania 124 chassis) 1440856, W01-358-0859

Suzhou Golden Dragon (Scania 124 chassis) 1, 440, 859 W01-M58-

6345 Suzhou Jinlong (810MB) W01M586345 , W01-M58-0776 Suzhou

Jinlong (same as 0775), W01-358-8510 (1R11-199) Xiamen

Golden Dragon, W01-358-5770 (5782) 1V15TQ-1 Golden Dragon,

W01-358-9482 Neway 90557161 / 6892 Golden Dragon, W01-M58-

8721, W01-M58-8722 Suzhou Jinlong 6120dy/6119/6118, W01-358-

8806Ridewell: 1003588806C, W01-358-8845 Newey

90557023, 90557001, 90557085, 90044199, W01-358- 9177 the Neway

90, 557, 003 (1R14 - 028), W01-358-9215 Henderson S3648

Shanghai Shenlong, W01-358-9218 New Wave 90, 557, 209, W01-

358-9249 Neway 90557107 / Wuzhou Dragon Bus, W01-358-8184

Neway 90.55729 million, Guomat Auto Parts W01-358-9455

G2253, Hino EP750 front

suspension cab airbag, G1350 HINO EP750 and suspended cab

air bag suspension cab airbag G3350 HINO 700, G3340 HINO 700

front suspension cab airbag, G3515 Hino Motors, HINO EP700

suspended cab airbags, Firestone air springs, Guangzhou


Industrial equipment use: chassis dynamometer lift air bags,

car care airbags, the car speedometer inspection station

airbag, leather pull-up software airbags, shock staking

machine airbags, the jumping mouse airbag, amusement device

airbag, crazy flying car airbags, rotate the the Trojan

airbags, washing machine airbags, large industrial washing

machine airbags, dehydration machine airbags, paper device

airbag, braces pneumatic tires, the paper machine blanket

correction pneumatic tires, the calender airbag, press

airbag, the scraper wire section pneumatic tires, dewatering

machine pneumatic tires, the press roll airbag, air-dried

slot airbags, the paper sizing presses airbag, the gluing

machines airbag, Guangzhou high-Matt, calender balloon,

precision instruments and experimental field airbag, the

press roll airbag, environmental protection device airbag,

garbage incineration facilities airbag, mining equipment

airbags, aluminum extruder air bag, punching bag, high-speed

presses airbag, vibration punch airbag, vibration sieve

airbag, GUOMAT, vibration fluidized bed dryer airbags,

vibration station airbag, medical equipment, air bags,

sealing machine airbags, pneumatic tires , Inflatable

cushion, tobacco machinery airbag, the analyzer airbag,

second lifting device airbag, the

Company Contact:

  • Phone: 8602022925001

  • Address: The Fourteenth Industrial Zone,Taihe Town Baiyun,G, Guangzhou, China

  • Email: Email

Published date: June 21, 2013 -

  • Business Description: Guangzhou Guomat Auto Parts Co.,Ltd is located in China's first open

    ports Guangzhou, from the International Airport only fifteen minutes

    by car. Our factory has an area of about 20,000 square meters and

    is modernly built with advanced rubber air spring manufacturing equipment.Is currently China's largest production base of air spring.

    Our products are mainly used in commercial vehicles, track vehicles, industrial machinery equipment base.

    The main products are: rubber air spring, passenger car truck airbag, airbag, papermaking machinery industry with the air spring, large washing machine, automotive rubber air spring, now has hundreds

    of models and styles, but also according to customer requirements or customer's existing product specifications to design and production, welcome new and old customers call advisory.

    Our company adopts the most advanced domestic air spring dedicated processing equipment and the introduction of foreign production technology of air spring Combined with our unique production

    process, in accordance with international standards of production, to create a world class products.

    A first class production technology and scientific production workshop, is to ensure that my company first class product the main conditions

    More than 10 fully functional air spring experimental and testing equipment, rubber from the plant into the detection to product the factory sales, to ensure that products of each process have the

    most stringent quality testing, so that product quality more good safety and stability.

    Our company is in production process of ISO/TS16949:2002 quality system under the control of completion.Through advanced production equipment and testing equipment for the production and testing of

    control, a senior professional and technical personnel, design and management, our company product life already amounted to more than about 4000000 times, in Europe and the United States and the product

    test, our product appearance and performance have reached Europe and the United States the requirements of customers.

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