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  • W01 095 0021 Goodyear 8018 Phoenix 1e 25 661n Air Spring - China

    price: contact company for price

    W01 095 0021/GOODYEAR 8018/ PHOENIX 1E 25 661N air spring


    FIRESTONE 1R1C 390 310

    W01 095 0021

    PHOENIX 1 E 25

    TAURUS B 114

    DUNLOP UK PNP304980101


    DUNLOP FR D12S02

    GOODYEAR 8018

    CF GOMMA 1S 310-28


    VIBRACOUSTIC V 1 E 25 (-2)


    C150, 8



    BUSSING 831 120 144

    EVO BUS 4.731.012.000




    IVECO 4182227-4746733

    KASSBOHRER 4.731.012.000

    M.A.N. 90.83112.0144

    MAGIRUS-DEUTZ 041 822 247

    0249 8667

    NEOPLAN 1001 12 250

    AA 10-01-001

    RENAULT V.I 5.001.829.866

    SCHMITZ 750 208

    VOLVO 1 137 882

    1 137 888

    3 159 253

    life and other advantages, it also has the damping and sound

    attenuation effect. Widely used in automobiles , trains, and

    press, etc. Various kinds of machine. Product advantage and

    characteristics 1. Spring height, carrying capacity and

    spring stiffness adjustable 2. Natural vibration frequency

    is low 3. Isolation high frequency vibration and noise

    isolation effect is good 4. Available air damping effect 5.

    Service life is longer performance parameters: commonly used

    car air spring is divided into membrane type, hybrid, sleeve

    type and capsule type 4 kinds, main components have cover,

    pressure plate, piston, stop, retaining ring five kinds of

    cover, pressure plate, piston and capsule can form a closed

    system. In the seal air spring in filling the compressed gas

    (air pressure is 0.2 ~ 0.7 MPa), use gas compressibility

    realize its spring action. Use of height control valve can

    control sac pressure make the stiffness of air spring with

    adjustability, when action in the spring load increases, the

    pressure increases, the spring rigidity increase.

    Conversely, when the load is reduced, the spring in the air

    pressure drop, stiffness decreases. Shock absorber; Rubber

    air spring; Air spring air bag; Mercedes - Benz578-93-3-100,

    50A05034BQ, 50H08-01028, 50H08-01055, MK334786,

    WG1642440025WG1642440085WG1664430078, WG1664440068,

    1B24950201011, 2B383, 20F-2, 3B300, 3B383, 20F-1, 2B120-20,

    1C3011, 1C3012, 1C3007, S1085, 1B300, 1B9-202, 1B12-300,

    2B250, 2B260, 2B200, 2B220, 2B210, 2B9X2, 2B40-10, 2B20-1,

    2B20-2, 2B360, 2B330, 2B331, 2B5020, 2B6X2F, 2B5831 , 03362-

    33000 , 49711-1010, 2B5007, 2B26C, 2B70-13, 2B400, 2B5315,

    2B8X2, 2B5364, 3B5179, 3B12X3, W01-358-7994, 3B12-328, W01-

    358- 6927, FD200-25-453-426-454, W01-358-6943, W01-358-7557,

    FD530-35530, 2B14-383, W02-358-7012, HINO52270-2253 , 52270-

    1350, 50893914, 7041502, 7032701, 7032704, 70303515, 70305 D1,

    6100201, 60913001, MAN,

    81.41722.6053, 81.41722.6048, 81.41722.6051, 81.41722.6049, 81.4

    1722.6052, SCANIA,

    94114144, 93113143, 9428902919, 9428900219, 94289060, VOLVO,


    1075077, 1081785, 20721169, 20427897, 1075076, 1075077, 3172984, 16

    29724, 1629719, 20534645, M5Q-5001550BFS40-4; FS50-5FS70-


    14FD40-10FD70-13FD110- 15FD120-17FD120-20FD200-19FD200-


    35644N, 661N, 662N, 701N, 713N, 715N, 720N, 727N, 762N,

    769N, 782N, 786N, 817N, 819N, 882N1, 884N, 897N, 916N, 927N,

    928N, 943N, 945N, 975N, 1885N, 4390N, 4420N, 4713N, 6605N,

    6606N, 6608N, 887M, 4151N, 836M, 940MB, 941MB, 810MB, 811MB,

    942MB, FS40- 6, FS70-7DZ1640430030, DZ1640440015,

    DZ199112680014, WG9114680004, WG9725680014, WG910068001,

    WG9100680046, WG1642440021, WG1642430091, WG1642430385,

    WG1642430285, WG1642440028, 5001290B242 , 2905010-369

    , 2905011-8H-21, WG6029440091,

    116029110091, 1122929200006, 1120029210005, 1138129200010,

    112402920005, 1417029200015, , 2921Q01-010, 2921C-010, 2921D-

    010, 1B24950200137, 1B24950200131, 1B24950200083,

    1B24950200132 , 5001290-660, 5001085C0302, 5001150C0302,

    8683173010, 8684473011, 86831 Y4010G, 86844Y4010G , 54300-

    7H050, 2905010G1710, WG1642440081, WG1642440082 ,

    WG1642440381, WG1642440382, FS40-6FS70-7, FS120-9, 1B7-540,

    1B8-550, 1B8-580, FS200-10, 1B9-202, FS330-11647, FS330-

    11474 , FD200-19724, FD200-19539,

    FD200-19505, FD200-19319, FD200-19310, FD200-19315, FD200-

    19362, FD200-19320, FD200-19504, FD200-19452, FD200-19499,

    FD200-19450, FD200 -19448, FD200-19506, FD200-19510, FD200-

    22524, FD200-22706, FD200-25717, FD200-25453, FD200-25426,

    FD200-25454, FD200-25427, FD200-25463, FD200-25428, FD200-

    25429 , FD200-25507, FD200-25511, FD200-25717, FD330-22363,

    FD330-22472, FD330-22471, FD330-22500, FD330-22313, FD330-

    22337, FD330-22318, FD330-22346, FD330-22364, FD330 -22365,

    FD330-22366, FD330-22637, FD330-22331, FD330-22368, FD330-

    22327, FD330-22343, FT330-22334, FT331-26514, FT331-26541,

    FT331-26480, FT331-26541, FT530-25543 , FT530-35530, FT530-

    35545, FT330-29-498, FT330-29-546,

    FT330-29-547, FT330-29-520, FT330-29-430, FT330-29 -431,

    FT330-29-432, FT330-29-433, FT330-29-469, FT330-29-466,

    FT330-29-469SK112-24, SZ130-25P04, SZ37-6, 816Z, SZ53-10,

    SZ50- 9, SZ51-4, SZ51-5, SZ51-7P02, SZ51-10, SK95-26, SZ135-

    19, SZ11-5.867Z, SZ35-11, SZ50-11, 644N, 661N, 662N, 673N,

    701N, 713N, 715N, 720N, 727N, 737N, 757N, 762N, 769N, 782N,

    786N, 817N, 819N, 882N, 884N, 896N, 897N, 916N, 927N, 928N,

    943N, 944N, 945N, 975N, 1421N, 1885N, RZ415- 28, 644 NP04,

    661NP01, 715MB, 725NP01, 725NP02, 725NP03, 726NP01, 769MB,

    782NP04, 819MB, 836MB, 836MK1, 836MBK6, 836MBK4, 836MK1,

    881MB, 887MK1, 887MBK6, 887NP03, 887NP04, 940MB, 4940NP02,

    941MB, 4941NP02, 4962NP02 , 942MB, 4390N1, 4390NP01, 4390N2,

    4390N21, 4390NP02, 4390NP03, 4390NP23, 4390NP04, 4713NP02,

    4420NP02, 4881NP02, 4882N1P01, 4882N1P05, 6604N1P01,

    6605NP01, 6606NP01, 6608NP01 , 910-10P328, 4150NP04 , 910-

    12A543 , 910-12A327 , 4159NP06 , 910-12A488 , 910-14A469

    , 91014-A545 , 910-14A546 , 910-14A330 , 910-14A490 , 910-14A437

    , 910-14A492 , 910-14A496, 4156NP04, 4156NP15, 4159NP044,

    4159NP06, 4159NP03, 4159NP09 , 4159NP07, 4159NP05, 4157NP04,

    4157NP05, 4157NP06, 4157NP10, 4158NP03, 4158NP04 , 99-9P767,

    4004NP02, 4004NP03, 4022NP02,

    4022NP03 , 1110.5-15A415 , 1110.5-15A506 , 1110.5-15A414,

    1110.5 -15A421 , 1110.5-15A422 , 1110.5-15A420, 810MB, 810NTB

    , 1110.5-17A367 , 1110.5-17A365 , 1110.5-17A405, 4810NP04,

    4023NP03, 4813NP07, 4028NP05 , 1110.5-21A313, 4811N03, 813MB,

    811MB, 4811N04, 4813NP07, 4913NP04 , 912NP01, 912NP02

    , 1110.5-21A370, 4913NP02, 912NP03

    , 1110.5-17A377 , 1110.5-17A364, 1R2D 390 360, WG9925520610 /

    1, WG9925520611 / 1, Can provide sample custom; Guangzhou

    Guomat Auto Parts Co, . Ltd

    Guangzhou Guomat Air Spring Co., Ltd Guangzhou Guomat Auto

    Parts Co., Ltd powered bow, cars, trucks, trains, amusement

    equipment, paper, machinery, testing equipment, chemicals,

    construction, electronics, military, marine and other

    industries widely used in all stroke control and isolation

    facilities, shock absorption areas; such as: car suspension

    airbag (passenger cars, car ferry, trailers, commercial

    vehicles, etc.), locomotive pantograph, Railway light rail

    shock absorbers, shock testing machine dedicated airbag, the

    paper machinery airbag, chassis

    dedicated airbag, Guangzhou GUOMAT \ Product Type Table

    GUOMAT model reference number adapt models V644 644N Volvo

    Shanghai Sunwin, Daewoo, Yaxing Benz, Kai V661 661N Kai,

    Golden Dragon, Fukuda Europe V, Golden Dragon 6127, Hangzhou

    Steam V662 662N northern Jinhua (Youth) Neoplan, the

    northern large passenger V701 701N through Bo V715 715N-

    ISUZU (Isuzu), heavy-duty trucks (TKS) V720 720N Yaxing Benz

    6132, DB O 300 V727 727N Yaxing Benz, V762 762N, 769N North

    Neoplan, Jinhua Neoplan (enhanced) V769 Daewoo, FAW Taihu

    V782 782N Kai (Jianghuai chassis), ZF rear axle the Ankai

    V786 786N (Xiao chassis) Mercedes-Benz V819 819N CMB the

    Yutong Bus (Xiao chassis) V882 882N 897N V897, Scania former

    the K113/K112 V916916N Man chassis (Yutong, Menshy, off),

    Wuzhou Dragon Bus V927 927N Scania after K113 V928 928N

    Scania Bus V945 945N IVECO, Italy IVECO large passenger

    chassisGuomat Auto Parts V975 975N modern V1885 1885N1 Man

    chassis (Yutong, Eurostar,

    Fukuda Europe V)-V415-28 RZ415-28 Volvo the before after the

    V6604 6604N P01 VOLVOB12M, V2792 2730 VOLVOB6R 20, 540, 792

    V2789 2731 VOLVOB6R 20540789 1K3452 2732 VOLVOB6R 20703452

    T126 70321690 VOLVOB12 ago V887 887N VOLVO 990 1K836 1DF-

    25a-1 Solaris bus, Xiamen Golden Dragon 1K9039 W01-358-9039

    Golden Dragon Bus AS-120 Guangzhou GUOMAT Neway 9055 7023

    1K9482 W01- 358-8802 Golden Dragon Bus NEWAY on 1K9249 W01

    9055 7161-358-9249 for NEWAY 90, 557, 107 1K9121 W01-358-9121

    Golden Dragon Bus AD-129 Neway 9055 7110 1K8646 W01-358-8646

    Golden Dragon, Kai bus 1K5776 W01-358- 5776 Golden Dragon

    Bus, 1S7012 90, 557, 174 W02-358-7017 W01-358-7012 Yutong 6830

    front suspension, Kai suspension, Jinlong CMB - balloon

    2B200-19 2B200 the liberation floating bridge to enhance

    2B200-19 2B220 liberation truck pontoon enhance 2B20-2 2B20-

    2 WEWELER pontoon 2B530-30 2B383 2B330-30 2B330 Jiefang

    truck pontoon carrying liberation floating bridge carrying

    2B20F-2 W01-358-6948 the Auman floating bridge liters /

    Golden Dragon Bus 2B20F-1 W01-358-6830 Auman Floating Bridge

    or 2B2500 2500 pickup 2B2600 2600 the American pickup 3B300-

    1 300-1 liberation floating bridge carrying 3B300-2 300-2

    the Auman floating bridge carrying W01-358-8025 3B300-3 300-

    3 Steyr floating bridge carrying the 1S6049 WG1642440085

    China weight truck HOWO cab air bag 1S0025 AZ1642440025 08

    models China National Heavy Duty Truck HOWO cab air bag

    1S6048 3067 Delong, Shaanqi, front cab air bag 1S6047 3066

    Shaanxi Automobile Delong cab airbag 1S9840-1 121202 Scania

    cab air bag 1S6415-1 121201 Scania cab air bag 1S3056 3050

    Jiefang J6 cab airbag 1S3057 3051 liberation of Qingdao

    driving Tai Wei cab airbag 1S0660 3052 J5 the FAW aowei 380

    cab air bag 1S6046 3053 Liu steam Sablon 507 cab air bag

    1S4786 3054 CAMC room air bag 1S3052 3052 the Foton Auman

    cab air bag 1S5077 5077 HOWO A7 the the cab airbag cab

    airbag 1S5076 5076 HOWOA7 1K230B TRL230 UD, ISUZU (Isuzu)

    followed airbag 1K230L TRL230 UD, ISUZU (Isuzu) front left

    airbag 1K230R TRL230 UD, ISUZU (Isuzu) front right airbag

    1K9780 W01-358-9780 cab airbag blessing to that bridge

    1S2253 C3007 HINO the 1S0500 C3076 HINO cab air bag the the

    1S1350 C3011 HINO cab airbag 1K940 940MB BPW05.429.42.41.1

    1K941 941MB BPW05.429.40.030 1K881 881MB BPW36 1K4881

    4881MB-BPW36 1T15MPW9 1T15MPW 9 WEWELER front axle 1K19L-14

    813MB SAF bridge 3.229.0003.00 Guangzhou GUOMAT Hino cab

    airbag 940 940MB BPW05.429.42.41.1941 of 941MB

    BPW05.429.40.030881 of 881MB BPW364881 of 4881MB BPW36,

    1B300, 644N, 661N, 662N, 701N, 713N, 715N, 720N, 727N, 762N,

    942MB, FS40-6, FS7030030, Guomat Auto Parts DZ1640440015,

    DZ199112680014, WG9114680004, WG9725680014, Guomat Auto Parts

    WG910068001, WG9100680046, WG1642440021, WG1642430091,

    WG1642430385, WG1642430285, WG1642440028, 5001290B242

    , 2905010-369 , 2905011-8H21, WG6029440091 Man chassis

    (Yutong, Menshy, off), Wuzhou Dragon Bus \ Scania, Scania,

    Iveco, Italy IVECO-off chassis, Guangzhou high-Matt \ Modern

    Man chassis (Yutong, Eurostar,

    Fukuda Europe V), Volvo ago a Man chassis (Yutong, Menshy,

    off), Wuzhou Dragon Bus W01-095-0021, W01-095-0087 W01-095-

    0118, W01-095-0191, W01-095-0195, W01-095-0197, W01-095-

    0204, W01-095-0207, W01-095-0382, W01-095-0429, W01- 095-

    0437, W01-095-0556, W01-358-2119, W01-358-6948, W01-358-

    7636, W01-358-8025, W01-358-8027, W01-358-8211, W01-358-

    8829, W01-358-9082, W01-358-9270, W01-358-9362, W01-358-

    9597, W01-358-9622, W01-358-9648, W01-358-9780, W01-358-

    9781, W01-M58-0776, W01-M58-6364, W01-M58-8619, W01-M58-

    8620, W01-M58-8775, W01-M58-8966, W01-M58-8978, W01-358-

    9534, 90557303, W01-358-914

    Company Contact:

    • Phone: 8602022925001

    • Address: The Fourteenth Industrial Zone,Taihe Town Baiyun,G, Guangzhou, China

    • Email: Email

    Published date: June 22, 2013 -

    • Business Description: Guangzhou Guomat Auto Parts Co.,Ltd is located in China's first open

      ports Guangzhou, from the International Airport only fifteen minutes

      by car. Our factory has an area of about 20,000 square meters and

      is modernly built with advanced rubber air spring manufacturing equipment.Is currently China's largest production base of air spring.

      Our products are mainly used in commercial vehicles, track vehicles, industrial machinery equipment base.

      The main products are: rubber air spring, passenger car truck airbag, airbag, papermaking machinery industry with the air spring, large washing machine, automotive rubber air spring, now has hundreds

      of models and styles, but also according to customer requirements or customer's existing product specifications to design and production, welcome new and old customers call advisory.

      Our company adopts the most advanced domestic air spring dedicated processing equipment and the introduction of foreign production technology of air spring Combined with our unique production

      process, in accordance with international standards of production, to create a world class products.

      A first class production technology and scientific production workshop, is to ensure that my company first class product the main conditions

      More than 10 fully functional air spring experimental and testing equipment, rubber from the plant into the detection to product the factory sales, to ensure that products of each process have the

      most stringent quality testing, so that product quality more good safety and stability.

      Our company is in production process of ISO/TS16949:2002 quality system under the control of completion.Through advanced production equipment and testing equipment for the production and testing of

      control, a senior professional and technical personnel, design and management, our company product life already amounted to more than about 4000000 times, in Europe and the United States and the product

      test, our product appearance and performance have reached Europe and the United States the requirements of customers.

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