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  • Lithium Hexafluorophosphate - China

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    Lithium Metaborate, Lithium Niobide, Lithium Oxalate, Lithium

    Oxide, Lithium Phosphate, Lithium Sulfide, Lithium Tantalate, Lithium

    Telluride, Lithium Tetraborate, Lithium Tetrafluoroborate, Lithium

    Titanate, Beryllium Acetate, Beryllium Carbonate, Beryllium

    Chloride, Beryllium Fluoride, Beryllium Nitrate, Beryllium

    Nitride, Beryllium Oxalate, Beryllium Oxide, Beryllium Sulfate, Beryllium

    Copper Alloy, Beta-Barium Borate, Boron Carbide, Boron Nitride, Boron

    Oxide, Calcium Borohydride, Potassium Borohydride, Scandium

    Borohydride, Sodium Borohydride, Zirconium Boride ZrB2, Sodium

    Bromide, Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Fluorid, Sodium Iodate, Sodium

    Iodide, Sodium Molybdite, Sodium Oxalate, Sodium Oxide, Sodium

    Sulfate, Sodium Tantalate, Sodium Telluride, Sodium Tellurite, Sodium

    Tetraborate, Sodium Titanate, Sodium Tungstate, Magnesium

    Acetate, Magnesium Carbonate, Magnesium Chloride, Magnesium

    Fluoride, Magnesium Hydroxide, Magnesium Nitrate, Magnesium

    Nitride, Magnesium Oxalate, Magnesium Oxide, Magnesium Sulfate, Magnesium

    Tungstate, Magnesium Zirconate, , Aluminum(III) Chloride, Aluminum

    Acetate, Aluminum Boride, Aluminum Carbonate, Aluminum Chloride, Aluminum

    Ethoxide, Aluminum Fluoride, Aluminum Hydroxide, , Aluminum

    Nitrate, Aluminum Nitride, Aluminum Oxalate, Aluminum Sulfate, Aluminum

    Telluride, Aluminum Titanate, Aluminum Tungstate, Molybdenum

    Disilicide, Molybdenum Silicide MoSi2, Silicon Carbide, Silicon

    Chloride, Silicon Dioxide, Silicon Fluoride, Silicon Monoxide, Silicon

    Nitride, Silicon Oxide, Silicon Sulfide, Silicon Telluride, Vanadium

    Silicide, Barium Sulfate, Cobalt Sulfide CuS, Gallium Sulfide

    GaS, Germanium Sulfide, indium Sulfide InS, Iron Sulfide FeS, Magnesium

    Sulfide, Sodium Sulfide, Tin(II) Sulfide, Titanium Sulfide, Tungston

    Sulfide, Zirconium Sulfide, Potassium Acetate, Potassium

    Bicarbonate, Potassium Borohydride, Potassium Carbonide, Potassium

    Citrate, Potassium Fluoride, Potassium Nitrate, Potassium

    Oxalate, Potassium Oxide

    Company Contact:

    • Phone: 8675525841900

    • Address: Xian Ke Mechanicel Electronic Mansion,4th BaGua Ro, Shenzhen, China

    • Email: Email

    Published date: May 28, 2013 -

    • Business Description: Shenzhen Lead mat Advanced Materials Co., Ltd base on Chinese mainland, in the supply of Advanced materials and advance materials to industrial consumers and lab worldwide. Leadmat offers a wide range of specialist metals, alloys and inorganic chemical compounds.
      As a major supplier of materials,Shenzhen Lead mat Advanced Chemical Materials Co.,Ltd can offer a widly kinds of raw materials and products.include Advanced Chemical Materials,Chemical Reagents,Fine Chemials,rare earth materials and advanced materials.
      Profile: Shenzhen Lead mat Advanced Chemical Materials Co.,Ltd distributes Laboratory Equipment. Our product line comprises of Instruments/Equipment, Analyzers, Fine Chemicals and Filtration/Separation Products for Teaching, Research, Quality Control, Medical/Hospital, Environmental & Industrial Applications.

      Fine Chemical and Industrial Products
      We provide Chemicals for various industrial use such as Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Cosmetics, Food Processing and Manufacturing, Electronic, Semi conductor, Electro plating, Bio processing, Diagnostic kits and various types of Industrial production.

      Organic Fine Chemicals
      We specialize in Organic Fine Chemicals and have performed extensive research and analysis. We offer a flexible custom synthesis service for organic compounds of all type. Our organic chemicals are available in quantities ranging from research to production scale. It includes

      Leadmat pride our server on prompt responses and competitive pricing.
      Leadmat design, synthesize,and manufacture new materials and compounds based on customer requirements. If you have some products looking for, Please contact us at anytime, We will come to you and provide you our best quotation and best service or at least point you in the right direction.
      As a supplier of materials, Leadmat Advanced material co.,ltd can offer a widly kinds of raw materials and products. Just for easy to find the needs, we set up many kinds of specially topics. so you can check in metal, alloy and intermetallics, compounds if you can't find your needs in above topic.
      If you can't find your needs, please contact with us , Leadmat will be beside you at once. Leadmat will develop with your development. Your needs are our aim!
      Advanced Chemical Matrials: Reagent,Chemical Reagent,Lab Reagent,Laboratory Reagent,Analytical Reagent,,Fine Chemical,Fine Chemical Product,Acetate,Acetate Dihydrate,Hydride,Arsenate,Arsenide,Benzoate, Borate,Borohydride, Borohydride Bromate, Bromide,Carbide,Carbonate,Chloride,Chromate,Cobalt Oxide,Cobalt Phosphate, Fluoride, Formate Monohydrate, Hydride,Lithium Hydroxide Anhydrous,Hydroxide Monohydrate,Iodate,Iodide,Manganate,Metaborate,Metaborate Dihydrate, Molybdate, Niobate,
      Nitrate,Nitride,Oxalate,Oxide,Perchlorate,Perchlorate Trihydrate,Dihydrate,Peroxide,Phosphate,Phosphide,Potassium Chloride, Selenide, Sulfate,Sulfide,Tantalate,Telluride,Tetraborate, Tetrafluoroborate, Titanate, Triborate, Tungstate, Zirconate
      Rare Earth Materials are all full serious of rare earth products, it include rare earth metal,rare earth oxide, rare earth boride, Rare Earth Fluoride, Rare Earth Chloride, Rare Earth Carbonate, Rare Earth Nitrate, Rare Earth Acetate and so on. Also Leadmat supply many rare earth finished product, include sputtering target, evaporation material, powder, nonometer powder, rare earth ceramic and many kinds of rare earth series products. High Pure Materials Leadmat offer many kinds of high pure materials, they are widly used in semiconductor, electron, Crystal and other high technology industry. The purity from 4N 7N, and they are highest pure representative all the world at present. Leadmat wellcome all scientific research organization and factory order and make use it. All products will offer material COA and MSDS.
      Lithium Hexafluorophosphate,LiTaO3,Lithium Acetate,Lithium Carbonate,Lithium Chloride,Lithium Fluoride,Lithium Metaborate,Lithium Niobate,Lithium Nitrate,Lithium Nitride,Lithium Oxalate,Lithium Oxide,Lithium Phosphate,Lithium Sulfide,Lithium Tantalate,Lithium Telluride,Lithium Tetraborate,Lithium Tetrafluoroborate,Lithium Titanate,Beryllium Acetate,Beryllium Carbonate,Beryllium Chloride,Beryllium Fluoride,Beryllium Nitrate,Beryllium Nitride,Beryllium Oxalate,Beryllium Oxide,Beryllium Sulfate,Beryllium Copper Alloy,Beta Barium Borate,Boron Carbide,Boron Nitride,Boron Oxide,Calcium Borohydride,Potassium Borohydride,Scandium Borohydride,Sodium Borohydride,Zirconium Boride ZrB2,Sodium Bromide,Sodium Carbonate,Sodium Fluorid,Sodium Iodate,Sodium Iodide,Sodium Molybdate,Sodium Nitrate,Sodium Nitrite,Sodium Oxalate,Sodium Oxide,Sodium Sulfate,Sodium Tantalate,Sodium Telluride,Sodium Tellurite,Sodium Tetraborate,Sodium Titanate,Sodium Tungstate,Magnesium Acetate,Magnesium Carbonate,Magnesium Chloride,Magnesium Fluoride,Magnesium Hydroxide,Magnesium Nitrate,Magnesium Nitride,Magnesium Oxalate,Magnesium Oxide,Magnesium Sulfate,Magnesium Tungstate,Magnesium Zirconate,,Aluminum(III) Chloride,Aluminum Acetate,Aluminum Boride,Aluminum Carbonate,Aluminum Chloride,Aluminum Ethoxide,Aluminum Fluoride,Aluminum Hydroxide,,Aluminum Nitrate,Aluminum Nitride,Aluminum Oxalate,Aluminum Sulfate,Aluminum Telluride,Aluminum Titanate,Aluminum Tungstate,Molybdenum Disilicide,Molybdenum Silicide MoSi2,Silicon Carbide,Silicon Chloride,Silicon Dioxide,Silicon Fluoride,Silicon Monoxide,Silicon Nitride,Silicon Oxide,Silicon Sulfide,Silicon Telluride,Vanadium Silicide,Barium Sulfate, Cobalt Sulfate,Copper Sulfate,Copper Sulfide CuS,Gallium Sulfide GaS,Germanium Sulfide,indium Sulfide InS,Iron Sulfide FeS,Magnesium Sulfide,Sodium Sulfide,Tin(II) Sulfide,Titanium Sulfide,Tungston Sulfide, Zirconium Sulfide,Potassium Acetate,Potassium Bicarbonate,Potassium Borohydride,Potassium Carbonate,Potassium Chlorate,Potassium Chloride,Potassium Citrate,Potassium Fluoride,Potassium Nitrate,Potassium Oxalate,Potassium Oxide,Potassium Perchlorate,Potassium Sulfate,Potassium Sulfide,Calcium Acetate,Calcium Boride,Calcium Carbonate,Calcium Chloride,Calcium Fluoride,Calcium Hydroxide,Calcium Nitrate,Calcium Nitride,Calcium Oxalate,Calcium Oxide,Calcium Silicate,Calcium Silicide CaSi,alcium Sulfate,Calcium Sulfide,Calcium Titanate,Calcium Tungstate,Ammonium Titanyl Oxalate,Barium Strontium Titanate (BST),Barium Titanate (BaTiO3),Bismuth Titanate (Bi4Ti3O12),Lead Zirconate Titanate PZT,Strontium Titanate,Titanium Acetate,Titanium Boride,Titanium Chloride,Titanium Dioxide,Titanium Fluoride,Titanium Nitride,Titanium Nitrate,Titanium Oxalate,Titanium(II) Oxide TiO,Titanium(IV) Oxide TiO2,Titanium(III) Oxide Ti2O3,Titanium(III,IV) Oxide Ti3O5,Titanium Silicide,Titanium(IV) Sulfate,Potassium Metavanadate,Vanadium Acetate,Vanadium Boride,Vanadium Carbide,Vanadium Chloride VCl2,Vanadium Fluoride,Vanadium Nitride,Vanadium Oxide,Vanadium Pentoxide,Vanadium Sulfate,Vanadium(III) Chloride,,Chromium Acetate,Chromium Boride CrB,Chromium Bromide,Chromium Carbide,Chromium Carbonate,Chromium(II) Chloride,Chromium Fluoride,Chromium Nitrate,Chromium Nitride,Chromium Oxide,Chromium Sulfate,Manganese Acetate,Manganese Aluminide,Manganese Boride,Manganese Carbide,Manganese Carbonate,Manganese Chloride,Manganese Fluoride,Manganese Molybdate,Manganese Nitrate,Manganese Oxalate,Manganese Oxide,Manganese Sulfate,Manganese Sulfide,Manganese Telluride MnTe,Potassium Manganate,Ferric Chloride,Ferric Citrate,Ferric Disulfide,Ferric Hydroxide,Ferric Nitrate,Ferric Sulfate,Ferrous Chloride,Ferrous Oxalate,,Ferrous Sulfate,Iron Acetate,Iron Boride (FeB),Iron Carbonate,Iron Chloride,Iron Fluoride,Iron Nitride,Iron Oxide,Iron Perchlorate,Iron Sulfate,Iron Sulfide,Iron(II) Oxalate,Iron(II) Perchlorate Hydrate,Iron(II) Titanate,Cobalt Acetate,Cobalt Boride (CoB),Cobalt Carbonate,Cobalt Chloride,Cobalt Fluoride,Cobalt Hydroxide,obalt Nitrate,Cobalt Nitrate Hexahydrate,Cobalt Oxalate,Cobalt(II) Oxide (CoO),Cobalt Sulfate,Cobalt Sulfide,Nickel Acetate,Nickel Boride (NiB),Nickel Carbonate,Nickel Chloride,Nickel Fluoride,Nickel Hydroxide,Nickel Nitrate,Nickel Nitride,Nickel Oxalate,Nickel Oxide,Nickel Sulfate,Copper Acetate,Copper Bromide,Copper Carbide,Copper Carbonate,Copper Chloride,Copper Fluoride,Copper Hydroxide,Copper Hydroxide,Copper Nitrate,Copper Nitride,Copper Oxalate,Copper Oxide,Copper Sulfate,Copper Sulfide,Copper Telluride CuTe,Aluminum Zinc Oxide,Zinc Acetate,Zinc Carbonate,Zinc Chloride,Zinc Fluoride,Zinc Hydroxide,Zinc Nitrate,Zinc Oxalate,Zinc Oxide,Zinc Sulfate,Zinc Sulfide,Gallium Acetate,Gallium Antimonide,Gallium Arsenide,Gallium Chloride,Gallium Fluoride,Gallium (III) Nitrate,Gallium Nitride,Gallium Oxide,Gallium Phosphide,Gallium(II) Selenide (GaSe),Gallium Sulfate,Gallium(II) Sulfide (GaS),Gallium(II) Telluride (GaTe),Germanium (IV) Oxide,Germanium Acetate,Germanium Bromide (GeBr2),Germanium Chloride GeCl2,Germanium Chloride GeCl4,Germanium Fluoride,Germanium Nitrate,Germanium Nitride,Germanium Oxide,Germanium Phosphide,Germanium Silicide,Germanium Sulfide,Germanium Telluride,Copper(II) Selenite,Gallium(II) Selenide,Germanium(II) Selenide,Indium(II) Selenide,Indium(III) Selenide,Lanthanum Selenium,Lead Selenate,Lead Selenite,Lithium Selenate,Selenium Chloride,Selenium Chloride (SeCl4),Selenium Fluoride,Selenium Oxide,Selenium Sulfide,Selenium Telluride,Silver Selenate,Silver Selenite,Zinc Selenite,Barium Strontium Titanate,Strontium Acetate,Strontium Barium Niobate,Strontium Carbonate,Strontium Chloride,Strontium Ferrite,Strontium Fluoride,Strontium Hydroxide,Strontium Molybdate,Strontium Niobate,Strontium Nitrate,,Strontium Oxalate,Strontium Oxide,Strontium Sulfate,Strontium Sulfide,Strontium Telluride,Strontium Titanate,Strontium Tungstate,Strontium Zirconate,Yttria Stabilized Zirconia,Zirconium Acetate,Zirconium Boride ZrB2,Zirconium Carbide,Zirconium Carbonate,Zirconium Chloride,Zirconium Fluoride,Zirconium Hydroxide,Zirconium Nitride,Zirconium Oxalate,Zirconium Oxide,Zirconium Sulfate,Zirconium Sulfide,Zirconium Telluride,Zirconium Tungstate,Zirconyl Chloride,Ammonium Niobate(V) Oxalate ,Barium Niobate,Lithium Niobate,Niobium Boride,Niobium Carbide,Niobium Chloride,Niobium Fluoride,Niobium Nitride,Niobium Oxide,Niobium Silicide NbSi2,Niobium Sulfide,Niobium Telluride,Ammonium Molybdate,Barium Molybdate,Bismuth Molybdate,Cadmium Molybdate,Calcium Molybdate,Iron(II) Molybdate,Lead Molybdate,Lithium Molybdate,Molybdenum Acetate,Molybdenum Boride (MoB),Molybdenum Carbide (MoC),Molybdenum Chloride,Molybdenum Disilicide,Molybdenum Fluoride MoF3,Molybdenum Nitride MoN,Molybdenum Oxide,Molybdenum Silicide MoSi2,Molybdenum Sulfate,Molybdenum Sulfide,Sodium Molybdate,Strontium Molybdate,Zinc Molybdate,Rhodium Acetate,Rhodium Nitrate,Rhodium Oxide,Rhodium Sulfate,Palladium Acetate,Palladium Nitrate,Palladium Oxalate,Palladium Oxide,Palladium Sulfate,Silver Acetate,Silver Carbonate,Silver Chlorate,Silver Nitrate,Silver Oxalate,Silver Oxide,Silver Sulfate,Cadmium Acetate,Cadmium Carbonate,Cadmium Hydroxide,Cadmium Nitrate,Cadmium Oxalate,Cadmium Oxide,Cadmium Sulfate,Cadmium Sulfide,Cadmium Telluride,Indium Acetate,Indium Carbonate,Indium Chloride,Indium Fluoride,Indium Hydroxide,indium Nitrate,Indium Nitride,Indium Oxide,Indium Phosphide,Indium(II) Selenide,Indium Sulfate,Indium Sulfide,Indium Telluride,Indium Tin Oxide,Antimony Tin Oxide,Indium Tin Oxide,Tin Acetate,Tin Chloride,Tin Nitrate, Tin Oxalate,Tin Oxide,Tin Selenide,Tin Sulfate,Tin Sulfide,Tin Telluride,Antimony Acetate,Antimony Bromide,Antimony Chloride,Antimony Nitrate,Antimony Nitride,Antimony Oxalate,Antimony Oxide,Antimony Sulfate,Antimony Sulfide,Antimony Telluride,Antimony Tin Oxide,Antimony Zinc Oxide,Gallium Antimonide,Indium Antimonide,Lead Antimonide,Antimony Telluride,Bismuth Telluride,Cadmium Telluride,Copper Telluride (CuTe),Gallium(III) Telluride,Germanium Telluride,Lead Telluride,Tellurium Nitrate,Tellurium Sulfide,Tin Telluride,Zinc Telluride,Iodine Oxide,Sodium Iodide,Cesium Acetate,Cesium Bromide,Cesium Carbonate,Cesium Chloride,Cesium Chromate,Cesium Hydroxide,Cesium Iodide,Cesium Nitrate,Cesium Oxalate,Cesium Sulfate,Barium Acetate,Barium Boride,Barium Carbonate,Barium Chlorate,Barium Chloride,Barium Fluoride,Barium Hydroxide,Barium Niobate,Barium Nitrate,Barium Nitride,Barium Oxalate,Barium Oxide,Barium Strontium Titanate,Barium Sulfate,Barium Sulfide,Barium Titanate(IV) (BaTiO3),Strontium Barium Niobate,Hafnium Acetate,Hafnium Carbide,Hafnium Chloride,Hafnium Fluoride,Hafnium Nitrate,Hafnium Nitride,Hafnium Oxide,Hafnium Sulfate,Tantalum Acetate,Tantalum Boride,Tantalum Bromide,Tantalum Carbide,Tantalum Chloride,Tantalum Fluoride,Tantalum Nitrate,Tantalum Nitride,Tantalum Oxalate,Tantalum Oxide,Tantalum Sulfide,Sodium Tungstate,Tungsten Carbide,Tungsten Chloride,Tungsten Disulphide,Tungsten Fluoride,Tungsten Nitride,Tungsten Oxide,Tungsten Selenide,Tungsten Sulfide,Tungsten Trioxide,Zirconium Tungstate,Platinum Acetate,Platinum Chloride,Platinum Fluoride,Platinum Nitrate,Platinum Oxide,Platinum Sulfate,Platinum(II) Sulfide (PtS) ,Gold Acetate,Gold Carbide,Gold(I) Chloride, Gold(III) Chloride Hydrate,Gold Fluoride,Gold Trifluoride, Gold Hydroxide,Gold Iodide,Gold Triiodide, Gold Nitrate,Gold Oxide,Digold Trioxide, Gold Phosphide,Gold Selenate,Gold Selenide,Gold Sulfate, Gold Sulfide,Digold Sulfide,Gold Telluride,Gold Ditelluride ,Lead Acetate,Lead Carbonate,Lead Chloride,Lead Dioxide,Lead Fluoride,Lead Nitrate,Lead Sulfate,Lead Sulfide,Lead Telluride,Lead Titanate,Lead Zirconate,Bismuth Acetate,Bismuth Carbonate,Bismuth Chloride,Bismuth Fluoride,Bismuth Hydroxide,Bismuth Nitrate,Bismuth Oxalate,Bismuth Oxide,Bismuth Titanate,Bismuth Trioxide,Bismuth Sulfate,Bismuth (III) Sulfide,Bismuth Telluride,Thorium Acetate,Thorium Carbonate,Thorium Nitrate,Thorium Sulfate,Rubidium Acetate,Rubidium Carbonate,Rubidium Chromate,Rubidium Sulfate

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