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  • Units For The Alcatel Lucent 1642emux - China

    price: contact company for price

    We have several units available for the Alcatel- Lucent 1642EMUX.

    These modules are come with our standard 1 year Warranty. We also have many chassis and modules for the Alcatel 1660/ 1662/ 1696/ 1670/ 1678/ 1692/ 1626 Series.

    Mobile phone : 18610929409

    Please enquire if you are sourcing other components.

    3AL97004AAAA 1642EMUX 3AV650004246 1642EMUX 3AL97081ACAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97004AAAA 1642EMUX 8DG00223AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97081ACAB 1642EMUX

    3AL97008AAAA 1642EMUX 8DG22549BAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97081ACAC 1642EMUX

    3AL97010AAAA 1642EMUX 8DG22550BAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97081ADAB 1642EMUX

    3AL97012BAAA 1642EMUX 8DG22552AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97237ABAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97012BCAA 1642EMUX 8DG22554AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97237ABAC 1642EMUX

    3AL97030ACAA 1642EMUX 8DG22561AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97237ABAD 1642EMUX

    3AL97042ABAA 1642EMUX 8DG22564AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97237ABAE 1642EMUX

    3AL97043ACAA 1642EMUX 8DG22566AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97237ABAF 1642EMUX

    3AL97043ADAA 1642EMUX 8DG22567AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97237BAAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97045AAAB 1642EMUX 8DG22568AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97237BAAC 1642EMUX

    3AL97077ABAA 1642EMUX 8DG22571AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97237BAAD 1642EMUX

    3AL97077ACAB 1642EMUX 8DG22572AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97237BAAE 1642EMUX

    3AL97077ACAC 1642EMUX 8DG22581AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97237BCAD 1642EMUX

    3AL97078ACAA 1642EMUX 8DG22581ABAA 1642EMUX 3AL97237BCAE 1642EMUX

    3AL97078ADAC 1642EMUX 8DG22584AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97239ABAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97079AAAA 1642EMUX 8DG22584ABAA 1642EMUX 3AL97239ABAC 1642EMUX

    3AL97079ACAA 1642EMUX 8DG22584ACAA 1642EMUX 3AL97239ABAD 1642EMUX

    3AL97079ADAB 1642EMUX 3AL97004AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97239ABAE 1642EMUX

    3AL97079BDAB 1642EMUX 3AL97006ABAA 1642EMUX 3AL97239ABAF 1642EMUX

    3AL97081ACAC 1642EMUX 3AL97008AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97239BAAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97083ADAA 1642EMUX 3AL97010AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97239BAAC 1642EMUX

    3AL97083BAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97012ADAA 1642EMUX 3AL97239BAAD 1642EMUX

    3AL97083BDAA 1642EMUX 3AL97012BAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97239BAAE 1642EMUX

    3AL97083BDAA 1642EMUX 3AL97012BBAA 1642EMUX 3AL97239BAAF 1642EMUX

    3AL97083CAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97012BCAA 1642EMUX 1AB147830003 1642EMUX

    3AL97083CBAA 1642EMUX 3AL97014AAAA 1642EMUX 1AB147830018 1642EMUX

    3AL97083DAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97028AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97042AAAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97086AAAC 1642EMUX 3AL97030ACAA 1642EMUX 3AL97042ABAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97086AAAC 1642EMUX 3AL97030ADAA 1642EMUX 3AL97043ACAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97086ABAC 1642EMUX 3AL97030ADAC 1642EMUX 3AL97043ADAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97161AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97062BDAA 1642EMUX 3AL97045AAAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97165ABAB 1642EMUX 3AL97085AAAB 1642EMUX 3AL97045AAAB 1642EMUX

    3AL97165ACAA 1642EMUX 3AL97085AAAC 1642EMUX 3AL97077AAAB 1642EMUX

    3AL97165ACAD 1642EMUX 3AL97085ABAB 1642EMUX 3AL97077ABAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97165ADAE 1642EMUX 3AL97085ABAC 1642EMUX 3AL97077ACAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97165BAAB 1642EMUX 3AL97159AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97077ACAB 1642EMUX

    3AL97194ACAA 1642EMUX 3AL97164AAAB 1642EMUX 3AL97077ACAC 1642EMUX

    3AL97194ACAC 1642EMUX 3AL97164AAAC 1642EMUX 3AL97078AAAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97194ACAD 1642EMUX 3AL97164ABAA 1642EMUX 3AL97078ABAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97198AAAB 1642EMUX 3AL97164ABAB 1642EMUX 3AL97078ACAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97213AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97164ACAA 1642EMUX 3AL97078ADAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97213ABAA 1642EMUX 3AL97193AAAB 1642EMUX 3AL97078ADAB 1642EMUX

    3AL97213ACAA 1642EMUX 3AL97193AAAC 1642EMUX 3AL97078ADAC 1642EMUX

    3AL97213ADAA 1642EMUX 3AL97193ABAB 1642EMUX 3AL97079AAAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97213ADAA 1642EMUX 3AL97193ACAA 1642EMUX 3AL97079ABAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97213AEAA 1642EMUX 3AL97213AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97079ABAB 1642EMUX

    3AL97219AAAB 1642EMUX 3AL97213ABAA 1642EMUX 3AL97079ACAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97226AAAB 1642EMUX 3AL97213ACAA 1642EMUX 3AL97079ADAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97228BAAD 1642EMUX 3AL97213ADAA 1642EMUX 3AL97079ADAB 1642EMUX

    3AL97228BBAD 1642EMUX 3AL97213AEAA 1642EMUX 3AL97079BDAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97231AAAB 1642EMUX 3AL97215AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97079BDAB 1642EMUX

    3AL97234AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97219AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97080AHAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97237ABAF 1642EMUX 3AL97219AAAB 1642EMUX 3AL97080BAAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97237ABAF 1642EMUX 3AL97228AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97080BDAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97237BAAE 1642EMUX 3AL97228BAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97080BEAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97237BAAF 1642EMUX 3AL97228BAAB 1642EMUX 3AL97080BFAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97237BAAF 1642EMUX 3AL97228BAAC 1642EMUX 3AL97080BGAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97237BCAF 1642EMUX 3AL97228BAAD 1642EMUX 3AL97080BKAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97237BCAF 1642EMUX 3AL97228BBAA 1642EMUX 3AL97080BNAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97237BDAB 1642EMUX 3AL97228BBAB 1642EMUX 3AL97080BPAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97239ABAF 1642EMUX 3AL97228BBAC 1642EMUX 3AL97080BQAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97239BAAF 1642EMUX 3AL97228BBAD 1642EMUX 3AL97080BRAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97243AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97231AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97080BSAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97243AAAB 1642EMUX 3AL97231AAAB 1642EMUX 3AL97080BTAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97273AAAB 1642EMUX 3AL97234AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97080BUAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97273AAAC 1642EMUX 3AL97242AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97080BVAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97343AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97256AAAB 1642EMUX 3AL97080BXAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97343AAAB 1642EMUX 3AL97256AAAD 1642EMUX 3AL97082AAAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97352AAAB 1642EMUX 3AL97256ACAB 1642EMUX 3AL97083ADAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97083CBAA 1642EMUX 3AL97256ACAD 1642EMUX 3AL97083BAAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97228BAAD 1642EMUX 3AL97256BAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97083BBAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97237ABAF 1642EMUX 3AL97256BAAC 1642EMUX 3AL97083BCAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97237BCAF 1642EMUX 3AL97256BCAA 1642EMUX 3AL97083BDAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97228BAAD 1642EMUX 3AL97256BCAC 1642EMUX 3AL97083CAAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97237BAAF 1642EMUX 3AL97256BDAC 1642EMUX 3AL97083CBAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97237BCAF 1642EMUX 3AL97272AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97083CCAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97273AAAC 1642EMUX 3AL97272AAAB 1642EMUX 3AL97083DAAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97243AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97342AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97086AAAB 1642EMUX

    3AL97243AAAB 1642EMUX 3AL97353AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97086AAAC 1642EMUX

    3AL97273AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97355AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97086ABAB 1642EMUX

    3AL97273AAAB 1642EMUX 3AL97194AAAC 1642EMUX 3AL97086ABAC 1642EMUX

    3AL97273AAAC 1642EMUX 3AL97194ABAB 1642EMUX 3AL97161AAAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97315AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97194ACAA 1642EMUX 3AL97165AAAB 1642EMUX

    3AL97343AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97194ACAC 1642EMUX 3AL97165AAAC 1642EMUX

    3AL97343AAAB 1642EMUX 3AL97194ACAD 1642EMUX 3AL97165ABAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97352AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97198AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97165ABAB 1642EMUX

    3AL97352AAAB 1642EMUX 3AL97198AAAB 1642EMUX 3AL97165ACAA 1642EMUX

    3AL97237BDAB 1642EMUX 3AL97226AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97165ACAB 1642EMUX

    3AL97239BDAB 1642EMUX 3AL97226AAAB 1642EMUX 3AL97165ACAD 1642EMUX

    3AL97183AAAA 1642EMUX 3AL97237ADAB 1642EMUX 3AL97165ADAB 1642EMUX

    3AL97194AAAB 1642EMUX 3AL97237BAAF 1642EMUX 3AL97165ADAD 1642EMUX

    3AL97237BCAF 1642EMUX 3AL97165ADAE 1642EMUX

    Company Contact:

    • Phone: 8601080726656

    • Address: Xinfeida industrial park 2 floor, No 1 Fengshan Ea, Beijing, China

    • Email: Email

    Published date: September 5, 2014 -

    • Business Description: Dingdian is an international distributor of new, used, and refurbished telecom equipment. Dingdian carries all major manufacturers such as Alcatel Lucent, Nortel, Cisco, ADC, and many more. We are able to offer technical assistance for most of the products we sell. With an in house facility for repair and testing we are also able to offer a Warranty on all our products.

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