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Units For The Alcatel Lucent 1660sm - China

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Units for the Alcatel- Lucent 1660SM

We have several units available for the Alcatel- Lucent 1660SM.

These modules are come with our standard 1 year Warranty. We also have many chassis and modules for the Alcatel 1696/ 1662/ 1642/ 1670/ 1678/ 1692/ 1626 Series.

Please enquire if you are sourcing other components.

3AL36306AAAA 1AB158340001 1AB187280001 3AL91792AAAB

3AL36306AAAA 1AB176340002 1AB187280002 3AL91793AAAB

3AL36306ABXX 3AL80371AAAB 1AB194670003 3AL91794AAAA

3AL37558ABAE 3AL89843AAAA 1AB194670005 3AL91794AAAB

3AL37558ABAE 3AN44747AAAB 1AB194670006 3AL91795AAAA

3AL78817AAAG 3AN49397AAAA 1AB194670007 3AL91795AAAB

3AL78817AAAH 3AN49400AAAA 1AB196360001 3AL91880AAAA

3AL78817AAXX 8DG00219ABAA 1AB196360002 3AL91880AAXX

3AL78817ABAA 8DG00220ABAA 1AB196360003 3AL91884AAAA

3AL78821BAAG 8DG00231AAAA 1AB196360005 3AL91884AAAB

3AL78821BAAG 8DG00233AAAA 1AB196370001 3AL91884AAAC

3AL78821BAXX 3AL78870AAAA 1AB196370008 3AL91884AAAD

3AL78823AAAG 3AL78965AAAA 1AB196370009 3AL91884AAXX

3AL78830AEAA 3AL78994AAAA 1AB214710001 3AL91884ABAB

3AL78830AEAA 3AL79019AAAA 1AB231410014 3AL91884ABAC

3AL78830AFAA 3AL79021AAAA 1AB231410015 3AL91885AAAA

3AL78831AAAE 3AL79027AAAA 1AB231410016 3AL91885AAAB

3AL78831AAAF 3AL79027ABAA 1AB231410018 3AL91885AAXX

3AL78832AAAF 3AL79153AAAA 1AB231410019 3AL91885ABAA

3AL78832AAAG 3AL79180AAAA 1AB231410020 3AL91885ABAB

3AL78832AAAG 3AL79222AAAA 1AB231410021 3AN49399AAXX

3AL78834AAAF 3AL79242AAAA 1AB231410025 3AN49400AAXX

3AL78834AAXX 3AL79317AAAA 1AB231410026 8DG15235AAAA

3AL78835AAAF 3AL79446AAAA 1AB231410027 8DG15235AAAB

3AL78835AAXX 3AL79534AAAA 1AB231410028 8DG15238AAAA

3AL78836AAAQ 3AL79545AAAA 1AB231410030 8DG15238AAXX

3AL78836ABAC 3AL79590AAAA 1AB231410031 8DG15428AAAA

3AL78836ABAC 3AL79648AAAA 1AB231410032 8DG15428AAAB

3AL78836ABAD 3AL79725AAAA 1AB231410033 8DG15428AAXX

3AL78836ABAD 3AL79727AAAA 1AB231410036 8DG15432AAAA

3AL78836ABXX 3AL79747AAAA 1AB231410042 8DG15433AAAA

3AL78836ADAA 3AL80301AAAA 1AB231410043 8DG15433AAXX

3AL78836ADAB 3AL80354AAAA 1AB253330001 8DG15489AAAA

3AL78848BAAQ 3AL80405AAAA 1AB356630027 8DG15611AAAA

3AL78848BAAQ 3AL80417AAAA 1AF00398AAXX 8DG15627AAAA

3AL78848BAXX 3AL80483AAAA 3AL36306AAAA 8DG15627AAAB

3AL78856BAAH 3AL80551AAAA 3AL36306AAXX 8DG15701AAAA

3AL78856BAAH 3AL80768AAAA 3AL36306ABXX 8DG15701AAAB

3AL78856BAAK 3AL80805AAAA 3AL36310AAXX 8DG15583AAAA

3AL78856BAXX 3AL80872AAAA 3AL36311AAXX 3AL78823AAAG

3AL78856BBAG 3AL80882AAAA 3AL37558ABAE 3AL78856BBAM

3AL78856BBAH 3AL80883AAAA 3AL37558ABXX 3AL78856BCAK

3AL78856BBAK 3AL81073AAAA 3AL78815AAXX 3AL78856BEAK

3AL78856BBAM 3AL81073AAAB 3AL78815ABAE 8DG15627ABAA

3AL78856BCAF 3AL81074AAAA 3AL78817AAAF 3AL89794ABACTN

3AL78856BCAH 3AL81246AAAA 3AL78817AAAG 1AB356630031

3AL78856BCAK 3AL81258AAAA 3AL78817AAAH 3AL78836ADAB

3AL78856BDAF 3AL81277AAAA 3AL78817AAXX 3AL79773AAXX

3AL78856BDAH 3AL81288AAAA 3AL78817ABAA 3AL80371AAXX

3AL78856BEAF 3AL81326AAAA 3AL78818AAXX 3AL80404AAAB

3AL78856BEAH 3AL81327AAAA 3AL78821BAAG 3AL80404AAXX

3AL78856BFAH 3AL81342AAAA 3AL78821BAXX 3AL80407AAXX

3AL78865AAXX 3AL81418AAAA 3AL78823AAAE 3AL80411AAXX

3AL78865ABAC 3AL81426AAAA 3AL78830AAXX 3AL80411ABAA

3AL78866ABAC 3AL81435AAAA 3AL78830ABAB 3AL80411ABXX

3AL78962AAAH 3AL81436AAAA 3AL78830ADAC 3AL80492AAXX

3AL78962ACAH 3AL81492AAAA 3AL78830ADXX 3AL80702AAXX

3AL78962ADAD 3AL81611AAAA 3AL78830AEAA 3AL80702ABXX

3AL78962BAAH 3AL81661AAAA 3AL78830AFAA 3AL80741AAAA

3AL78962BCAH 3AL81694AAAA 3AL78831AAAE 3AL80741AAXX

3AL78963ADAA 3AL81775AAAA 3AL78831AAAF 3AL80802AAAF

3AL78965AAAA 3AL81775AAAB 3AL78832AAAF 3AL80802ABAA

3AL79029CAAG 3AL81897AAAA 3AL78832AAAG 3AL80802ABXX

3AL79092ACAD 3AL81916ABAA 3AL78835AAAD 3AL80881AAAC

3AL79094AAXX 3AL81916ABAB 3AL78835AAAE 3AL80881AAXX

3AL79114AAAG 3AL89594AAAA 3AL78835AAAF 3AL80949AAXX

3AL79163AAAE 3AL89671AAAA 3AL78835AAXX 3AL81072AAAF

3AL79176AAAD 3AL89672AAAA 3AL78836AAAQ 3AL81072AAAG

3AL79209AAAB 3AL89673AAAA 3AL78836ABAC 3AL81072AAAH

3AL79242AAAA 3AL89796AAAA 3AL78836ABAD 3AL81072AAAJ

3AL79263AAAC 3AL89993AAAA 3AL78836ABXX 3AL81072AAXX

3AL79545AAAA 3AL91797AAAA 3AL78836ADAA 3AL81072ABAA

3AL79624AAAE 3AL91798AAAA 3AL78838AAAE 3AL81185AAXX

3AL79624AAAE 3AL91799AAAA 3AL78838ABAE 3AL81202AAAA

3AL79727AAAA 3AL91819AAAA 3AL78839AAAE 3AL81202AAXX

3AL79728AAAD 3AL91868AAAA 3AL78839ABAE 3AL81249AAAF

3AL79773AAAA 3AL95051AAAA 3AL78840AAAC 3AL81249AAXX

3AL79773AAXX 8DG15211AAAA 3AL78840ABAC 3AL81275AAXX

3AL80404AAAB 8DG15236AAAA 3AL78848BAAN 3AL81289AAAA

3AL80404AAXX 8DG15239AAAA 3AL78848BAAP 3AL81289AAAB

3AL80411AAXX 8DG15282AAAA 3AL78848BAAQ 3AL81289AAXX

3AL80411ABAA 8DG15358AAAA 3AL78848BAAR 3AL81344AAXX

3AL80411ABXX 8DG15416AAAA 3AL78848BAXX 3AL81346AAAB

3AL80802AAAF 8DG15418AAAA 3AL78856BAAG 3AL81346AAXX

3AL80802ABAA 8DG15471AAAA 3AL78856BAAH 3AL81348AAAB

3AL80802ABXX 8DG15483AAAA 3AL78856BAAK 3AL81348AAXX

3AL80805AAAA 8DG15483AAAB 3AL78856BAXX 3AL81427AAAA

3AL80881AAAC 8DG15488AAAA 3AL78856BBAG 3AL81434AAAA

3AL81072AAAH 8DG15488ABAA 3AL78856BBAH 3AL81434AAAB

3AL81072AAAJ 8DG15587AAAA 3AL78856BBAK 3AL81434AAXX

3AL81072AAAJ 3AL81617AAAA 3AL78856BCAE 3AL81613AAAA

3AL81072AAXX 3AL81617AAXX 3AL78856BCAF 3AL81615AAAA

3AL81072ABAA 3AL81635AAAA 3AL78856BCAH 3AL81616AAAA

3AL81073AAAA 3AL81635AAXX 3AL78856BDAE 3AL81616AAXX

3AL81073AAAA 3AL81736AAAB 3AL78856BDAF 3AL79030DBAC

3AL81073AAAB 3AL81812AAXX 3AL78856BDAH 3AL79030DBAD

3AL81073AAAB 3AL81879AAXX 3AL78856BEAE 3AL79030DBXX

3AL81074AAAA 3AL81879ABAA 3AL78856BEAF 3AL79088ACXX

3AL81249AAXX 3AL81879ABXX 3AL78856BEAH 3AL79090BAXX

3AL81289AAAB 3AL81915AAXX 3AL78856BFAE 3AL79092AAAG

3AL81289AAAB 3AL81915ABAA 3AL78856BFAF 3AL79092ABAD

3AL81289AAAC 3AL81915ABAB 3AL78856BFAH 3AL79092ACAD

3AL81348AAAB 3AL81915ABAC 3AL78864AAXX 3AL79093AAXX

3AL81418AAAA 3AL81915ABXX 3AL78865AAAE 3AL79094AAXX

3AL81427AAAA 3AL86625AAXX 3AL78865AAXX 3AL79107AAXX

3AL81434AAAA 3AL86888AAXX 3AL78865ABAC 3AL79114AAAG

3AL81434AAAB 3AL89561ABAA 3AL78866AAAF 3AL79152AAXX

3AL81434AAXX 3AL89561ABAC 3AL78866ABAC 3AL79163AAAD

3AL81435AAAA 3AL89561ABXX 3AL78895CAAL 3AL79163AAAE

3AL81616AAAA 3AL89668AAAA 3AL78896CAAL 3AL79176AAAD

3AL81617AAAA 3AL89668AAAB 3AL78897CAAL 3AL79177AAXX

3AL81635AAAA 3AL89668AAXX 3AL78898CAAL 3AL79209AAAA

3AL81694AAAA 3AL89669AAAA 3AL78899CAAL 3AL79209AAAB

3AL81879ABAA 3AL89669AAXX 3AL78962AAAH 3AL79242AAXX

3AL81897AAAA 3AL89670AAAB 3AL78962AACN 3AL79263AAAC

3AL81915AAXX 3AL89670AAAC 3AL78962AAXX 3AL79266AAXX

3AL81915ABAA 3AL89670AAAD 3AL78962ACAH 3AL79267AAXX

3AL81915ABAB 3AL89670AAXX 3AL78962ACXX 3AL79268AAXX

3AL81915ABAC 3AL89677AAXX 3AL78962ADAD 3AL79340AAAC

3AL81915ABXX 3AL89678AAXX 3AL78962BAAH 3AL79340AAXX

3AL89561ABAA 3AL89917AAXX 3AL78962BAXX 3AL79451AAAC

3AL89668AAAA 3AL91790AAAB 3AL78962BCAH 3AL79451AAXX

3AL89668AAAB 3AL91790AAXX 3AL78962BCXX 3AL79452AAAC

3AL89668AAAB 3AL91791AAAA 3AL78962BDAD 3AL79452ABAC

3AL89668AAAB 3AL91791AAAB 3AL78962BDXX 3AL79453AAAC

3AL89668AAAC 3AL91792AAAA 3AL78963ACAA 3AL79453AAXX

3AL89668AAXX 3AL78848BAAQ 3AL78963ACXX 3AL79497AAXX

3AL89669AAAA 3AL78856BAAK 3AL78963ADAA 3AL79624AAAE

3AL89669AAAA 3AL78856BBAM 3AL79029CAAG 3AL79631AAXX

3AL89669AAXX 3AL81074AAAA 3AL79029CBAG 3AL79728AAAD

3AL89670AAAC 3AL81289AAAB 3AL79030DAAC 3AL79728AAXX

3AL89670AAAD 3AL81434AAAA 3AL79030DAAD 3AL79772AAAC

3AL89670AAAD 3AL81435AAAA 3AL79030DBAB 3AL79772AAXX

3AL89670AAAD 3AL81694AAAA 8DG15418AAAA 3AL79773AAAA

3AL89670AAXX 3AL81915ABAC 8DG15428AAAB 3AL78817AAAH

3AL89670AAXX 3AL89668AAAB 8DG15432AAAA 3AL78817ABAA

3AL89794ABAA 3AL89668AAAC 8DG15432AAXX 3AL78830AEAA

3AL89794ABAB 3AL91885AAAA 8DG15433AAXX 3AL78836ABAD

3AL89794ABAC 3AL91885ABAB 8DG15471AAAA 3AL81434AAXX

3AL89794ABACTN 3AL91885AAXX 8DG15583AAAA 3AL81435AAAA

3AL89993AAAA 3AL91885ABAB 8DG15611AAAA 3AL81694AAAA

3AL91790AAAB 8DG15235AAAB 8DG15627AAAA 3AL81879ABAA

3AL91790AAAB 8DG15238AAAA 8DG15627AAAB 3AL81915ABAC

3AL91790AAXX 8DG15238AAAA 8DG15627ABAA 3AL89668AAAC

3AL91791AAAB 8DG15238AAXX 8DG15701AAAA 3AL89794ABAC

3AL91791AAAB 3AL91884AAXX 8DG15701AAAB 3AL91790AAAB

3AL91792AAAB 3AL91884AAXX 3AL37558ABAE 3AL91799AAAA

3AL91793AAAB 3AL91884ABAB 3AL78832AAAG

3AL81434AAAA 3AL91794AAAB 3AL91884ABAC 3AL78836AAAQ

3AL91795AAAB 3AL91885AAAA 3AL78848BAAQ

3AL91799AAAA 3AL91885AAAB 3AL78856BBAM

3AL91819AAAA 3AL91884AAAC 3AL79727AAAA

3AL91868AAAA 3AL91884AAAD 3AL80411ABAA


3AL91880AAAA 3AL91884AAAB 3AL81289AAAB

Company Contact:

  • Phone: 8601080726656

  • Address: Xinfeida industrial park 2 floor, No 1 Fengshan Ea, Beijing, China

  • Email: Email

Published date: September 5, 2014 -

  • Business Description: Dingdian is an international distributor of new, used, and refurbished telecom equipment. Dingdian carries all major manufacturers such as Alcatel Lucent, Nortel, Cisco, ADC, and many more. We are able to offer technical assistance for most of the products we sell. With an in house facility for repair and testing we are also able to offer a Warranty on all our products.

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