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Company Directory: Property - Commercial

HL King Industry Co.,Ltd from China
HL King Industry Co Ltd is a professional manufacturer of Aluminium ladders Scaffolding Leisure goods With principle of quality first and customer foremost our aim at needs from markets and customers To realize quality all of products with every procedure will be professionally tested according to international standards At present our products sell well in UK US Norway Germany Australia Turkey South Africa etc We always put quality and safety at the first place Our two series products are space saving convenient for carrying and meet market demands


Abracadabra International from India
Project Finance Innovations PPP Investments Management High yield investment programs we Abracadabra International is a professionally managed company of International Project Finance and Management and Marketing Consultants for creative solutions in matters of finance and management Abracadabra International is also promoting their own brand of projects investments patent projects like collateral bank patent world s first university for creativity and inventiveness School of creativity Intelligence and future inventions Sci fi and many other financial phenomena We at Abracadabra have created a meticulously worked out quality auditing program for ourselves to make ourselves an International Standard Organization certified member Not stopping with that we have also created our pioneering standards hither to not invented in the world for Consortium Of Standards The Best Management Mastermind in the World Project Finance Derivatives We do not work for Success Success works for us Finance 1 POF B G SBLC SKR MTN CDs Creation discounting credit lining Deposit Mobilization Hedge funds equity debentures bonds investments Private Placement Program loans from abroad External commercial borrowings Foreign Financial Derivatives FIIs FDIs P notes and all about raising finance Government Approvals Turnkey Finance Management Solutions worldwide 2 Finance Against Assets B G SBLC SKR MTN CDs primary and secondary collaterals discounting and credit lining 3 Finance Guarantee Issuing POF B Gs SBLCs SKRs CDs issuing and creation for any company all over the world Right from one million US to a billion US we can issue BGs SBLCs and SKRs 4 Project finance Bank Finance Consortium Finance Institutionalized Finance Venture Finance External Commercial Borrowing private placement programs Collaterals Collaborations Government Approvals Socio Economic Development Programs National Poverty Alleviation Schemes Development Turnkey Finance and Management Solutions worldwide Third Party Collateral 1 Collateral properties Huge collateral properties are available with us for project funding support Collateral properties of INR 100 Crores to INR 10000 Crores US 25 mill to US one billion and more are available for taking any business to a global level Collateral properties that can be used to create B Gs SBLCs SKRs and other forms of monetization in the international market Collateral properties are available in India Mexico Canada France Brazil US Africa and others Collateral properties will be available on short term of three years to longer terms On payment of commitment charges a complete set of copies of the documents will be made available to the borrower 2 Asset monetization Safe Keeping Receipt SKR B G creation for companies and finance rising is the work relating to asset monetization All sorts of movable and immovable assets can be used HighYield Investments 1 Abracadabra International projects are pioneering one of its kind breakthroughs not available so far but on being available it will become indispensible and within a short time duration reach the maximum number of users These disruptive projects are inventions and works of extraordinary nature that on being made available a huge market is instantly ready to be captured as the beauty and the usefulness of the product has already been understood even prior to the very existence of the product Such beauties are available with Abracadabra International Projects for investments These are not only Ideal high value investments for high net worth individuals but also exceptionally prestigious 2 Collateral Bank World s first Pioneering NBT next big thing in banking Collateral Bank with a few millions taking over billions worth of properties estates mines minerals islands ranches buildings solid assets gold mines diamond mines rare metals mines precious materials heritage assets intellectual properties prosperity forever patent pending copyright protected generating mega prosperity with simultaneous marketing worldwide investment opportunities open Collateral far far outweighing investments all the project loans equity investments can be returned in five years Collateral Bank wealth of all wealths 3 Sci fi World s first ever University of creativity This is the future world s first Pioneering next big thing in education Sci fi School of Creativity Intelligence Future Inventions Creativity innovations and inventions are huge subjects and we have developed out of the world curriculums for creativity and inventions for 5 years bachelors degree and 3 years masters degree programs after bachelors and other shorter period programs All these works are intellectual property driven copyright protected works generating mega prosperity with simultaneous marketing worldwide investments opportunities open Collateral far far outweighing investments are available and all the project loans equity investments can be returned in five years Sci fi The Future is here Every inventor need not graduate from Sci fi but every Sci fi graduate will be an inventor These are not only Ideal high value investments for high net worth individuals but also exceptionally prestigious Creativity is one of the basic building blocks of survival for any life form whatever may be the size Then in human beings creativity is the only quality which has distinguished and differentiated all other life forms from humans Creativity thus is the very foundation on which everything rests builds and grows Two volumes of general creativity learning and development and two volumes of special creativity development and over 150 subject categories on creativity in 300 books covering the entire subject of human creativity with over 9000 lessons on general creativity and intelligence leading to special creativity and over 20000 exercises on creativity intelligence and inventiveness have been under development These with our new pioneering disruptive research work on intelligence titled Intelligence Redefined 100 categories of intelligence quotients will form the curriculums for Sci fi 4 Consortium of Standards Pioneering standards hither to not available for the extraordinary and the classy who are different whose quality quotients are beyond ordinary but yet there are no ways to distinguish them from the masses Exclusive standards are a set of new parameters to create a finest category of business and growth 1 QKD Quality knowledge dissemination 2 IQS International quality standards 3 IQG International quality guarantee 4 UQQ Unique Quality Quotient 5 SoEQ SOCIAL EQUITY RATING will make the world a better place like never before Worldwide investment offer is solicited by Consortium of Standards SERVICE Why do we consider ourselves the best management mastermind in the world Because we do not commit the very huge mistake of thinking that management is an easy go lucky business There are quite a few specialty things we take care in business while the business owners are conducting business as usual Things like instilling newness in business pumping uniqueness defining quality contrasting studies creating a new design new usage new service anticipating future developments innovations to trip competitions high visibility creation rising bar on comfort levels adding multi dimensional aesthetics removing unilateral misgivings build social networking status creation news making publicity high impact news value generation sponsoring and associating with mass media programs contributing to the good of the society acquiring social responsibilities creating social charity promoting happiness promoting good life promoting contentment promoting religious comfort promoting education social awareness clever advertising intelligent copy writing aesthetic visualization events creation and management out of box thinking core creativity effective response generation efficient feedback management and follow up group cultivation goodness broadcasting quality partnership creation proxy voice creation quality guarantee perception through third parties new value creation future values recognition new comfort creation long standing guarantee perception appealing intelligent quotient employing emotional quotient ability to see the potentials discerning segregation of various groups constant research and development and more and more and more Now it will be clear why we are the best We do not work for Success Success works for us Abracadabra International Hedge Funds Sky is the limit Strategy Abracadabra International have been in the finance and management fields for 20 years with extraordinary sky is the limit to creativity sense to take on any task and work out solutions not only in finance and management fields but also in fields of design science technology etc for after all everything is money and very much within Abracadabra s creative intelligence Abracadabra International has positioned itself to bring under its banner top class professionals Nobel laureates Abel prize winners and the like extraordinary geniuses and real value for money team mates in all fields and mete out expertise par excellence We at Abracadabra are driven by High Ethical Values Extraordinary Creativity Visionary Goals Disruptive Projects Pragmatic Approaches and Unquenchable and Enormous Appetite for Success Wealth Multiplying Management We are the best wealth manager investing only in disruptive projects which are pioneering one of its kind breakthroughs not available so far but on being available it will become indispensible and within a short time duration reach the maximum number of users These disruptive projects are inventions and works of extraordinary nature that on being made available a huge market is instantly ready to be captured as the beauty and the usefulness of the product has already been understood even prior to the very existence of the product Such beauties are available with Abracadabra International Projects for investments These are not only Ideal high value investments for high net worth individuals but also exceptionally prestigious We are raising finance for some most respectable and amazingly novel and very profitable businesses which are pioneering first time inventions absolutely useful for the society and economic growth All investments bonds will yield 10 times the invested amount on the 49th month on which it matures The yield will be a whopping 225 noncumulative returns per annum There are also options for the investors to take collateral security in form of lands equivalent to the value of the invested amount and receive returns on quart yearly basis at the rate of 15 per annum For the first time in the Milky Way galaxy the investors can design the returns collateral and the returns on investment like profit interest or maturity yield and number of years the investments are available The base line is fully securing the investments with absolute collateral security to the 100 full value of investment but minimizing the profit quotient to totally making the investments without any collateral security but maximizing the profit quotient to the maximum yield the investor can design the investments and the yield Pioneering Multiple Options Cinema investments we have ten 100 original copy right protected ready to produce an out of this world box office smashing super scripts Scripts that will create a new bench mark in storytelling in Indian cinema for we want to create history and not read somebody else s Big stars know the truth big directors know the truth big technicians know the truth and everybody knows the truth about a movie becoming a box office record breaking hit is because of the script And they all know such super scripts are hard to come by These scripts are guaranteed to entertain everyone and give huge returns on investment the like of which has been enjoyed by only hand full blockbusters in the history of cinema First Tamil world championship India s pioneering first innovative vernacular intellectual board game in Tamil Hindi Bengali and 20 Indian languages and the First Tamil world championship with similar world championship programs in all the Indian languages will create a great renaissance for learning across India Besides that we have developed 1900 other patent products services new technologies inventions innovation discoveries diagnosis designs novelties modernizations new education all to disrupt the docile insipid under creative and become new mantra new ways new inspiration new face new parameter new fashion and new leaders all over the world Project Extraordinaire 1 Total Finance Management consultants Finance and management mentors Incorporation of companies articles and memorandum project reports finance rising going global finance millions to billions creating a corporate business bible inducting celebrity directors being the chief knowledge officer being the chief creativity officer continuous creativity for permanent prosperity marketing mentors and total finance and management consultants for ushering in great prosperity 2 Project Development Infrastructure Projects city township development Private Port Development Road developments Power generation hydro solar wind power projects Refinery projects Bio fuel alternative energy projects Aviation Diamond Gold Iron mining Metals minerals ore mining exports projects Automobiles Ship building Pharmacology Food for All Education for All Information Technology Banking Insurance projects Special Economic Zone developments Unique Project Development Human Information Technology Socio systems technology Humachines Compugloves Innovative Banking Insurance University development projects Communications Satellite launch projects World Wonders creation tourism development Poverty alleviation mother language development original phonetics structure development projects etc


Arun Dev Builders Ltd. from India
Arun Dev Builders is a trusted name in the Real Estate market well known real estate Developer in Indian market Arun Dev Builders developed various projects such like housing residential commercial projects at various locations in Haridwar Bhiwadi Delhi and Haryana We have already successfully completed various projects some upcoming some under construction We have built many residential Housing apartments by the name an Arun Dev City offering property in affordable prices Book your sweet Dream House Flats within Arun Dev Builders invest your financial saving in the right place


Axis Financial Consultants from United Kingdom


Changzhou Juwu Machinery Co.,Ltd from China
Changzhou Ju Wu Machinery Co Ltd is Located in Changzhou the hinterland of the Chang Jiang River with transportation and information advantages It is engaged in the production of nonwoven machinery nonwoven fabric and other like bag making machine printing machine lamination machine shopping bag JUWU machinery has lots of clients in China and abroad and succeeded in installing over five hundred lines The main China markets are in He Pei province Shandong province Jiangsu province Zhejiang province Guangdong province and Guangxi province The international markets are in Vietnam Singapore Indonesia India Iran Turkey Pakistan Russia Venezuela and Poland


cobof company from China
Cobof Company Limited based in Guangzhou of China is one of the leading professional GPS tracking solution provider for individual and commercial application Our main products and service are GPS tracking solution for personal and fleet management based on variously GPS trackers and web based tracking platform All our products have been certified with CE FCC UL RoHS E mark approval OEM ODM services are available for valued clients with the support from our R D team Also We have a highly qualified professional sales support team offering the satisfied pre after sale service under the effective management system In a word with the powerful ability of R D in software hardware production and after sale service we can help to build your brands and improve your brand recognition by offering high quality products and integrated service We sincerely look forward to becoming your long term business partner in the near future based on mutual benefits and development


dewell smartcard of China from China
Shenzhen Dehui Smartcard Technical Co Ltd was established in the coastal city Shenzhen on 1st July 2005 We are a Hi Tech enterprise engaged in researching developing and manufacturing all kinds of non contacted and contacted IC cards phone cards magnetic cards membership cards bar cards data cards all kinds of PVC cards and environmental protective materials such as PP PS PC and PET We have rich experience in production management ISO9002 Our products achieved ISO9001 2008 International Quality certificate and passed National IC card login center certification


ENVIRO TECH INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS is the Company Promoted in India by the Executives Having a Combiened Experience of More then 17 years in the Filter Air Condioning Industry The Company was started its operatin in India in November 1995 We Enviro Tech Industrial Products are a reputed name for manufacturing variety of air filter air condoning related components By providing clean air solutions to a large number of customers from power generation refineries petrochemicals engineering pharmaceuticals food beverages allied industries we have earned recognition in the market The products range of Industrial Filter we offer air cooling system ahu unit air curtain air washer axial flow fan cellulose paper pad ductable unit fan coil unit frash air unit dust free unit impeller air distribution products butter fly damper diffuser ducting fire damper grill damper diffusers motorized dampers pressure relief damper vcd damper clean room equipment acrylic inclined manometer air shower laminar flow bench magnehelic gage pass box dynamic pass box static pass box sampling dispensing booth cooling tower spare parts cooling tower fan hub cooling tower pall ring tower packing cooling tower spray nozels cooling tower sprinkler cooling tower fan cooling tower pvc fills industrial filter air filter bag filter pocket filters carbon filter filter pads sparkler filter fine filter fuel filter hepa filter hvac filters microvee filter mini plate hepa filter oil filter pre filter rod type pre filter vaccum cleaner filter wire mesh filter ENVIRO TECH INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS Company works under the leadership of Mr RPSHARMA Phone 9871034100 22483365 22083434 Email envirotech1976 yahoo co in envirotech76 yahoo co in http supplyindia in enviro tech ind products More DESIGN APPLICATION Air Conditioning Systems Showroom Shopping Mall Restaurant Bar Hotels Office Call Centre Building Schools Studio Institute Hospital Pharma company Clean Room Refrigeration Systems Compressor Chillers Chilling Plant DG Sets Blow Molding machines Induction Furnace Injections Pharmaceutical Industries Oxygen Plants Chemical Process Iron Steel Industries Process Cooling Die Casting Unit Various types of Furnace Coal Handling Plant Power Plant Crusher Screen House Welding shops Bunker Houses Fume Exhaust Product Stock Houses Buffet Machines Various Belt Conveyors Transfer houses Grinder m cs Sponge Iron Plant Wooden mills Cement Plants Paper Mills Induction Furnace Boilers Rolling Mill Furnace Induction Furnace AOD ERF Furnaces Rice Mill ETC Edible Oil Mills Banbury Mixtures


Global Investor Leads from United States
We sell Business Consumer and Investor Databases from 175 Countries Worldwide Let us know what type of database or directory you need We sell all types of Investor Databases Real Estate Investors 2 Million Forex Traders List 4 Million Currency Traders Worldwide Middle East Investors Databases Oil and Gas Investors 11 Million Stock Market Investors Worldwide Pension Fund Managers Hedge Fund Managers Private Equity Firms Venture Capital Firm European Executives List 1 Million US CEO S Database 30 Million US Consumers Database Realtor Databses Commercial Property Managers Databases Institutional Investor Databases


Grol Express courier from United States
Courier Co offering same next delivery for a very affordable price In business since 2000 24 7 Please e mail your inquire


Guangdong Sunnyhoo Industry Co.,Ltd from China
Guangdong Sunnyhoo Industry Co Ltd was founded in August 2003 It is a professional manufacture corporation at researching developing producing and selling PVC inflatable FRP product Since the company has enlarged all the time now we have new factories and many factories in long term cooperation more than 500 staff people including many experts of boat design and develop For years we have brought in international and national advanced tech constantly improved the processing technique developed new products controlled the quality and tried to produce safe durable confident and perfect goods for all our customers because Quality and Credit first is our principle and more we believe in Quality is the life We produce kinds of inflatable boats fiber glass boats banana boat drift boat Kayak inflatable canoe inflatable motor boat water bumper boat water bicycle water slide water trampoline water volleyball court PVC heat wave ball water walking ball roller and other aquatic recreational products We can design and produce as the customer requested We always believe Quality and Credit is the first Warm welcome worldwide inquiry and communication and let us make success hand in hand


Guangzhou Jiangdu Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd from China
Guangzhou Jiangdu Machinery Manufacturing Co Ltd is a research and development production sales of baking free brick and aerated block production line of mechanical mixing concrete main professional machinery manufacturing enterprises products mainly include baking free brick machine cement block machine and aerated concrete production line and a dozen of series and unburned pallets forklift truck production line brick one stop machine series products set of components Our machine has a machine immediately palletizing etc For the sake of customers for customers to create interest reduce the cost of production Jiangdu machinery to create the first brand of industry as a strategic goal to the leadership for the cause of environmental protection in China with the brand construction technological innovation and channel construction at the core The strength of the enterprise has abundant funds advanced equipment and sophisticated technology advanced technology testing equipment in the technology innovation quality brand development under the guidance of philosophy continue to increase investment in research and development continue to carry out technical innovation established a municipal enterprise technology center has dozens of patents has been training absorb all kinds of professional and technical talent is nearly a hundred and has an independent product design and development capabilities can be tailored for the user to meet the special needs of different users Best wishes for you Guangzhou Jiangdu Machinery Manufacturing Co Ltd www gzbrick com Phone No 86 13726889277 Address 58 JingZhong Heng Road BaiYun District GuangZhou GuangDong China gzbrick gmail com Please change to Skype gzbrick com please change to QQ 2929775560


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