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  • Abb Bailey Controls - China

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    Bailey Controls

    1612B04G0001 Bailey pcb Bailey 6627282- 1 control board

    1612B06G0001 Bailey motherboard Bailey 6627840- 1 auto dispatch

    1612B20G002 Bailey mv converter bd Bailey 6627840C1C auto dispatch

    1612B59G0001 Bailey servo amp board Bailey 6628000- 1 analog memory

    1612B59G0002 Bailey servo amp board 6628999A1 current buffer

    1945106- 1 Bailey power supply Bailey 6629156- 1 transfer relay

    1945934A2 Bailey res converter Bailey 6629171- 1 auxiliary relay

    1947999A1 Bailey calendar clock Bailey 6629530C1 summer+prp+intg

    1948002A1 Bailey hard drive Bailey 6629530C2 summer+prp+intg

    1948002B2 Bailey hard drive Bailey 6629530J2 summer+prp+intg

    1948003A1 Bailey power supply Bailey 6629530J2C summer+prp+intg

    1948005A1 Bailey i/ o power supply Bailey 6629530K2C summer+prp+intg

    1948013A1 Bailey disc drive controller 6629536- 1 summer+integral

    1948014A1 Bailey monitor assembly Bailey 6629536L2 summer+integral

    1948018A1 Bailey floppy drive Bailey 6629543- 1 10 stp seq bd

    1948021A1 Bailey serial interface Bailey 6629699- 1 signal monitor


    1948021A2 Bailey serial interface Bailey 6630292 pcb

    1948023A1 Bailey module Bailey 6630913D3 flamon recr mod

    1948025- 1 Bailey graphics controller Bailey 6631001A1 analog memory

    1948025A1 Bailey graphics controller Bailey 6631001A1C analog memory

    1948028A1 Bailey pcb Bailey 6631001A2 analog memory

    194852A1 Bailey print head Bailey 6631001A2C analog memory

    19481180 Bailey power supply Bailey 6631001A3 analog memory

    2584561- 1 Bailey transmitter kit Bailey 6631001A3C analog memory

    258461A1 Bailey amplifier Bailey 6631001A4 analog memory

    345C Bailey chart recorder Bailey 6631001A4C analog memory

    40PB3201A Bailey dci main board Bailey 6631125G1 receiver module

    50- 701002AAAA1 Bailey basic control Bailey Bailey 6631125J1 receiver module

    50- 701212AAAA1 basic control 6631290A1 862 logic assembly

    50- 702002AAAA1 ratio control Bailey 6631802A1 analog memory

    50- 745210AAAA1 Bailey dual alarm mod Bailey 6631802A1C analog memory

    50- 750010AAAA1 Bailey sq root ext bd Bailey 6631802A2 analog memory

    6135175J1 Bailey pcb Bailey 6631802A2C analog memory

    6135175L1 Bailey pcb Bailey 6631996A1 pcb

    660- clc- 3097 Bailey control board Bailey 6632092J1 ndcs option bd

    660- slc- 3394 Bailey slc display Bailey 6632092R1 ndcs option bd

    6613746N1 Bailey pcb Bailey 6632100 pcb

    6613753J1 Bailey pcb Bailey 6632100LI switching/ multiple

    6617150A1 Bailey sig converter Bailey 6632337- 1 analog memory


    6617150B1 Bailey sig converter Bailey 6632337A1 analog memory

    6617150B1H Bailey sig converter Bailey 6632400- 1 motherboard

    6617155B1 Bailey power supply bd Bailey 6632400A1 motherboard

    6617156K1 Bailey amplifier board Bailey 6632400F1 motherboard

    6617157G2 Bailey amp/ linear bd Bailey 6632424- 1 alarm board

    6617158B1 Bailey motherboard Bailey 6632426- 1 mv converter bd

    6619848A1 Bailey amplifier board Bailey 66324260 mv converter bd

    6619849- 1 Bailey relay board Bailey 6632447A1 linear amp bd

    6619849- 2 Bailey relay board Bailey 6632447D1 linear amp bd

    6619849A1 Bailey relay board Bailey 6632496A1 null detector

    6620257A2 Bailey controller Bailey 6632875- 1 transfer relay

    6620666A1 Bailey servo amplifier Bailey 6633193A1 amplifier bd

    6620667A1 Bailey relay board Bailey 6633842A1 power supply bd

    6620770A111 Bailey analog memory Bailey 6633842A2 power supply bd

    6620892A1 Bailey relay board Bailey 66338420 power supply bd

    6623140W1 Bailey preamplifier Bailey 6633844J1 heater bd assy

    6623695- 1 Bailey summer+bias+inv Bailey 6633848K1 O2 amplifier bd

    6623695- 1C Bailey summer+bias+inv Bailey 6633892A1 WM55 rec board

    6623695- 2 Bailey summer+bias+inv Bailey 6633940A1 faceplate

    6623695- 2C Bailey summer+bias+inv Bailey 6634002A1 pcm- 3 board

    6623695- A1 Bailey summer+bias+inv Bailey 6634002K1 pcm- 3 board

    6623695- E2 Bailey summer+bias+inv Bailey 6634138/ 6634175 pcm- 10 assembly

    6623817- 1 Bailey tristable relay Bailey 6634138D1 sgl phase ctrl

    6623819- 1 Bailey signal monitor 6634139D1 pcm- 10 module

    6623835- 1 Bailey dc signal gen Bailey 6634150A1 drive control

    6623835- 1C Bailey dc signal gen Bailey 6634150V2 control assembly

    6623835- 2 Bailey dc signal gen Bailey 6634150V3 electric dr control

    6623835- 2C Bailey dc signal gen Bailey 6634150- V3 motor controller

    6623835- 3 Bailey dc signal gen Bailey 6634152J1 phase driver assembly

    6623835- 3C Bailey dc signal gen Bailey 6634163 pcb

    6623835F1 Bailey Bailey dc signal gen Bailey 6634163A3H NMFP03 board

    6623835F3 Bailey dc signal gen Bailey 6634163J1 mfpm board

    6623840- 1 Bailey transfer relay Bailey 6634163J1/ 5E1 mfpm/ NIOX0 assembly

    6624080- 1 Bailey multiplier Bailey 6634163P1 mfpm board

    6624080- 2 Bailey multiplier Bailey 66341650 NIOX01 board

    6624080A1 multiplier Bailey 6634166A1 NIOX01 board

    6624090A1 Bailey or module Bailey 6634166G1 NIOX01 board

    6624120A1 Bailey signal lag bd Bailey 6634175B1 single phase power

    6624125A1 Bailey derivative unit Bailey 6634175D1 single phase power

    6624150A1 Bailey summer+integral Bailey 6634175F1 single phase power

    6624150A2 Bailey summer+integral Bailey 66342274A interface board

    6624151A1 Bailey summer+prp+intg Bailey 66342310 pcm- 3PH module

    6624151A1C Bailey summer+prp+intg Bailey 66343410 pcm- 1PH module

    6624151A2 Bailey summer+prp+intg Bailey 6634388A1 ue actuator

    6624151A2C Bailey summer+prp+intg Bailey 6634547A1 control board

    6624200- 1 Bailey signal follower 6634638R1 amplifier board

    6624201- 1 Bailey summer ext mod 6634650 NIOX01 board

    6624226A1 Bailey ind two and mod Bailey 6634664K1 pcb

    6624243A1 Bailey not module Bailey 6634684C1 flicker board

    6624261- 1 Bailey signal limiter Bailey 6634688A1 motherboard

    6624263C1 Bailey aux relay a Bailey 6634688D1 motherboard

    6624266- 1 Bailey aux relay a mod Bailey 66346880 motherboard

    6624266- C1 Bailey aux relay a mod Bailey 6634688G1 motherboard

    6624270A1 Bailey buffer relay e 6634699A1 NAMM02 exp bd

    6624278A1 Bailey gated switch Bailey 6634967C1 pcb

    6624280A1 Bailey gated switch Bailey 6635051G1 pcb

    6624505- 1 Bailey sq rt extractor Bailey 6635106A2 pcb

    6624516A- 1 Bailey analog memory Bailey 6635169D1 pcb

    6624520- 1 Bailey analog memory Bailey 6635176L1 pcb

    6624521A1 Bailey memory board Bailey 6635814A1 logic master

    6624520C1Y1 Bailey analog memory Bailey 6636166- 2 keyboard

    66245200 Bailey analog memory Bailey 6636084- 1 lcd assembly

    6624520M1C Bailey analog memory Bailey 6636166A3 mcs keyboard

    6624520N1C Bailey analog memory Bailey 6636169A1 keyboard

    6624520P2C Bailey analog memory Bailey 6636361A1 distribution board

    6624523A1 Bailey memory module Bailey 6636420A1 keyboard

    6624527- 1 Bailey input buffer Bailey 6636444A1 power supply

    6624527- 2 Bailey input buffer Bailey 6636448A1 alarm display

    6624527- 3 Bailey input buffer Bailey 6636448B1 lcd assembly

    6624527- J1 Bailey input buffer Bailey 6636550A1 pcb

    6624527- J2 Bailey input buffer Bailey 6636550B1 pcb

    6624527- J3 Bailey input buffer Bailey 6636550G1 pcb

    6624543- 1 Bailey auctioneer Bailey Bailey 6636568A1 controller

    6624543- 1C Bailey auctioneer Bailey 6636795B1 iccs main assembly

    6624543- 2 Bailey auctioneer Bailey 6636795D1 iccs main assembly

    6624543- 2C Bailey auctioneer Bailey 6636850A1 INFI90 keyboard

    6624543- G1 Bailey auctioneer Bailey 6636919A1 power supply

    6624610- 1 Bailey input buffer Bailey 6637033A2 cpu # 1

    6624614A1 Bailey current buffer bd Bailey 6637033A3 cpu # 2

    Controls Bailey Controls

    6624641- 1 Bailey delay module Bailey 6637033A4 cpu disc server

    66246410 Bailey delay module Bailey 6637087B1 pcb

    6624641E1E Bailey delay module Bailey 6637446A7 control board

    6624641K1 Bailey delay module Bailey 6637446A8 global memory

    6624665- 1 Bailey function gen Bailey 6637446A9 global memory

    6624665A1 Bailey function gen Bailey 6637517 keyboard interface

    6624705A1 Bailey pulse delay Bailey 6637517A1 keyboard interface

    6.63E+07 Bailey voltage variation detect 6637781- 1 input board

    6624808A1 Bailey flame on module 6637783- 1 processor board

    6624808A2 Bailey flame on module 6637801A1 rack assembly

    6624808A3 Bailey flame on module 663781YA1 pcb

    6624808A4 Bailey flame on module 6637864A1 controller

    6624808B1 Bailey flame on module 66378640 controller

    6624808B2 Bailey flame on module Bailey 6637864G1 controller

    6624808B3 Bailey flame on module Bailey 6637864L1 controller

    6624808B4 Bailey flame on module Bailey 6637964A1 controller

    6624913- 1 Bailey auxiliary relay Bailey 66379640 controller

    6624913- 2 Bailey auxiliary relay Bailey 6638009- 1 amplifier assembly

    6624913- 3 Bailey auxiliary relay Bailey 66385110 IIMKM01 board

    6624970A1 Bailey flame receiver module Bailey 6638514A2 keyboard assembly

    6624970A2 Bailey flame receiver module Bailey 6638627A1 select console

    6624970A3 Bailey flame receiver module Bailey 6638870A1 sm analyzer 90

    6624970A4 Bailey flame receiver module Bailey 6638874A1 m/ fm p/ s board

    6625065- 1 Bailey p/ s monitor 6639054A1 operator interface

    6625070- 1 Bailey supply monitor 6639055D1 slc display

    6625070D1 Bailey supply monitor 6643386A2 INNPM11 module

    6625160- 1 Bailey pulse coder 691395- 1 sequence board

    6625160J1 Bailey pulse board 701002AAAA1 basic control

    6625278- 1 Bailey power supply 701002AABA1 basic control

    6625279- 1 Bailey power supply 701002AACA1 basic control

    6625621- 1 Bailey v/ ma converter 701002AADA1 basic control

    6625621- A1 Bailey v/ ma converter 701002ABAA1 basic control

    6625621- E1 Bailey v/ ma converter 701002ABBA1 basic control

    6625712- 1 Bailey mv/ v converter 701002ABCA1 basic control

    6626273A1 Bailey switch module 701002ABDA1 basic control

    6626274A1 Bailey switch module 701002ACAA1 basic control

    6626274A2 Bailey switch module 701002ACBA1 basic control

    6626274A3 Bailey switch module 701002ACCA1 basic control

    6626274A4 Bailey switch module 701002ACDA1 basic control

    6626326- 1 Bailey tst jack module 701002ADAA1 basic control

    6626736- 1 Bailey power driver 701002ADBA1 basic control

    6626791- 1 Bailey Bailey aux power mod 701002ADCA1 basic control

    6626833- 1 Bailey panel assembly 701002ADDA1 basic control

    6626931A1 Bailey relay board 701002AEAA1 basic control

    6626931D1 Bailey relay board 701002AEBA1 basic control

    6626932B1 Bailey amplifier board 701002AECA1 basic control

    6627090- 1 Bailey time delay rly 701002AEDA1 basic control

    6627090- 2 Bailey time delay rly 701002AFAA1 basic control

    6627096- 1 Bailey control board 701002AFBA1 basic control

    6627096- 2 Bailey control board 701002AFCA1 basic control

    6627236- 1 Bailey control board 701002AFDA1 basic control

    6627236- 2 Bailey control board 701002CAAA1 basic control

    6627236A2 Bailey signal gen bd 701002CABA1 basic control

    6627247- 1 Bailey voltage var det 701002CACA1 basic control

    6627247B1 Bailey voltage var det 701002CADA1 basic control

    701002CBAA1 Bailey basic control 701122CABA1 controller

    701002CBBA1 Bailey basic control 701122CACA1 controller

    701002CBCA1 Bailey basic control 701122CADA1 controller

    701002CBDA1 Bailey basic control 701122CBAA1 controller

    701002CCAA1 Bailey basic control 701122CBBA1 controller

    701002CCBA1 Bailey basic control 701122CBAA1 Bailey controller

    701002CCCA1 Bailey basic control 701122CBBA1 Bailey controller

    701002CCDA1 Bailey basic control 701122CBCA1 Bailey controller

    701002CDAA1 Bailey basic control 701122CBDA1 Bailey controller

    701002CDBA1 Bailey basic control 701123AAAA1 Bailey controller

    701002CDCA1 Bailey basic control 701123AABA1 Bailey controller

    701002CDDA1 Bailey Bailey basic control 701123AACA1 Bailey controller

    701002CEAA1 Bailey basic control 701123AADA1 Bailey controller

    701002CEBA1 Bailey basic control 701123ABAA1 Bailey controller

    701002CECA1 basic control 701123ABBA1 Bailey controller

    701002CEDA1 Bailey basic control 701123ABCA1 Bailey controller

    701002CFAA1 Bailey basic control 701123ABDA1 Bailey controller

    701002CFBA1 Bailey basic control 701123CAAA1 Bailey controller

    701002CFCA1 Bailey basic control 701123CABA1 Bailey controller

    701002CFDA1 Bailey basic control 701123CACA1 Bailey controller

    701003AAAA1 Bailey basic control 701123CADA1 Bailey controller

    701003AABA1 Bailey basic control 701123CBAA1 Bailey controller

    701003AACA1 Bailey basic control 701123CBBA1 Bailey controller

    701003AADA1 Bailey basic control 701123CBCA1 Bailey controller

    701003ABAA1 Bailey basic control 701123CBDA1 Bailey controller

    701003ABBA1 Bailey basic control 701125AAAA1 Bailey controller

    701003ABCA1 Bailey basic control 701125AABA1 Bailey controller

    701003ABDA1 Bailey basic control 701125AACA1 Bailey controller

    701003ACAA1 Bailey basic control 701125AADA1 Bailey controller

    701003ACBA1 Bailey basic control 701125ABAA1 Bailey controller

    701003ACCA1 Bailey basic control 701125ABBA1 Bailey controller

    701003ACDA1 Bailey basic control 701125ABCA1 Bailey controller

    701003ADAA1 Bailey basic control 701125ABDA1 Bailey controller

    701003ADBA1 basic control 701125CAAA1 Bailey controller

    701003ADCA1 Bailey basic control 701125CABA1 Bailey controller

    701003ADDA1 Bailey basic control 701125CACA1 Bailey controller

    701003AEAA1 Bailey basic control 701125CADA1 Bailey controller

    701003AEBA1 Bailey basic control 701125CBAA1 Bailey controller

    701003AECA1 Bailey basic control 701125CBBA1 Bailey controller

    701003AEDA1 Bailey basic control 701125CBCA1 controller

    701003AFAA1 Bailey basic control 701125CBDA1 controller

    701003AFBA1 Bailey basic control 701126AAAA1 Bailey controller

    701003AFCA1 Bailey basic control 701126AABA1 Bailey controller

    701003AFDA1 Bailey basic control 701126AACA1 Bailey controller

    701003CAAA1 Bailey basic control 701126AADA1 Bailey Bailey controller

    701003CABA1 Bailey basic control 701126ABAA1 Bailey controller

    701003CACA1 Bailey basic control 701126ABBA1 Bailey controller

    701003CADA1 Bailey basic control 701126ABCA1 Bailey controller

    701003CBAA1 Bailey basic control 701126ABDA1 Bailey controller

    701003CBBA1 Bailey basic control 701126CAAA1 Bailey controller

    701003CBCA1 Bailey basic control 701126CABA1 Bailey controller

    701003CBDA1 Bailey basic control 701126CACA1 Bailey controller

    701003CCAA1 Bailey basic control 701126CADA1 Bailey controller

    701003CCBA1 Bailey basic control 701126CBAA1 controller

    701003CCCA1 Bailey basic control 701126CBBA1 Bailey controller

    701003CCDA1 Bailey basic control 701126CBCA1 Bailey controller

    701003CDAA1 Bailey basic control 701126CBDA1 Bailey controller

    701003CDBA1 Bailey Bailey basic control 701132AAAA1 Bailey controller

    701003CDCA1 Bailey basic control 701132AABA1 Bailey controller

    701003CDDA1 Bailey basic control 701132AACA1 Bailey controller

    701003CEAA1 Bailey basic control 701132AADA1 Bailey controller

    701003CEBA1 Bailey basic control 701132ABAA1 Bailey controller

    701003CECA1 Bailey basic control 701132ABBA1 Bailey controller

    701003CEDA1 Bailey basic control 701132ABCA1 Bailey controller

    701003CFAA1 Bailey basic control 701132ABDA1 Bailey controller

    701003CFBA1 Bailey basic control 701132CAAA1 Bailey Bailey controller

    701003CFCA1 Bailey Bailey basic control 701132CABA1 Bailey controller

    701003CFDA1 Bailey basic control 701132CACA1 Bailey controller

    701005AAAA1 Bailey basic control 701132CADA1 Bailey controller

    701005AABA1 Bailey basic control 701132CBAA1 Bailey controller

    701005AACA1 Bailey basic control 701132CBBA1 Bailey controller

    701005AADA1 Bailey basic control 701132CBCA1 Bailey controller

    701005ABAA1 Bailey basic control 701132CBDA1 Bailey controller

    701005ABBA1 Bailey basic control 701133AAAA1 Bailey controller

    701005ABCA1 Bailey basic control 701133AABA1 Bailey controller

    701005ABDA1 Bailey basic control 701133AACA1 Bailey controller

    701005ACAA1 Bailey basic control 701133AADA1 Bailey controller

    701005ACBA1 Bailey basic control 701133ABAA1 Bailey controller

    701005ACCA1 Bailey basic control 701133ABBA1 Bailey controller

    701005ACDA1 Bailey basic control 701133ABCA1 Bailey controller

    701005ADAA1 Bailey basic control 701133ABDA1 Bailey controller

    701005ADBA1 Bailey basic control 701133CAAA1 Bailey controller

    701005ADCA1 Bailey basic control 701133CABA1 Bailey controller

    701005ADDA1 Bailey basic control 701133CACA1 Bailey controller

    701005AEAA1 Bailey basic control 701133CADA1 Bailey controller

    701005AEBA1 Bailey basic control 701133CBAA1 Bailey controller

    701005AECA1 Bailey basic control 701133CBBA1 Bailey controller

    701005AEDA1 Bai Baileyley basic control 701133CBCA1 Bailey controller

    701005AFAA1 Bailey basic control 701133CBDA1 Bailey Bailey controller

    701005AFBA1 Bailey basic control 701135AAAA1 Bailey controller

    701005AFCA1 Bailey basic control 701135AABA1 Bailey controller

    701005AFDA1 basic control 701135AACA1 Bailey controller

    701005CAAA1 Bailey basic control 701135AADA1 Bailey controller

    701005CABA1 Bailey basic control 701135ABAA1 Bailey controller

    701005CACA1 Bailey basic control 701135ABBA1 Bailey controller

    701005CADA1 Bailey basic control 701135ABCA1 Bailey controller

    701005CBAA1 Bailey basic control 701135ABDA1 Bailey controller

    701005CBBA1 Bailey basic control 701135CAAA1 Bailey controller

    701005CBCA1 Bailey basic control 701135CABA1 Bailey controller

    701005CBDA1 Bailey basic control 701135CACA1 Bailey controller

    701005CCAA1 Bailey basic control 701135CADA1 Bailey controller

    701005CCBA1 Bailey basic control 701135CBAA1 Bailey controller

    701005CCCA1 Bailey basic control 701135CBBA1 Bailey controller

    701005CCDA1 Bailey basic control 701135CBCA1 Bailey controller

    701005CDAA1 Bailey basic control 701135CBDA1 Bailey controller

    701005CDBA1 Bailey basic control 701136AAAA1 Bailey controller

    701005CDCA1 Bailey basic control 701136AABA1 Bailey controller

    701005CDDA1 Bailey basic control 701136AACA1 controller

    701005CEAA1 Bailey basic control 701136AADA1 Bailey controller

    701005CEBA1 Bailey basic control 701136ABAA1 Bailey controller

    701005CECA1 Bailey basic control 701136ABBA1 Bailey controller

    701005CEDA1 Bailey basic control 701136ABCA1 Bailey controller

    701005CFAA1 Bailey basic control 701136ABDA1 Bailey controller

    701005CFBA1 Bailey basic control 701136CAAA1 Bailey controller

    701005CFCA1 Bailey basic control 701136CABA1 Bailey controller

    701005CFDA1 Bailey basic control 701136CACA1 Bailey controller

    701006AAAA1 Bailey basic control 701136CADA1 Bailey controller

    701006AABA1 Bailey basic control 701136CBAA1 Bailey controller

    701006AACA1 Bailey basic control 701136CBBA1 Bailey controller

    701006AADA1 Bailey basic control 701136CBCA1 Bailey controller

    701006ABAA1 Bailey basic control 701136CBDA1 Bailey controller

    701006ABBA1 Bailey basic control 701212AAAA1 Bailey controller

    701006ABCA1 Bailey basic control 701212AABA1 Bailey controller

    701006ABDA1 Bailey basic control 701212AACA1 Bailey controller

    701006ACAA1 Bailey basic control 701212AADA1 Bailey controller

    701006ACBA1 Bailey basic control 701212ABAA1 Bailey controller

    701006ACCA1 Bailey basic control 701212ABBA1 Bailey controller

    701006ACDA1 Bailey basic control 701212ABCA1 Bailey controller

    701006ADAA1 Bailey basic control 701212ABDA1 Bailey controller

    701006ADBA1 Bailey basic control 701212CAAA1 controller

    701006ADCA1 Bailey basic control 701212CABA1 Bailey controller

    701006ADDA1 Bailey basic control 701212CACA1 Bailey controller

    701006AEAA1 Bailey basic control 701212CADA1 Bailey controller

    701006AEBA1 Bailey basic control Bailey 701212CBAA1 Bailey controller

    701006AECA1 Bailey basic control Bailey 701212CBBA1 Bailey controller

    701006AEDA1 Bailey basic control 701212CBCA1 Bailey controller

    701006AFAA1 Bailey basic control 701212CBDA1 Ba Baileyiley controller

    701006AFBA1 Bailey basic control Bailey 701213AAAA1 Bailey controller

    701006AFCA1 Bailey basic control Bailey 701213AABA1 Bailey controller

    701006AFDA1 Bailey Bailey basic control Bailey 701213AACA1 controller

    701006CAAA1 Bailey basic control Bailey 701213AADA1 b Baileyailey controller Bailey

    701006CABA1 Bailey basic control Bailey 701213ABAA1 Bailey controller

    701006CACA1 Bailey basic control Bailey 701213ABBA1 Bailey controller Bailey

    701006CADA1 Bailey basic control Bailey 701213ABCA1 Bailey controller Bailey

    701006CBAA1 Bailey basic control 701213ABDA1 Bailey controller Bailey

    701006CBBA1 Bailey basic control 701213CAAA1 Bailey controller

    701006CBCA1 Bailey basic control Bailey 701213CABA1 Bailey controller Bailey

    701006CBDA1 Bailey basic control Bailey 701213CACA1 controller Bailey Bailey

    701006CCAA1 Bailey basic control Bailey 701213CADA1 Bailey controller

    701006CCBA1 Bailey basic control Bailey 701213CBAA1 Bailey controller

    701006CCCA1 Bailey basic control 701213CBBA1 Bailey controller Bailey

    701006CCDA1 Bailey basic control Bailey 701213CBCA1 Bailey controller

    701006CDAA1 Bailey basic control Bailey 701213CBDA1 Bailey controller Bailey

    701006CDBA1 Bailey basic control 701215AAAA1 Bailey controller Bailey

    701006CDCA1 Bailey basic control 701215AABA1 Bailey Bailey controller

    701006CDDA1 Bailey basic control Bailey 701215AACA1 Bailey controller

    701006CEAA1 Bailey basic control Bailey 701215AADA1 Bailey controller

    701006CEBA1 Bailey basic control Bailey 701215ABAA1 controller

    701006CECA1 Bailey basic control Bailey 701215ABBA1 controller

    701006CEDA1 Bailey basic control Bailey 701215ABCA1 Bailey controller

    701006CFAA1 Bailey basic control Bailey 701215ABDA1 Bailey controller Bailey

    701006CFBA1 Bailey basic control 701215CAAA1 Bailey controller

    701006CFCA1 Bailey basic control 701215CABA1 Bailey controller Bailey

    701006CFDA1 Bailey basic control 701215CACA1 Bailey controller Bailey

    701122AAAA1 Bailey controller 701215CADA1 Bailey controller

    701122AABA1 Bailey controller 701215CBAA1 Bailey controller

    701122AACA1 Bailey controller 701215CBBA1 Bailey controller

    701122AADA1 Bailey controller Bailey 701215CBCA1 Bailey controller

    701122ABAA1 Bailey controller Bailey 701215CBDA1 Bailey controller

    701122ABBA1 Bailey controller Bailey 701216AAAA1 Bailey controller

    701122ABCA1 Bailey controller Bailey 701216AABA1 Bailey controller

    701122ABDA1 Bailey controller Bailey Bailey 701216AACA1 Bailey controller

    701122CAAA1 Bailey controller Bailey 701216AADA1 Bailey controller

    Bailey Instruments

    Bailey Instruments 701216ABAA1 Bailey controller Bailey NCIS01 control module

    Bailey Instruments 701216ABBA1 Bailey controller Bailey NCIS02 control module

    Bailey Instruments 701216ABCA1 Bailey controller Bailey NCIU01 computer intf

    Bailey Instruments 701216ABDA1 Bailey controller Bailey NCIU02 computer intf

    Bailey Instruments 701216CAAA1 Bailey controller Bailey NCIU03 computer intf

    Bailey Instruments 701216CABA1 Bailey controller Bailey NCOM01 control module

    Bailey Instruments 701216CACA1 Bailey controller Bailey NCOM02 control module

    Bailey Instruments 701216CADA1 Bailey controller Bailey NCOM03 control module

    Bailey 701216CBAA1 Bailey controller Bailey NCOM02 control module

    Bailey 701216CBBA1 Bailey controller Bailey NCOM03 control module

    Bailey 701216CBCA1 Bailey controller Bailey NCOM03A control module

    Bailey 701216CBDA1 Bailey controller Bailey NCOM04 control module

    Bailey 702002AAAA1 Bailey ratio control Bailey NCTM01 tuning module

    Bailey 711010BAAA1 Bailey controller Bailey NDCS01 dig ctrl stn

    Bailey 712000AAAA1 Bailey controller Bailey NDCS02 dig ctrl stn

    Bailey 715000AAAA1 Bailey ratio station Bailey NDCS03 digital control

    Bailey 716000AAAA1 Bailey controller Bailey NDCS03R digital control

    Bailey Instruments 716000ABAA1 Bailey controller Bailey NDIS01 dig indicator

    Bailey Instruments 741000AAAA1 Bailey Bailey v/ f converter Bailey NDLS01 digital logic

    Bailey Instruments 741110AAAA2 Bailey v/ f converter Bailey NDLS02 digital logic

    Bailey Instruments 747010AAAA1 Bailey signal selector Bailey NDSI01 digital slave

    Bailey Instruments 750010AAAA1 Bailey extractor board Bailey NDSI02 digital slave

    Bailey Instruments 750010AAAA2 Bailey extractor board Bailey NDSM01 digital slave

    Bailey Instruments 752410AAAA2 Bailey summer Bailey NDSM02 digital slave

    Bailey Instruments 752420AAAA2 Bailey summer Bailey NDSM03 digital slave

    Bailey 752430AAAA2 Bailey summer Bailey NDSM04 digital slave

    Bailey 771114AAAA2 Bailey chart recorder Bailey NDSM05 digital slave

    Bailey 771211AAAA2 Bailey chart recorder Bailey NDSO01 digital slave

    Bailey 781012AAAA1 Bailey control unit Bailey NDSO02 digital slave

    Bailey 781013AAAA1 Bailey control unit Bailey NDSO03 digital slave

    Bailey 781032AAAA1 Bailey control unit Bailey NDSO04 digital slave

    Bailey 781033AAAA1 Bailey control unit Bailey NFCS01 freq control slave

    Bailey 781112AAAA1 Bailey control unit Bailey NGCM01 multi function control

    Bailey 781113AAAA1 Bailey control unit Bailey NHSS01 servo slave

    abb Bailey 781132AAAA1 Bailey control unit NIAC02 hydraulic servo

    abb Bailey 781133AAAA1 Bailey control unit NIAC03 termination mod

    abb Bailey 781212AAAA1 Bailey control unit Bailey NIAI01 termination mod

    abb Bailey 781213AAAA1 Bailey control unit NIAI02 termination mod

    abb Bailey 781232AAAA1 control unit NIAI03 termination mod

    abb Bailey 781233AAAA1 Bailey control unit NIAI04 termination mod

    abb Bailey 781312AAAA1 Bailey control unit NIAM02 termination mod

    abb Bailey 781313AAAA1 Bailey control unit NIAO01 termination mod

    abb Bailey 781332AAAA1 Bailey control unit NICL01 termination mod

    abb Bailey 781333AAAA1 Bailey control unit NICS01 termination mod

    Bailey Instruments 782011AAAA1 Bailey proportional bd Bailey NIDI01 termination mod

    Bailey Instruments 782031AAAA1 Bailey proportional bd Bailey NID101 termination mod

    Bailey Instruments 782111AAAA1 proportional bd Bailey Bailey NIDO01 termination mod

    Bailey Instruments 782131AAAA1 proportional bd Bailey NIDS01 termination mod

    Bailey 782211AAAA1 Bailey proportional bd NIMF01 termination mod

    Bailey 782231AAAA1 Bailey proportional bd Bailey NIMF02 termination mod

    Bailey 9006021 Bailey optima board NIOP01 termination mod

    Bailey AD931000 Bailey positioner supply NIOP02 i/ o power panel

    Bailey AV232100 Bailey valve position NIOP03 i/ o power panel

    Bailey BC1161131 Bailey diff press xmtr NIOP04 i/ o power panel

    Bailey BC2421511 Bailey diff press xmtr NIOX01 i/ o power panel

    Bailey BC2521514 Bailey diff press xmtr NIPL01 expander board

    Bailey BC5070111 Bailey diff press xmtr NIPS01 termination mod

    Bailey Instruments BC56211110 diff press xmtr NIRL01 power supply

    Bailey Instruments BCN23215150 Bailey diff press xmtr NIRL03 termination mod

    Bailey Instruments BCN24215150 Bailey diff press xmtr NLIM02 termination mod

    Bailey Instruments BCN25215150 Bailey diff press xmtr NLIM03 loop interface

    Bailey Instruments BCN36215160 Bailey diff press xmtr NLIS01 loop interface

    Bailey Instruments BCN53215150 Bailey diff press xmtr NLMM01 loop interface

    Bailey Instruments BCN58701160 Bailey diff press xmtr NLMM02 logic master

    Bailey Instruments brc- 100 Bailey bridge control NLSM01 logic master

    Bailey Instruments CLB01 loop bypass station NLSM02 loop storage

    Bailey CLC01 loop controller NMFC01 loop storage

    Bailey CLC02 loop controller NMFC02 multi function control

    Bailey CLC03 loop controller NMFC03 multi function control

    Bailey CLC04 loop controller NMFC04 multi function control

    Bailey CSC01 command control NMFC05 multi function control

    Bailey CTC01 command module NMFP01 multi function control

    Bailey CTT01 tuning terminal NMFP02 pcb

    Bailey CTT02 tuning terminal NMFP03 processor board

    Bailey EQN25 tmp transmitter NMMU01 processor board

    abb Bailey EQN26 tmp transmitter NMMU02 i/ o rack

    abb Bailey FT410 controller NMPC01 i/ o rack

    abb Bailey ICCS02100 comb analyzer NMPP02 power panel

    abb Bailey IEMMU11 infi 90 rack NMPP02- w processor mod

    abb Bailey IEPAF01 power supply NMPP02- w/ o mod power supply

    abb Bailey IEPAF02 power supply NMRT01 manual module

    abb Bailey IEPAS01 power supply NNIU01 network interface

    abb Bailey IEPAS02 power supply NPBS01 parallel bus

    abb Bailey IEPBM01 module NPCS01 pulverizer control

    abb Bailey IEPDF01 power supply NPCS02 pulverizer control

    Bailey Instruments IEPDF02 power supply NPEP01 power entry panel

    Bailey Instruments IEPDS01 power supply NPEP03 power entry panel

    Bailey Instruments IEPDS02 power supply NPIM01 processor board

    Bailey Instruments Bailey Controllers Bailey Controls

    Bailey Instruments IIADP02 Bailey select console NPRT02 printer

    Bailey IICML01 Bailey control board NPSI03 i/ o power supply

    Bailey IICT01 Bailey infinet transfer NPSI04 i/ o power supply

    Bailey IIMCP02 Bailey processor board NPSM01 power supply

    Bailey iimgcol Bailey multibus graphics NPSM02 mod power supply

    Bailey IIMKM02 Bailey control board NPSM03 mod power supply

    Bailey IIMRM01 Bailey pcb NPSM04 mod power supply

    Bailey IIMSM01 Bailey serial interface NPTM01 point table mod

    Bailey IISAC01 Bailey control station NQRC01 quick response module

    Bailey IMAMM03 Bailey analog master NQRS02 quick response module

    Bailey Instruments IMAOM01 Bailey output module NRIO02 pcb

    Bailey Instruments IMASI02 Bailey analog input NRLO02 module

    Bailey Instruments IMASI03 Bailey analog input NSBM01 super loop bus

    Bailey Instruments IMASO01 Bailey analog output NSCM01 serial communication module

    Bailey Instruments IMCIS02 Bailey ctrl i/ o slave NSCT01 touch screen

    Bailey Instruments IMCIS12 Bailey ctrl i/ o module NSIM01 serial interface module

    Bailey Instruments IMCOM02 Bailey control module NSMS01 power supply

    Bailey Instruments IMCOM03 Bailey control module NSPM01 serial port mod

    Bailey Instruments IMCOM04 Bailey control module NSPS01 power supply

    Bailey IMCPM02 Bailey comm port mod NSPS02 power supply

    Bailey IMDSI02 Bailey Bailey digital slave NSSM01 super loop strg

    Bailey IMDSI12 Bailey digital slave NTAI01 termination bd

    Bailey IMDSM04 Bailey pulse in slave NTAI02 termination bd

    Bailey IMDSM05 Bailey pulse in slave NTAI03 termination bd

    Bailey IMDSO01 Bailey dig output slv NTAI04 termination bd

    Bailey IMDSO02 Bailey dig output slv NTAI05 termination bd

    Bailey IMDSO03 Bailey dig output slv NTAM01 termination bd

    Bailey IMDSO04 Bailey dig output slv NTAO01 termination bd

    abb Bailey IMFBS01 Bailey field bus slave NTCL01 termination bd

    abb Bailey IMHSS02 Bailey servo slave bd NTCS02 termination bd

    abb Bailey IMHSS03 Bailey servo slave bd NTCS04 termination bd

    abb Bailey IMLMM02 Bailey master logic mod NTCU01 termination bd

    abb Bailey IMMFC03 Bailey processor board NTDI01 termination bd

    abb Bailey IMMFC04 Bailey control board NTDO01 termination bd

    abb Bailey IMMFC05 Bailey processor board NTDO02 termination bd

    abb Bailey IMMFP01 Bailey processor board NTLS01 termination bd

    abb Bailey IMMFP02 Bailey processor board NTMF01 termination bd

    abb Bailey

    Bailey Instruments IMMFP03 Bailey processor board NTMP01 termination bd

    Bailey Instruments IMMPI01 Bailey processor intf NTPL01 termination bd

    Bailey Instruments IMMPI02 Bailey processor intf NTRL01 termination bd

    Bailey Instruments IMRIO02 Bailey remote i/ o mod NTRL02 termination bd

    Bailey Instruments IMSED01 Bailey control board NTRL03 pcb

    Bailey IMSPM01 Bailey serial port module NTRL03- tu termination bd

    Bailey INBIM02 Bailey bus interface NTRL03- tv termination bd

    Bailey INBTM01 Bailey bus transfer NTTA01 termination bd

    Bailey INCIS02 Bailey control i/ o mod PTDDD121200D010 flow meter

    Bailey INICT01 Bailey transfer board PTHDLC1A1B101D0 level xmtr

    Bailey INIIT01 Bailey net transfer bd PTSDDA1221B2100 diff press xmtr

    Bailey INIIT02 Bailey net transfer bd PTSDDC1221121E0 diff xmtr

    Bailey INIIT03 Bailey net transfer bd PTSDDC1221A010G diff xmtr

    Bailey INIPT01 Bailey net plt loop bd PTSDDC1221A2100 diff xmtr

    Bailey Instruments INLIM02 Bailey loop interface mod PTSDDD1221A2100 diff xmtr

    Bailey Instruments INLIM03 Bailey loop intf mod PTSDGB1221B2100 diff xmtr

    Bailey Instruments INLIS01 Bailey interface slave PTSPAG110012100 diff xmtr

    Bailey Instruments INNIS01 net intf slv bd RS2000C manual station

    Bailey Instruments INNPCT01 Bailey plant/ com xfer RU5000C manual station

    Bailey Instruments INNPM01 Bailey net process bd RU6000C manual station

    Bailey Instruments INNPM11 Bailey net process bd RU7000C manual station

    Bailey Instruments INPBS01 Bailey module SLC01 loop control

    Bailey Instruments INSBM01 Bailey super loop module SLC02000 loop control

    Bailey INSPM01 Bailey power supply STT02 programming terminal

    Bailey ioxm Bailey expansion module STT02E programming terminal

    Bailey IPSYS01 Bailey power system module TG11 set point ctrl

    Bailey L30805B2 Bailey ssi board TG11X set point ctrl

    Bailey LPS01 Bailey position module TG20 set pt station

    Bailey M68CPU Bailey multi- bus cpu TG30 bias manual sta

    Bailey MFC05 Bailey multi function control TG40 set pt station

    Bailey mfpm Bailey processor TJ10 man jog station

    Bailey N1CS01 Bailey termination module TJ20 man jog station

    abb Bailey NADS02 Bailey keypad TO10 blank station

    abb Bailey NAMM01 Bailey analog master TT10 trans station

    abb Bailey NAMM02 Bailey analog master TT20 trans station

    abb Bailey NAMM03 Bailey analog master TT20X proc controller

    abb Bailey NAOM01 Bailey analog output TY10 control station

    abb Bailey NASI01 Bailey analog input TY11 control station

    abb Bailey NASI02 Bailey analog input TZ10 op intf station

    abb Bailey NASM01 Bailey analog slave ZA000 ma/ v receiver

    abb Bailey NASM02 Bailey analog slave ZA100 amplifier board

    abb Controls NASM03 Bailey analog slave ZB000 ma/ v receiver

    abb Controls NASM04 Bailey analog slave ZB001 ma/ v receiver

    abb Controls NASO01 Bailey analog output ZB100 ma/ v receiver

    Bailey Controls NBIM01 Bailey bus interface ZB101 ma/ v receiver

    Bailey Controls NBIM02 Bailey bus interface ZT000 ma/ v receiver

    Bailey Controls NBTM01 Bailey bus transfer ZT001 ma/ v receiver

    Company Contact:

    • Phone: 86037186058289

    • Address: Xin Yuan Commercial Plaza, No.99, North Jing San , zhengzhou, China

    • Email: Email

    Published date: September 28, 2015 -

    • Business Description: Switzerland : ABB, keller

      France brand: Schneider,

      German brand : Siemens Bosch Turck , E+H, P+F, FESTO SICK, Lenze

      USA brand: (Rockwell) AB, Allen Bradley,

      Foxboro Invensys, Foxboro I/A Series , Foxboro IBM.

      GE FANUC HONEYWELL Reliance, Eurotherm, Banner

      Emerson DeltaV, WestingHouse OVATION,Fisher ROSEMOUNT, Square D, partlow JOHNSON ,NATIONAL

      Japan brand: Yokogawa,yamatake,YASKAWA,MITSUBISHI,OMRON,FU JI ,fanuc omega


      Superiority brand:Emerson DeltaV, WestingHouse OVATION, GE,AB, abb,YOKOGAWA, Schneider plc,ROSEMOUNT, AB, honeywell, fanuc,

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