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Cystek Mosfet - Taiwan

price: contact company for price

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Lacey ( at) cystek. Com. Tw* * *

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DMP2035U/ DMP2123L- 7/ DMP2160U/ DMP2305U/ DMP3008SFG/ DMP3050LVT/ DMP3056LSS/ DMP3098L- 7/ DMP3098LSS- 13/ DMP3099L/ DMT3008LFDF/ NMSD200B01/ ZVN3310F/ ZVN4310G/ ZXM61N02F/ ZXM61P02F/ ZXM62N03G/ ZXMC4559DN8/ ZXMN10A11G/ ZXMN10A25G/ ZXMN2B03E6/ ZXMN3B01F/ ZXMN6A11G/ ZXMN6A25DN8/ ZXMP10A13F/ ZXMP10A17E6/ ZXMP10A18G/ ZXMP10A18K/ ZXMP6A13F/ ZXMP6A18DN8/

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Company Contact:

  • Phone: 886282273827

  • Address: 13F-7, No 716, ChungCheng RD., Zhonghe District, N, New Taipei City, Taiwan

  • Email: Email

Published date: December 3, 2015 -

  • Business Description: *Established in April 2002, CYSTEK is a professional Fabless R&D House. Under the direction of its founder and CEO, Patrick Lee, CYSTEK now is an enterprise with 70 employee, and achieving revenue of US $16.5 million in 2014.
    *Our main products are High frequency Transistor, Digital Transistor, Low VCE(sat) Transistor, Power MOSFET and Schottky Diode, which are applied to Computer Accessories and Electronic Devices.
    *CYSTEK are devoted to the research of high quality and high Efficacy Transistor, providing the best solution for the customer by our professionals and technical.
    *With the spirit of 4C+T, Creation, Change, Communication, Customer and Trust, our vision is to be the standard of semiconductor industry in Taiwan and create new values for our customers.

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