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  • TAJ INTERNATIONAL FOR INSULATIONS (Saudi Arabia): Taj International for Insulations factory was formed in 2010 in Saudi Arabia eastern... http://taj-int.net/
  • DELN I. D. C., Ltd. (China): Manufacturer lenses, mirrors, beamsplitters, prisms, waveplates, infrared parts, crystals, reticles,... http://www.delnoptic.com/

  • Cystek Transistor Diodes Fairchild Hitachi Infineon Nec Nxp On Panasonic Renesas Rohm - Taiwan

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    * * * This is the P/ N which can be replaced by CYSTEK. Please contact

    lacey ( at) cystek. com. tw* * *

    * DIODES

    2DD1664R/ 2DD1766R/ BC857B/ DDTC114YE/ DDTC123TUA/ DMMT5401/ DPBT8105/ DSS4240T/ FCX593/ FMMT458/ FMMT560/ FMMT717/ MMBT5551/ MMBTA06/ MMDT2227/ MMDT3904/ MMDT3946/ MMST2222A/ MMST2907A/ MMST5551/

    * Fairchild

    2N5551/ 2N6426/ BC807/ BC846BMTF/ BCP53/ BCP639/ BCW61BMTF/ BCW65/ BCX19/ BD139/ BD679A/ FFB2227A/ FFB3946/ FJV3102RMTF/ FJV42MTF/ FMMT449/ FSB560A/ FSB660A/ KSA1013/ KSA916/ KSA928A/ KSB1116A/ KSC2316/ KSC2328A/ KSC945/ KSD1616A/ KSD1691/ KSD471A/ KSP44/ KSP45/ KST06MTF/ MJD340/ MJD47TF/ MJE3055T/ MMBC1623L3/ MMBT2369A/ MMBT2484/ MPS751/ MPSA06L/ NZT660A/ NZT751/ PZT2222A/ PZT3904/ PZTA06/ SB29003/ TIP127/ TIP147/ TIP30C/


    2SA673/ 2SB647A/ 2SB715/ 2SC1213A/ 2sc1906/ 2SC4901/ 2SD1138/ 2SD1368/ 2SD667A/ 2SD669A/ 2SD788


    BC847B/ BC858BL3/ BCR08PN/ BCR135S/ BCR505/ BCR555/ BCW68/ BCX71/ BF799/ BFR93A/ SMBT2907/ SMBT3906

    * NEC

    2SA1648/ 2SA812/ 2SB1115/ 2SB1116/ 2SB1261/ 2SB1318/ 2SB1475/ 2SB564/ 2sb624/ 2SB736/ 2SB772/ 2SB962/ 2SC1622/ 2SC1623/ 2SC2001/ 2SC2688/ 2SC3356/ 2SC3356A/ 2SC3617/ 2SC945/ 2SD1615/ 2SD401A/ 2SD471/ 2SD596/ 2SD882/ BB1L3N/ FA1A4M/ HIT647/ HIT667

    * NXP

    2PD602A/ BC327- NXP/ BC328/ BC546B/ BC556B/ BC639/ BC640/ BC68PA/ BC807/ BC846/ BC847B/ BC847C/ BC856/ BC857/ BC857C/ BC868/ BCM856BS/ BCP51/ BCP52/ BCP54/ BCP55/ BCP56/ BCP68/ BCV62B/ BCX17/ BCX19/ BCX51/ BCX53/ BCX55/ BCX56/ BCX70/ BD135/ BD136/ BD139/ BF421/ BFS17/ BSP51/ BSR13/ BSR15/ DTC144WU/ PBHV9050/ PBR951/ PBSS2515/ PBSS304NZ/ PBSS4140T/ PBSS4160T/ PBSS4240T/ PBSS4350/ PBSS4540Z/ PBSS5140T/ PBSS5160T/ PBSS5240T/ PBSS5330X/ PBSS5350/ PBSS8110/ PDTA144/ PDTC124E/ PDTC144/ PEMH11/ PMBS3904/ PMBS3906/ PMBT2222/ PMBT2907/ PMBT5551/ PMBT6428/ PMBTA42/ PMBTA44/ PMBTA45/ PMSS3904/ PMST5551/ PUMH10/ PUMH11/ PUMZ1/ PZTA44/

    * ON

    2N6107/ 2N6426/ 2SC3649/ BC327/ BC639/ BC640/ BCP56/ BCP68/ BCP69/ BCW66/ BD679A/ BD680A/ BD787/ BSP52/ BSS63LT1G/ D44H11/ D45VH10G/ DTC114EET1G/ DTC115EET1/ DTC123JET1G/ MBT2222ADW1T1/ MBT35200MT1G/ MBT3906/ MBT3946/ MJD122/ MJD31C/ MJD44H11/ MJD45H11/ MJD50/ MJD47/ MJE13003/ MMBT2222ALT1G/ MMBT2484T/ MMBT3904LT1/ MMBT3906LT1/ MMBT4401LT1/ MMBT4403LT1/ MMBT489LT1- D/ MMBT5401LT1/ MMBT5551LT1/ MMBT589LT1/ MMBT6427LT1G/ MMBTA05LT1/ MMBTA06LT1/ MMBTA92LT1/ MMDT3946/ MMJT9435T1G/ MPS751/ MPSA29/ MPSW45A/ NSS30100LT1G/ NSS60201LT1G/ PZT2222AT1/ PZT2907AT1/ PZT751/

    * Panasonic

    2SA684/ 2SB1724A/ 2SC1384/ 2SD0601A/ 2SD1819A/ DMA904010R/ DMC204020R/ DMC9640N0R/ DRA3123J0L/ DRA3124T0L/ DRA3143X0L/ DRA3144E0L/ DRC2114E0L/ DRC3143Z0L/ DRC3144E0L/ DSC300100L/ UNR32A1G0L

    * Renesas

    2SA1129/ 2SA1744/ 2SC2654/ 2SC3739/ 2SC4177/ 2SC4552/ 2SD1615/ 2SD788DS/ HIT647/ HIT667

    * Rohm

    2SA1036KT146Q/ 2SA1037AK/ 2SA1576/ 2SA1577/ 2SA1579/ 2SA1757/ 2SA1758/ 2SA1759/ 2SA1774/ 2SA1797/ 2SA1873/ 2SA1900/ 2SA1952/ 2SA2018/ 2SA2029/ 2SA2030/ 2SAR523/ 2SAR533/ 2SB1132/ 2SB1182/ 2SB1184/ 2SB1185/ 2SB1186/ 2SB1188/ 2SB1197K/ 2SB1198K/ 2SB1236AQ/ 2SB1237/ 2SB1260/ 2SB1275/ 2SB1386/ 2SB1412/ 2SB1443/ 2SB1566/ 2SB1568/ 2SB1590K/ 2SB1690/ 2SB1695/ 2SB1707TL/ 2SC1740S/ 2SC1741/ 2SC2411K/ 2SC3415S/ 2SC3838K/ 2SC3906/ 2SC4043S/ 2SC4081/ 2SC4083/ 2SC4097/ 2SC4132/ 2SC4505/ 2SC4596/ 2SC4617/ 2SC4672/ 2SC4726/ 2SC4944/ 2SC5053/ 2SC5103/ 2SC5161/ 2SC5658/ 2SC5661/ 2SC5662/ 2SC5825/ 2SC5826/ 2SCR523EBTL/ 2SCR533PFRA/ 2SD1383K/ 2SD1664T100P/ 2SD1757K/ 2SD1760/ 2SD1766/ 2SD1767/ 2SD1781/ 2SD1782/ 2SD1834/ 2SD1857/ 2SD1858/ 2SD1863/ 2SD1864/ 2SD1898/ 2SD1918/ 2SD2061/ 2SD2114/ 2SD2150/ 2SD2211/ 2SD2212/ 2SD2391/ 2SD2396/ 2SD2470B3/ 2SD2653/ BC847B/ BC858BW/ DTA114/ DTA123JUA/ DTC114/ DTC115/ DTC123TKA/ DTC143/ DTC323TUT106/ DTC363EU/ DTC623/ DTC643/ DTD113ZUT106/ EMB3/ EMD12/ EMD6T2R/ EMG5/ EMX18T2R/ FMC2A/ FMG12T148/ FMG5A/ IMB3A/ IMD2A/ LTA114EUBFS8TL/ LTA124EUBFS8TL/ LTC114EUBFS8TL/ LTC143EUBFS8TL/ LTC144EUBFS8TL/ MMSTA28/ SST2222A/ SST3904/ SST3906/ UMB3N/ UMC2N/ UMD2NIMD2A/ UMD3N/ UMF8N/ UMG5N/ UMH3N/ UMT2907/ UMT3904/ UMT3906/ UMX1N/

    * ST

    2STR1160/ BC847BW/ BD679A/ BDX53B/ BUXD87T4/ D44H11/ MJE802/ ST13003/ STF826/ STT818B/ TIP147/ ZTA42/


    2SA1012/ 2SA1013/ 2SA1015/ 2SA1020/ 2SA1162/ 2SA1213/ 2sa1242/ 2SA1321/ 2SA1586/ 2SC1815/ 2SC1959Y/ 2SC2216/ 2SC2240/ 2SC2383/ 2SC2483/ 2SC2500/ 2SC2655/ 2SC2712/ 2SC2717/ 2SC2859/ 2SC2878/ 2SC2881/ 2SC2983/ 2SC3076/ 2SC3266/ 2SC3334/ 2SC3515/ 2SC4116/ 2SC4117/ 2SC4215/ 2SC4793/ 2SC4881/ 2SC5353/ 2SC5692/ 2SC5886/ 2SD1410A/ 2SD2686/ HN1B04FU/ HN1C01FU/ RN2105MFV/ RN2131MFV/ RN2132MFV/ RN4904/ RN4982/ RN4983/ RN4986/ TPC6901A/

    Company Contact:

    • Phone: 886282273827

    • Address: 13F-7, No 716, ChungCheng RD., Zhonghe District, N, New Taipei City, Taiwan

    • Email: Email

    Published date: December 3, 2015 -

    • Business Description: *Established in April 2002, CYSTEK is a professional Fabless R&D House. Under the direction of its founder and CEO, Patrick Lee, CYSTEK now is an enterprise with 70 employee, and achieving revenue of US $16.5 million in 2014.
      *Our main products are High frequency Transistor, Digital Transistor, Low VCE(sat) Transistor, Power MOSFET and Schottky Diode, which are applied to Computer Accessories and Electronic Devices.
      *CYSTEK are devoted to the research of high quality and high Efficacy Transistor, providing the best solution for the customer by our professionals and technical.
      *With the spirit of 4C+T, Creation, Change, Communication, Customer and Trust, our vision is to be the standard of semiconductor industry in Taiwan and create new values for our customers.

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