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  • Juki Machine Spare Parts Smt Feeder Sensor Driver Sever 65292 Motor Laser - China

    price: contact company for price

    We sell juki machine Spare Parts, Smt Feeder, Smt Sensor, Driver,

    Sever, Motor, Laser, Smt Belt. EJECTORect, If you have interest,

    you can conatact me

    Uki 750( 760) x driver E9612721000 AU6550N2041

    juki 710( 720) driver AU6310N2031

    juki 750( 760) zt driver PU0D015RMH1S01 KM000000060

    juki 750( 760) y dirver AU6550N2062

    juki 760 mtc driver AU6550N1061

    juki 770 driver AU6310N2031

    juki 775 z driver AU6550N2042

    juki 1700 cy dirver AU6550N2021E863

    juki 1700 x driver AU6550N2042E864

    juki 1700 Z1 driver AU6550N2042E865

    juki 1700 Z2 driver AU6550N1021

    juki 2010( 2020) 2030 zt driver E9626729000 TA8074N4E1

    juki 2010( 2020) 2040 x driver E9620729C00

    juki 2010( 2020) 2040 y driver E9620729D00

    juki 2020 mtc driver( pmm- ba- 5603- 1)

    juki 2030 yc 1 shaft driver E9621729000 TA8073N1

    juki 2050( 2060) zt amp 40062556

    juki 2050( 2060) zt driver 40003320

    juki 2050( 2060) zt driver 40062555

    juki 2060( cx- 1) zt ic driver 40062558

    juki fx- 1 x driver 40026786 mr- J2S- 200B- S009V613

    juki fx- 1 ya servo driver 40026782 mr- J2S- PY096U093

    juki fx- 1 yb driver 40026784 mr- J2S- 70B- PY096

    juki fx- 1R x driver 40026792 mr- J2S- 200B- S009V613

    juki fx- 1R ya servo driver 40026788 mr- J2S- PY096U093

    juki fx- 1R yb driver 40026790 mr- J2S- 70B- PY096

    juki fx- 1( fx- 1R) pulse motor driver L900E021000 D3590

    juki KP620 AU6270N103E63

    juki PA1001504A0 pin cylinder

    juki PA1001512A0 thread guide cylinder

    juki PA1001517A0 air cylinder

    juki PA1001521A0 hook cylinder

    juki PA1001524A0 air cylinder

    juki PA1001526A0 pin cylinder

    juki PA1002005A0 air cylinder

    juki PA1002006A0 air cylinder

    juki PA1002006B0 air cylinder

    juki PA1002007A0 free mount cylinder

    juki PA1002007B0 free mount cylinder

    juki PA1002008A0 air cylinder

    juki PA1002009A0 air cylinder

    juki PA1002101A0 air cylinder

    juki PA1003007C0 air cylinder

    juki PA100301500 air cylinder

    juki PA1003019A0 air cylinder

    juki PA1003021A0 cylinder sensor

    juki PA1003022A0 air cylinder

    juki PA1004509B0 air cylinder

    juki PA1004510A0 air cylinder

    juki PA1004514A0 air cylinder

    juki PA1500502A0 pin cylinder

    juki PA150101100 dual rod cylinder

    juki PA1503013A0 air cylinder

    juki PA1600505A0 air cylinder

    juki PA160100400 air cylinder

    juki PA1601015A0 rotary cranp cylinder

    juki PA1602505A0 air cylinder

    juki PA1602514A0 air cylinder

    juki PA1603008A0 air cylinder

    juki PA1603009A0 air cylinder

    juki PA1603010A0 air cylinder

    juki PA160400400 air cylinder

    juki PA1627001A0 cylinder

    juki PA1650001A0 air cylinder

    juki PA1656601B0 air cylinder

    juki PA200150500 air cylinder

    juki PA200300200 cylinder

    juki PA200600400 air cylinder

    juki PA250100100 cylinder

    juki PA250300300 air cylinder

    juki PA320500600 cylinder

    juki PA320530100 cylinder( CQ2KWA32C- P0971- 53)

    juki PA400530100 cylinder( CQ2KWA40C- P3177- 53)

    juki PA400750100 air cylinder

    juki PA4007501A0 air cylinder( CDQ2A40- 75DC)

    juki PA500750100 air cylinder

    juki PA500750200 air cylinder

    juki PA630750100 air cylinder

    juki PA630750200 air cylinder

    juki PA630750300 air cylinder

    juki PA630850100 air cylinder

    juki PA900064000 shock absorber

    juki PA900069000 shock absorber

    juki PC010507000 speed controller

    juki PC010508000 speed controller

    juki PC010511000 speed controller

    juki PC010519000 speed controller

    juki PC012401000 speed controller

    juki PC012402000 speed controller

    juki PC012407000 speed controller

    juki PC012601000 speed controller

    juki PC015108000 speed controller

    juki PC015203000 speed controller

    juki PC0205010A0 miniature decompression valve

    juki PC020502000 variegation valve

    juki PC022402000 throttle

    juki pcn- 1L dial guage

    juki PF010001000 union filter

    juki PF0100030A0 air suction filter

    juki PF015301000 mist separater

    juki PF015302000 air filter

    juki PF0154010A0 air filter

    juki PF0200030A0 regulator

    juki PF020004000 regulator

    juki PF0205010B0 reguiater

    juki PF0252020A0 air regulator asm.

    Juki PF0252100A0 regulater

    juki PF025211000 electropneumatic regulator

    juki PF025212000 electropneumatic regulator

    juki PF0552120A0 air combination

    juki PF055214000 drain catch

    juki PF0552150A0 air combination

    juki PF0553020A0 air combination

    juki PF0553030A0 air combination

    juki PF0553040A0 air combination

    juki PF065107000 pressure gauge

    40001253 ejector 50( 2050/ fx- 1 ejector) 6 set

    40001266 ejector 60( 2060 ejector) 6 set

    40010678 ejector unit( 2010/ 2020 ejector)

    40003253 z motor( 2050/ 2060 z motor)

    40003254 t motor( 2050/ 2060 t motor)

    40003255 ic z motor( 2060 r head z motor)

    40003256 ic t motor( 2060 r head t motor)

    40000685 x motor( 2050/ 2060 x axis servo motor)

    40000727 y motor( 2050/ 2060 y axis servo motor)

    40044533 2070/ 2080/ 3020/ fx- 3/ 1070/ 1080 t motor

    40044534 2070/ 2080/ 3020/ fx- 3/ 1070/ 1080 z motor

    40065063 fx- 1/ f- 1R z motor 2 pcs

    40065066 fx- 1/ f- 1R t motor 1 pcs

    E9629729000 2010/ 2020/ 2030/ 2040 z motor 3 pcs

    E9630729000 2010/ 2020/ 2030/ 2040 t motor 3 pcs

    E9622729000 2010/ 2020/ 2040 x axis motor 0 pcs

    E96047170A0 mtc z motor 1 pcs

    E93087250A0 lz head motor asm( 750/ 760 zt motor) 3 pcs

    40062556 zt amp( 2050/ 2060 zt amp) 2 pcs

    40062555 z/ theta driver( 2050/ 2060 zt driver) 1 pcs

    E9649729000 hod( 2010- 2080 hod) 1 pcs

    40069117 cable bear assy( 2050/ 2060) 10 pcs

    40024281& 40023580 juki 2010/ 2020 lm guide x 2 pcs

    40066654 magnetic scale inter polator( 2050/ 2060 ) 3 set

    E3052729000 filter( 2010/ 2020/ 2030/ 2040/ 2050/ 2060/ fx- 1/ fx- 3 filter)

    40046646 filter( 2070/ 2080/ 3020/ 1070/ 1080/ jx- 100 filter) 280 pcs

    40003272 magnetic scale y( for 2050M/ 2050RM/ 2050C/ 2055RM/ 2060M/ 2060RM)

    40003274 magnetic scale( for 2050/ 2060) 2 pcs

    PV140507000 4 way electromagnetic valve 4 pcs

    E93537250A0 atc close sensor asm 2 pcs

    E93547250A0 atc open sensor asm 2 pcs

    L832E1210A0 juki fx- 1( fx- 1R) c. Out sensor asm 1 pcs

    L825E1210A0 juki fx- 1( fx- 1R) stop sensor asm 1 pcs

    L824E8210A0 juki fx- 1( fx- 1R) stop sensor cable 1 pcs

    L832E0210A0 juki fx- 1( fx- 1R) c. Out sensor cable 1 pcs

    SB304000100 bearing( for atf FEEDER12MM/ 16MM/ 24MM) 10 pcs

    E1203706CA0 upper cover 05 asm( for CF05HP/ CN05HP/ CF08HE/ CN08HE) 20 pcs

    MGREAS050GA c grease 6 pcs

    40032449 6459GREASE n 5 pcs

    MDFRX1001L0 MDFRX1001L09 defrix oil no. 1 800CC 3 pcs

    E2308725000 juki 750/ 760 timing belt yb 1 pcs

    E2432725000 juki 750/ 760 timing belt xb 1 pcs

    40019526 2010/ 2020 conveyor belt s ( m) 2 pcs

    40019527 2010/ 2020 conveyor belt c ( m) 2 pcs

    40001160 2060 ic z belt 4 pcs

    L150E821000 juki fx- 1/ fx- 1R t belt 8 pcs

    L151E421000 juki fx- 1/ fx- 1R z belt 8 pcs

    40001116 juki 2050( 2060) belt t 6 pcs

    40001143 juki 2050( 2060) belt z 8 pcs

    E93367250A0 juki 750/ 760 motor encoder trunk cable 1 pcs

    E94387170A0 tr- 4SN head 1 ejector asm 2 pcs

    E94397170A0 tr- 4SN head 2 ejector asm 2 pcs

    E21087230A0 tr- 6SN s carrier unit 1 pcs

    E91577230A0 tr- 6SN shuttle ejector asm 2 set

    E9611729000 juki mnla( 2000 sereis laser) 1 pcs

    E9631721000 juki 730/ 750 laser sensor 3 set

    E9636725000 juki 760, 2020 laser sensor 2 set

    40003264 juki 2060, 2080 r laser( fmla) 1 set

    E9636725000 juki 760 laser sensor 1 set

    juki nozzle( 700- 2000) 35 pcs

    E9632721000 juki 730/ 740/ 750/ 760 laser card 2 pcs

    juki 700 sereis driver 1 pcs

    E9618721000 juki 750/ 760 occ lens 1 pcs

    juki 2000 bad mark sensor 2 set

    E50307290A0 juki 2010- 2040 hms 2 set

    E86557210A0 juki 2010- 2040 hight sensor board 2 pcs

    E95767210A0 juiki 2010- 2040 hight sensor cable 2 2 pcs

    40002185 juki 2050- 2080 hms cable asm 4 set

    juki E6134706000 spacer

    juki E6134723000 door stay 5D r

    juki E6134739000 printer cable

    juki E6135715000 coil tube

    juki E6137706R00 assist stopper collar 32

    juki E61377390A0 arcnet pwb asm.

    Juki E61397390A0 dll disk asm

    juki E61507390A0 protect module for hlc

    juki E6154715000 temperature controller

    juki E6156715000 sensor bracket

    Company Contact:

    • Phone: 18938656535

    • Address: Dayang road,Dayang development district,baoan zone, Shen Zhen, China

    • Email: Email

    Published date: August 1, 2014 -

    • Business Description: We are please to introduce ourself Leaderway Industrial Co.,Ltd ,who is one of the SMT solution provider for
      Global customers, we can supply Automatic Insertion machines spare parts, SMT spare parts, (including feeder ,Nozzle,PCB board,feeder parts,motor,laser,feeder bank,feeder calibration jig ,ect) for Fuji, Hitachi, Juki, Panasonic(KME), Assembleon(Phillips), Sanyo, SIPLACE(SIEMENS), Universal and Yamaha.
      main Service:
      * Supply original new and used SMT spare parts.
      * Supply Copy new SMT spare parts.
      * Supply SMT relate equipment.
      * Supply SMT ancillary products and tools.
      * Repair Service.

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