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  • Stone Hmi With Rs232 Interface To Any Mcu By Tft Lcd Module Color Touch Screen - China

    price: contact company for price

    Professional HMI Solution

    Datasheet & Instruction

    Model: STI050WT- 01

    Issued Date: 2012.02.10

    Version: V3.0

    1. Table of Contents

    No. Content Page

    1 Table of Contents 2

    2 Product Characteristics 3

    3 Technical Data


    4 Command Sets 6

    5 Working Principle Diagram 9

    6 Application Method 10

    7 Software Description 10

    8 Electrical Components 10

    9 Naming Rule 11

    10 Application Area 11

    11 Warranty & After- sale Service 11

    12 Leading Time 11

    13 Package 12

    14 International Approvals 13

    15 Fittings 14

    16 Dimension drawing


    17 MCU Program Example 16

    18 MCU Circuit Design 19

    19 Contact Us 20

    2. Product Characteristics:

    ● With CPU & Driving Device

    ● Controlled by any MCU

    ● Display Picture/ Text / Curve via Commands

    ● 65536 colour TFT display

    ● Touch Screen

    ● RS232/ TTL UART Interface & USB port

    ● Wide Voltage Range

    ● Widely Used In Many various Industrial Field

    ● Easy to Use! Powerful Function! Saving Cost and Time!

    3. Technical Data

    Physical Parameter Model: STI050WT- 01

    Size ( Inch) : 5.0’’

    Resolution: 640×RGB×480

    Pixel Spacing: 0.1905mm×0.0635mm ( H×V)

    Color: 65536 colors ( 16 bit)

    Viewing Area: 101.57 mm×76.18 mm

    Display Dimension: 104 mm×78.6 mm

    Overall Dimension: 131mm×101mm×15.6mm( N) / 16.5mm( T)

    Net Weight: 195g( N) / 200g( T)

    TFT Panel: A Level Industry Panel

    Touch Screen: Industry Level 4 wire resistance

    Or without touch screen is optional.

    Backlight Parameter Backlight Type: LED

    Brightness: 250cd/ m2

    ( Brightness can be adjustable in 100 levels. )

    Contrast: 500: 1

    Backlight life: 30, 000 hours

    Viewing Angle: 70°/ 70°/ 50°/ 70°( L/ R/ U/ D)

    Working Temperature: - 20℃ ~ +70℃

    Working Humidity: 60℃ , 90%

    Storage Temperature: - 30℃ ~ +85℃

    Screen Mode: Digital

    Performance Parameter CPU: CortexM3 STM32F103 200MHz

    LCD Controller: CPLD EPM240

    Refresh Rate: 60Hz

    Picture Switching Speed: 30ms/ picture ( 33 pictures/ s)

    Flash Memory: Standard 2GB, Extension 4GB

    Memory Amount for picture: 314 images

    Interface: RS232 / TTL UART Interface

    ( Extend to RS485 so on. )

    Pictures downloading: MiniUSB2.0 ( 12Mbps)

    Voltage Range: DC5.0V ~ 20V ( typical value: 12V)

    Power: 3.0W

    Support Device:

    Buzzer Support

    RTC Support

    Key- board Interface Support, User can set dot matrix for 8* 8 or 4* 4

    16 IO Ports for Users Support

    USB port For Downloading Pictures & Font File Support

    ( Download one 800×600 picture only take 0.5S)

    Touch Screen 4 Wire Resistance

    Default Font 8×8 / 16×16/ 16×32/ 12×12 / 12×24 ( Dot Matrix)

    Picture Support BMP、 JPG Format

    Storage Data Support

    Command Unified Simplified Command Sets

    Communication Interface Definition:

    Pin Name Pin NO. Pin Type Interpret

    VCC 1, 2 P Power Supply Input

    GND 3, 4 P Power Ground

    DIN 5, I Data Input

    DOUT 6 O Data Output

    BUSY 7 O Issue a directive as Full Signal of UART Buffer

    I: Input O: Output P: Power

    Note A : 1. Adopting the 7 Pin 2mm spacing socket. ( Socket Model: Molex 5023520700)

    2. Direction of the signal was defined with HMI; “ I “ refers to the signal from the user’s system transmitted to the HMI

    3. Pins with the same definition are connected together in the module inside.

    4. User can set the RS232 or 3.3 V TTL/ CMOS level by soldering pad on the PCB.

    Default is “OFF” ( RS232 Level) . If change to “ON”( TTL Level) , only need to short the soldering pad.

    5. The RS485 and other interface can be customized which need to point out in the order.

    6. ”Busy” signal doesn’t need to be considered as communication, Frame and Command never be lost, ( 200MHz CPU, 1M bit Command Buffer) , “BUSY” signal can be accessed to data input pin or left vacant.

    Note B: 1. The selection of Baud rate for the serial interface:

    Baud rate( bps) 1200 2400 4800 9600 19200 38600 57600 115200

    Bode_ Set

    0x00 0x01 0x02 0x03 0x04 0x05 0x06 0x07

    2. USB to RS232 convertor can support 921600bps baud- rate, Mini USB port can support 12Mbps.

    Test Report

    MTBF: 4, 250, 000 H

    Working Temperature: - 30℃ ~ +85℃

    Air Humidity: 60℃ , 90%

    Continuous Vibration Testing: 10- 55Hz, 1.5mm, 10G

    Impact Acceleration Testing: 6ms, 100G

    ESD Testing: 10KV

    Radiation Reliability Testing 44W

    4. Command Sets

    Categories Command Command Parameter Illustration

    Handshake 0x00 No Check the configuration and version

    Parameter Configuration 0x40 Fcolor+Bcolor Palette setting

    0x41 D_ X( 0x00- 0x7F) +D_ Y( 0x00- 0x7F) Character space setting

    0x42 X+Y Move the appointed color to background color palette

    0x43 X+Y Move the appointed color to foreground color palette

    0x44 Mode+X+Y+Wide( 0x01- 0x1F) +Height( 0x01- 0x1F) Cursor display mode setting

    Text Display 0x53 X+Y+String 8x8 lattice ASCII character

    0x54 16x16 lattice GBK

    0x55 32x32 GB2312

    0x6E 12X12 GBK

    0x6F 24x24 GB2312

    0x98 Display and lattice, any encoded string

    Points Setting 0x50 ( x, y) 0+( x, y) 1+……+( x, y) n More points setting in the background color. ( delete point)

    0x51 More points in the foreground color.

    0x74 X+Ys+Y e +Bcolor +( y, Fcolor) 1+…. . +( y, Fcolor) n Dynamic curve display

    0x72 Address( H: M: L) +Data_ word0 +……Data_ wordn Operation to the buffer of video card.

    Line& Polygon 0x56 ( x, y) 0+( x, y) 1+……. +( x, y) n Polygon display: Line the points with foreground colored segment.

    0x5D Polygon delete: Line the points with background colored segment

    0x75 X+Y+Height_ max+Height0+Height1 +……+Heightn Spectrum display: display a continuous vertical line with the same end in a fast rhythm.

    0x76 X+Y_ dis( 0x00- 0xFF) +Y0+Y1+……. +Yn Line chat display( Xi=X+i* X_ dis, Yi=Yi)

    Acrs 0x57 ( Type, x, y, r) 0+( Type, x, y, r) 1+……. . +( Type, x, y, r) n Arcs display

    Rectangles 0x59 ( xs, yz, xe, ye) 0+( xs, Yz, xe, ye) 1+………. +( Xs, Yz, Xe, Ye) n Show rectangles: display rectangles by foreground color)

    0x69 Delete rectangles: display rectangles by background color

    Areas Operation 0x64 X+Y+Color

    0x52 No Clear the Screen

    0x5A ……+( xs, yz, xe, ye) n Areas Deleting

    0x5B Fill in more than one appointed areas.

    0x5C Areas color changing

    0x60 ( xs, yz, xe, ye, n) 0+( xs, yz, xe, ye, n) 1+……+( xs, yz, xe, ye, n) n Appointed areas ring- shifting to the left

    0x61 Appointed areas ring- shifting to the right

    0x62 Appointed areas ring- shifting to the left

    0x63 Appointed areas shifting to the right

    Pictures& Icons 0x70 Picture_ ID Display a full screen image

    0x7B Picture_ ID Display a full screen image and calculate the cumulative sum.

    0x71 Picture_ ID+Xs+Ys+Xe+Ye+X+Y Display part of a picture in the memory( background display)

    0x9C Picture_ ID+Xs+Ys+Ye+Xe+Y Display a part from an image which stored in the module( background not shown) , automatically restore the current image background .

    0x9D Picture_ ID+Xs+Ys+Xe+Ye+X+Y Display part of a picture in the memory( background does not display)

    0xE2 Picture ID Picture saving

    0x99 ( x, y, Icon_ ID) 0+( x, y, Icon_ ID) 1+……+( x, y, Icon_ ID) n User- defined icons display

    Animation 0x9A 0Xff/ Pack_ ID Turn off/ on the automatic implementation of Command Set

    Temporary Buffer Operation 0xC0 Address( H: L) +Data_ word0+……. . +Data_ wordn Writing data to the temporary buffer

    0xC1 0x01+Address+Pixel_ Number( H: L) Display the pre- set date lines in the temporary buffer

    0x02+Address+Line_ Number( H: L) Display the pre- set date lines in the temporary buffer

    0x03+Address+X+Y+Line_ Number+D_ x+Dis_ x+K_ y+Color Dynamic curve scaling: connecting the data points in the temporary buffer zone

    0x04+Addr1+X+Y+Line_ Number+0x01+Dis_ x+Color1+Addr0+Color0 Oscillometer: connecting the data points in temporary buffer in a flicker- free high- speed

    0x05+Address+X+Y+Line_ Number+D_ x+Dis_ x+M_ y+D_ y+Color Using the data in the temporary buffer to display line charts.

    0x06+Address+X+Y+Line_ Number+D_ x+Dis_ x+M_ y+Color+Ymin+Ymax Using the data in the temporary buffer zoom to display a window- constrained bi- directoional line chart

    0x10+Address+Frame_ Number Using the command in the temporary buffer to perform a synchronize display

    0xC2 <Address>+<Data_ length> Read back data from the temporary buffer.

    Database Operation 0xF2 0xF2+0xF2+0x5A+0xA5+Lib_ ID Font modifcation

    0x90 0x55+0xAA+0x5A+0xA5+Address( H: MH: ML: L) +Data Write data to the user’s database( 32MB)

    0x91 Address+Read_ Length( H: L) Read data from the database( 32MB)

    Keyboard Operation 0x71 K_ code Key code uploading

    0xE5 0x55+0xAA+0x5A+0x+A5+K_ Code0+……+K_ Coden Key code port modification

    Touchpad Operation 0x72 Touch_ X+Touch_ Y Uploading the last data after the touch- screen is released, ( which can turn off by 0xE0 Command)

    0x73 Uploading data when pressing the touch panel( uploading once only by setting the command of 0xE0)

    0xE4 0x55+0xAA+0x5A+0xA5 Touch panel adjusting

    0x78 Touch Code Uploading the defaulted key code when switching the touch interface.


    Buzzer Operation 0x79 BZ_ time Buzzing once only ( 10xBz_ time mS)

    Video Operation 0x7A Work_ Mode+Video_ mode+Video_ CH Switching HMI and video mode( support CVBS/ S- Video signal input, NTSC/ PAL formats)

    Backlight Control 0x5E Non or 0x55+0x AA+0x5A+0xA5+V_ ON+V_ OFF+ON_ TIME Turn off the backlight or control the backlight mode by touching or keying

    0x5F Non or PWM_ T( 0x00- 0x3F) Turn the backlight on or adjusting the brightness by PWM.

    Clock Operation 0x 9B 0x5A, 0x5B( read) / 0x00( off) / 0xFF+M+TM+Color+X+Y( ON) Clock on/ off; read the clock

    0x E7 0x55+0xAA+0x5A+0xA5+YY: MM: DD: HH: MM: SS Clock adjusting

    Parameter Configuration 0x E0 0x55+0 x AA+0x5A+0x A5+Panel_ Set+Bode_ Set+Para1 Configuring the user’s serial port speed and the touch- screen data uploading.

    Algorithm 0xB0 Download: 0x01+PY_ Code answer: 0x01+HZ_ num+String

    Download: 0x02+A+B+C+D answer: 0x02+E+F Calculating( AxB+C) / D, E is 4 bytes reminder

    Download: 0x03+Data_ Pack0 answer: 0x03+Data_ Pack1 Array listing of unsigned integers( 2 bytes)

    Download: 0x04+PY_ Code answer: 0x04+HZ_ num+String PINYIN input based on GBK

    Volume Operation 0x30 Start_ Set+Play_ number+Play_ time Play the music in the appointed zoom

    0x32 Volume_ L+Volume_ R+0x00 Volume adjusting

    0x33 0x55+0 x AA+0x5A Stop playing

    0x3F OK Sount- op response


    Configuration File Operation Pic_ Now+( xs, yz, xe, ye) +P_ next+P_ cut+Touch_ code Touch interface automatically switching( 0x1E font files)

    Pic_ Now+0x00: K_ Code+Pnext+P_ cut+Touch_ Code Touch interface automatically switching( 0x1B font files)

    Delay+Length+Command Play auto- Commands( 0x1C font files)

    Pic_ ID+( xs, yz, xe, ye) Icon Character Definition( 0x1D font files)

    Command_ Length+Command+String Uploading the Command pre- setted by user( 0x1A font file)

    5. Working Principle Diagram

    Any MCU and PC can work with it properly, EG: C8051, PIC, AVR, DSP and so on.

    RS232/ TTL


    6. Application Method - - - - - Only Three Things

    Step One: Design the Graphical User Interface ( GUI) by art designer.

    Step Two: Connect TFT- LCD Module with User’s equipment by RS232 or TTL interface directly.

    ( Don’t need any driver program. )

    Step Three: Write the control program to any MCU to work the TFT- LCD Module via the Commands.

    7. Software Description

    We offer you below three simple softwares to work with TFT- LCD Module.

    1. Terminal Assistant: To upload pictures and files into TFT- LCD Module, and demonstrate the commands.

    2. Touch Control Software: To create the control file.

    3. Font Software: To create the font file.

    8. Electrical Components

    To ensure the quality, all of components we adopt are from the international famous company.


    Touch Screen:

    Flash Memory:




    9. Naming Rule

    For example: STI050WT- 01:

    ST Company Code

    I I=Industry Type A=Advanced Type

    050 TFT Dimension: 5.0 inch

    W Wide Voltage Range

    T T=With Touch Screen N=Without Touch Screen

    01 Hardware Code

    10. Application Area - - - - Widely Used In Many Various Industrial Field

    ● Medical & Beauty Equipment

    ● Engineering Machinery and Vehicle Equipment

    ● Electronic Instrument

    ● Industrial Control System

    ● Electric Power industry

    ● Civil Electronic equipment

    ● Charging Equipment, Filling Station Equipments

    And so on…

    11. Warranty & After- sale Service

    ● The warranty period is 3 years since delivery.

    ● If there would be any technical or quality problem in warranty period, we guarantee the product can be replaced by brand new unconditionally.

    Except for: Man- made Damage, Improper Operation, Natural Disaster & Accident.

    ● In warranty years, we can supply the free maintain service for the broken product.

    12. Leading Time

    Upon the stronger production capacity, the lead time is 15 days since the date of order confirmation.

    We have 5000m2 products plant base with two assembly lines, quality improvement center and aging test laboratory, with more than 200 production staffs, the production capacity is up to 60, 000 pieces per Month.

    13. Package

    Type Size ( cm) Quantity ( piece) Chargeble Weight( kg)

    3.5' ' & 4.3' ' 7' ' , 5.6' ' & 5.7' ' 8' ' & 10' '

    Carton Big 60×43×30 68 34 16 15.48

    Small 44×34×30 40 20 10 8.97

    Box Big 33×27×8 8 4 2 1.42

    Middle 25×20×8 4 2 8' ' : 2 0.8

    Small 23×17×5 2 5.6' ' or5.7' ' : 1 No 0.39

    14. International Certificate

    CE CertificateFCC Certificate

    RoHS Certificate ISO9001: 2008

    15. Fittings

    Accessory Name Model Note Pic

    Double 7PIN Connect Line L7 Plug Model: Molex 0050375083

    Optional: 15cm/ 30cm/ 50cm

    DB9 Connecting Line LD Connector:

    Standard DB9 Joint

    7PIN Socket S7 Socket Model: Molex 5023520700

    Socket Spacing : 2mm

    12 port High Speed Download Board DL12 Download the same pictures and files into 12 TFT- LCD Modules once time.

    16. Dimension drawing

    17. MCU Program Example

    C8051 MCU C Language

    / / -

    / / Includes

    # include<reg52. h>

    / / sbit Definitions

    sbit LED=P0^0;

    / / Global CONSTANTS

    # define SYSCLK 22118400/ / “SYSCLK frequency in Hz”

    # define BAUD_ RATE 115200 / / “Baud rate”

    # define uchar unsigned char

    # define uint unsigned int

    uchar pic[ 3] ={ 0xAA, 0x70, 0x08} ;

    / -

    / / Function PROTOTYPES

    void Uart0_ transmit( uchar i) ; / / “Send a byte to the terminal”

    void send_ str( uchar * p, uchar s) ; / / “Send a string to the terminal”

    void delay_ ms( uchar n) ; / / “Delay”

    void SysInit( void) ; / / “Initialization of system”

    void en( void) ; / / “Frame end”

    void pic_ str( uchar i) ; / / “Picture switching sub- function”

    / / Uart0_ transmit

    void Uart0_ transmit( uchar i) / / “Send 1 byte to terminal”




    SBUF=i; / / “Send data to uart0”

    while ( ! TI) ;/ / “Wait for the finish of sending a byte”

    TI=0 ;/ / “Clear the interruption mark”



    void send_ str( uchar * p, uchar s) / / “Send a string to the terminal”


    uchar m;

    for( m=0; m<s; m++)


    Uart0_ transmit( * p) ;



    / / delay / / “Delay sub- function”

    void delay_ ms( uchar n)


    uint i, j;

    for( i=1000; i>0; i- - ) {

    for( j=25* n; j>0; j- - ) { ; }


    / / SysInit/ / “Initialization of system”

    void SysInit( void)


    PCON |=0x80;











    / / pic_ str/ / “Picture switching sub- function”

    void pic_ str( uchar i)

    pic[ 2] =i;

    send_ str( pic, 3) ; / / “Send the command of picture switching”

    en( ) ;

    / / main( ) Routine

    void main ( void) / / “main function”


    EA=0; / / “Close Interruption”

    SysInit( ) ;

    EA=1; / / “Open Interruption”

    delay_ ms( 40) ;

    while ( 1)


    pic_ str( ) ; / / “Picture switching”


    Return 0;

    / / End Of File

    Company Contact:

    • Phone: 861084351669

    • Address: B605, Building 1#, Zhubang 2000, Balizhuang Xili 1, Beijing, China

    • Email: Email

    Published date: December 18, 2014 -

    • Business Description: Beijing STONE Technology Co., Ltd is a major company with cutting

      edge technology mainly focuses on HMI (TFT Serial LCD Module)

      and Industrial PC researching, manufacturing and sales. The main

      office locates in the International CBD (Center Business

      District) in Beijing, where is well known as the center of

      economy in China.

      With the effort of several years' devotion, we have been following the philosophy of "Professional, Creditable, Successful", and achieving doubled increase in annual average sales, that make the company see the invisible chances, feel the intangible opportunities and achieve unimaginable success. Especially in reliability emphasized industry fields, which include engineering machinery, medical instruments as well as high level civilian goods.

      Our TFT LCD Module succeeded tremendously due to its quality, services and price domination. Plus the superiority of simplified Micro MCU programming and UART interface; we have been an eminent competitor in the world market. And the Industrial PC is widely used in the industrial automation and industrial automatic equipment; with the Windows CE preloaded it has the quite ability of Maneuverability.

      STONE TECHNOLOGY has gained reputation from clients all over the world with it's high level services, such as National Instruments, State Grid Corporation, Siemens, Thyssenkrupp Elevator and so on.

      Our goal is going after "STONE" quality for our partners, realizing joint growth by market oriented and technology innovations, and being as an ideal partner.

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