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  • Fuji Xp124 Xp143 Xp241 Xp243 Qp Nxt Smt Spare Parts - China

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    FUJI IP3 of the board conveyor belt , Part Number : PQC0314

    FUJI IPIII SOL VALVE, Part Number : PPZ0330

    FUJI QP3/ XP2 LCD Monitor, Part No: 74118Y

    FUJI QP3/ XP2 Feeder Interface , Part No: DBEH7041

    CP6 / 7 Nozzle: 0.4; 0 . . 7; 1.0; 1.3

    IP3 various models Nozzle; QP242E ( Single Head; Index Head)

    various models Nozzle; QP341E/ QP351E various models Nozzle

    FUJI NXT Nozzle ( H12HS/ H12S/ H12/ H08; H04/ H02; H01; OF;

    F04/ G04; GL)

    CP642 PULLEY, P / N: MPT4461

    HEAD GEAR H4001T


    SW LIMIT S31975

    SPRING S3022Y



    FUJI CP643 track solenoid valve

    Part Number : H10661/ H10669, Specifications : F15T4- F4- PL3-


    Part Number : S31207, SW PHOTO ELECTRIC EE- SX 771A

    WPH0330; BKT



    Part Number : K1133X, specifications ; IK- 542FS; K 1133M,

    specifications ; IK- 542F


    Part Number : K1133Y, Specifications : IK- 542FA

    Part Number : K1129T, Specification : XC- 75

    Part Number : K 1133F, Specifications : IK- 542FB

    CP643 gear belt , P / N: H 4476L

    CP643 X- AXIS keel , Part Number : K4138N; Y- AXIS keel , Part

    Number : K4138Y

    CP643 X- AXIS iron sets, Part Number : CSSX0030 ( WSX4450) ; Y-

    AXIS iron sets, Part Number : WSY4460 ( K1074T)

    SHAFT ( P / N: DGPA7150) ,

    GREASE NIPPLE ( P / N: N 2037A) ,

    BUSHING ( P / N: DCPA4810) ,

    LEVER ( P / N: DCPA0160) ,

    NEEDLE ROLLER ( P / N: R5024D) ,

    NEEDLE BEARING ( P / N: H4402D) ,

    Part No. Description / Specifications Quantity

    GGQC3670 CONVEYOR BELT alternatives to DEQC0220



    S40321 SENSDR DL- S4R

    A 4002G VACUUM GENERATOR substitute for the H 1007G

    XS01453 FIBER SENSOR HPF- S333- D



    AA17900 MOTOR

    XM00210 SERVO MOTOR SGMAS- 01A 2A- FJ11

    AA18308 MOTOR

    XM00220 SEROV MOTOR SGMAS- 04A 2A 2- FJ11

    AA 30A 03 SYRINGE

    A5054X 0 RING NO. 13

    XS03690 SPOOL alternative to XS01801




    H42220 BEARING 7901CTYDBC7P5


    K3032K GREASE NSK GRS NS7 ( 80G)

    K30315 GREASE G501 ( TUBE)




    GFQC0030 PLATE

    QP242E spare parts:

    PC BOARD SCU- 100C K20574 ( SCU Board)

    PC BOARD JZMMC- CP 200A ( REUB) K20913 ( PMC Board) ; REV. B0


    QP242E/ IP3E 4800 ( 3 layers )

    QP242E PC BOARD, Part No: AEEPE2605

    SCU BOARD, P / N: K20577; PMC BOARD, P / N: K20913

    QP242E Nozzle Shut Valve, Part Number : H 1332A,

    Specification : VQ1201- 5DC 24V

    QP242E FIBER SENSOR, Part Number : S4052T

    QP242E; H 1332A ( QP2 Nozzle Shut Valve)

    QP242E; K5051H ( CONNECTOR HR 10A- 7R- 6SB)

    QP242E; BHQC0151 ( ICM Belt)

    QP242E; H 4509L ( Timing Belt)

    QP242E, BHSY0011 ( Y- Axis Ball Screw)

    QP242E, K4147H ( Y axis keel )

    QP242E, BHPP1770

    QP242E Index Holder, P / N: ABHPH8160

    QP242E Y- AXIS AMP, Part Number : EEAN1771

    QP242E AMP, Part Number : EEPN2511

    H1124T, Valve, sol

    BHPH3740, Cap

    BHPH4210, Pad, vacuum

    PG00974, Packing

    PH00990, Packing

    S 4077L, Sensor, Photo

    Controller Board, SCU card


    SCU- 100C

    Printed Circuit Board, PMC board


    JZMMC- CP 200A Rev. B0

    QP341E Z- Axis Motor, Part Number : SAM6540, Specifications :

    SGMM- A 2C 3FJ12

    QP341E MFU Board, P / N: FH1109B

    QP341E into the board SENSOR, FIBER SENSOR, S4052T ( FU- 18M)

    QP341E EJECTOR, Part No: A4001K / A 4001L; Holder before the

    rubber head ( Retainer) , Part Number : ADBPH8070/ DBPH0860

    QP341E, Parts Camera, P / N: K1127W; Mark Camera, P / N:

    K11323/ K11324

    QP341E, Mark Camera:

    Part Number : K11323, Specifications : IK- 54XF ( WITH EXC 7X


    Part Number : K11324, Specifications : IK- 54XF CCU

    QP3 backlit panels, Part Number : R1035R / R 1035M ( LAMP,

    LED R1035R holder LED backlight group )

    Part Number : R1035R, Specifications : F- 18S; Part Number :

    R 1035M, Size : F16S

    LAMP, Part Number : R 1016A, Specification : FL4BLB


    QP341E Holder, P / N: ADBPH8084; HOLDER before the rubber

    head , Part Number : ADBPH8070

    QP341E vacuum solenoid valve ( EJECTOR) , Part Number :

    A4001K, Specifications : VGH12E- FM 56L- 21SK; Part Number : A

    4001L, Specifications : VGH12E- FM 56L- 26SK;

    QP341E optical scale , item number : S30165

    QP341E, FSC- 2000 ( Part No: AEEPN6800)

    QP341E, SBC BOARD ( Part Number : AEEPN4301, Specifications

    : PFS- 147A - 03) ;

    QP341E, CPU BOARD ( Part Number : FH 1018A) ;

    QP341E, VISION BOARD ( Part Number : FH1119B) ;

    QP341E, SERVO BOARD ( Part Number : AEEPN4400,

    Specifications : XMP- SERC03- PMC- 8) ) , relay board ( Part

    Number : ADBEN 3704A, ADBEN3600)

    QP341E, X- axis AMP, Part Number : EEAN2350 ( A 1232A) , Size

    : SGDH- 04AE- N1Y88

    QP341E Y- axis AMP, Part Number : EEAN2340 ( A 1231A) , Size :

    SGDH- A5AE- N1Y88

    QP341E brakes, Part Number : DBPH0430

    QP341E BALL SCREW, Part Number : DBSY0010

    QP341E RAIL GUIDE, Part Number : DBSY0070

    QP341E BEARING, Part Number : H4218B and H 4218C

    QP341E fixed MFU of I / O cards , PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD, MFU

    CB, P / N: FH 1109A / FH1109B

    QP341E SOL VALVE, Part Number : H14597, Specifications :

    GA010HE1- 25- PS

    QP341E VALVE, Part Number : H 1460A, Specification :

    GA010E1- 25- PS DC24V

    QP341E SOL VALVE, Part Number : H1077T, Specifications :

    PCS- 242- M5- D24- SP

    QP341E CAM FOLLOWER, Part Number : H 1107A, Specification :


    QP341E, VALVE UNIT With Manifold, Part Number : DBPH0412,

    Specifications : G010MHIA- 0005W

    QP341 Y- AXIS COUPLING, Part Number : K10073, Specifications

    : SFC- 050SD- 24B- 20B

    QP341E, P / N: S 3148F SW, PHOTOELECRIC

    QP341E, P / N: DBPH1042 HOLDER, LIGHT

    QP341E, P / N: DBPH0731 SHAFT, SPLINE

    QP341E, P / N: S31385, PHOTOELECTRIC SW, Unit : EX- 13A- R- FKS

    QP341E, P / N: DBPH0461, SPRING

    QP341E, P / N: DBPH0430, PLATE SPRING

    QP341E VALVE, P / N: A1024E

    QP341E SAFETY RELAY, P / N: R20108, Size : SRB- NA- ST DC24V


    QP341E, FLEXIBLE TRACK ( Y- AXIS) , P / N: K4138N

    QP341E, FLEXIBLE TRAXK ( Y- AXIS) , P / N: K4138X

    QP341E, CABLE, P / N: K4015H, Specifications : CA- PDT- 03

    QP341E, camera bulbs, Part Number : A 1009A

    QP341E, the board SENSOR, Part Number : S4052T

    QP341E LCD sight, Part Number : DBEH375

    LCD, LC- 10P1SL- FS

    HARNESS, Part Number : K11272

    MTU ' s TRAY, Part Number : ADBTN8131

    TY axis BELT, Part Number : H 4573A

    PULLY, Part Number : BHTC5090

    Safety relays, Part Number : R20108, Size : SRB- NA-

    ST/ 990.5SEC

    SPRING PLATE, Part Number : DBPH0431

    Z - axis BELT, Part Number : H 4572A, Specification : 134- 2GT-


    QP2 / 3 connector , CONNECTOR, specifications : HR 10A- 7R-

    6SB, P / N: K5051H

    FUJI QP3/ XP2 MOTOR FEEDER spare parts,

    Part Number : AKGBE7942, Name : FEEDER motor

    Part Number : KHEH1290, Name : HARNESS ( FEEDER signal line )

    Part Number : H 4509L, Name : TIMING BELT ( FEEDER material

    film reel belt )



    BELT H4567H MTU TZ shaft belt

    BALL SCREW DBSY0010 Y - axis of the screw

    COUPLING K10073 Y axis COUPING

    SERVO AMP EEAN2240 Y - axis motor servo amplifier

    SERVO UNIT EEAN1520 Z & Q - axis servo motor amplifier

    WP351E, FIBER SENSOR, P / N: S4052T

    P- 588 data cable

    1: JOINT ( CP643 cutter connector ) : WPU0212

    2: CAM FOLLOWER ( CP643 cutter ) : K 1091A

    3: LEVER: AWPQ9011

    4: SHAFT ( QP2 TY axis A full term ) : BHTC5101

    5: PULLEY ( QP2 TY axis A full term ) : BHTA1080

    6: COLLAR ( QP2 TY axis A full term ) : GVC0350

    7: BEARING, MINIATURE ( QP2 TY axis A full term ) : H 4192A

    8: PACKING, RUBBEY ( QP2 MFU carts tracheal ring co - speed

    interfaces ) : BHUF0050

    9: ROLLER ( QP3 TRAY plate ) : DBTN0450

    10: SHAFT ( QP3 TY axis E of full ) : DBTN1720

    11: DULLEY ( QP3 TY axis E of full ) : DBTN1700

    12: COLLAR ( QP3 TY axis E of full ) : DBTN1740

    13: BEARING, MINIATURE ( QP3 TY axis E of full ) : H42323

    14: NUTU ( QP3 TY axis E of full ) : N1069T


    16: BELT, TIMING UP2000 ( track drive belt ) : P3311

    17: HOLDER, Part Number : ABHPH8161

    IP3 spare parts:






    H 5278A






    Machine Description SN Discription







    CSSS0320 SENSOR reflective paper


    2706 degreaser

    S31975 SW LIMIT

    D axis SERVO box

    H 1067C CP PQ - cylinder solenoid valve

    K 1133M CP small field camera

    CP set pieces station moved Huh  ξ Huan Yi 

    CSQL0261 CP1 loaded jaw cylinder

    STOPPER machine lever positioning DBPH0380 QP

    QP / MTU connection card

    QP / SBC motherboard , P / N: FH 9015A

    QP / Feeder Cable

    CP1D1 axis servo amplifier

    CP1Z axis servo AMP

    QP / Feeder cable card fuse ( 3.5A)

    QP3 FEEDER equipment plus : K0CC1262; KDFC0411; XDDC0682

    WPH8291 CP6 0.7MM nozzle reflective paper

    WPH8301 CP6 1.0MM nozzle reflective paper

    K5069H CP6 off the rear safety locks

    DBPH0430 QP341 brakes

    AIM spare parts:

    PALLET CHANGE UNIT, Part Number : UX03400

    MOVABLE CUTTER, Part Number : PM02RX0

    FIXED CUTTER, Part Number : PM03500

    NXT spare parts:

    NXT Glase PCB for PAM, P / N: PZ14590

    NXT New Glass PCB Holder for NXT- I NXT- II ( Use it with V5.12

    or later) , P / N: AA94E00

    NXT PAM Parte for H08, 1005 WHITE 10000/ REEL, P / N: K530505

    NXT New Glass Chip for H01/ H02/ H04/ G04 ( Use it with V5.12 or

    later) , P / N: PZ52400

    NXT Double- Side tape for H12/ H08 ( # 5605 50mm * 50mm) , P /

    N: T4067B

    NXT Double- Side tape for H04 & H01, P / N: T4069K

    Track plywood cylinder, Part Number : XS02630

    Sensor, part number : S40321, Specifications : DL- S4R

    Camera board , part number : XK02930

    MARK Camera, P / N: XK00801

    CMOS, Camera - CSB 4000F - 2 ( NXT device camera )

    Side Light Camera, Part No: UG00514

    Part Number : UK02100 Name : PALLET STORAGE UNIT

    Base orbit control card , part number : XK0392 *

    Module monorail control card , Part No: XK0403 *

    Module track control card , Part No: XK0194 *

    Module CPU BOX, Part No: AJ706; ; AJ75404

    Module Control BOX, Part No: AJ75300

    Base CPU BOX, Part No: AJ706; AJ75500

    Module SERVO BOX, Part No: XB02290

    X- Axis Motor, Part No: XM00212 ( M6S; XP142E/ 143E)

    PHOTO, Sensor, Part No: S 4077L, specifications : PM- L44P

    FIBER SENSOR, Part No: XS01453, Specifications : HPF- S333- D

    ( NXT- I on behalf of the rail sensor )

    FIBER SENSOR, Part No: XS00351 ( NXT- II generation of orbital

    sensors ) )

    Sensor, P / N: AA 30L 00

    CUTTER SENSOR, Part No: S 4077L, specifications : PM- L44P

    H04 head NOZZLE STATION, Part Number : UL01900

    H01 head NOZZLE STATION, Part Number : UL01513

    Nozzle filter cotton / vacuum filter

    XH00800 ( AA19H03) - - - H12S/ H12 Head Filter ( XH00801; AA19H04)

    XH00400 ( AA0AL03) - - - H08/ H04 Head Filter ( XH00401, AA0AL04)

    XH00940- - - H01/ H02 Head Filter

    XH00560 - - - H01 Head Filter

    AA1FZ04 - - - H01 Filter Disk

    A5054X, H12 head mechanical valve seals

    PH00274, H01 Pin Clamp

    PG00975, Place Head Vacuum Connect

    ph00991, Place Head Air Cnnell

    AA 30A 05 - - - Syringe ( H12/ H12S nozzle head slider )

    AA1ZX04 - - - Syringe ( H08 head nozzle slider )

    AA2GB02 - - - Syringe ( H04 head nozzle slider )

    XS01801 - - - Spool ( H12/ 08 vacuum valves )

    XS01181 - - - Spool ( H04 vacuum valves )


    XK02740/ XK01931, Cover Glass

    AJ37400, Module CPU Box Power Supply

    Cutter Movable, P / N: PM05035

    M3 module Cutter , CUT UNIT, Part Number : UC00137

    M3S Belt, P / N: XB01020

    M6S Belt, P / N: XB01110

    H12S BATTERY, Part No: H1021H

    1. H12/ H08 Nozzle Storage Box AA78700

    2. H04 Nozzle Storage Box AA1YM00

    3. H01/ H02 Nozzle Storage Box AA78600

    NXT II Spare parts

    Cutter Movable, P / N: PM02RX1

    M3 II Belt, P / N: XB04160

    M6 II Belt, P / N: XB04180

    FILTER ( filter with a plastic sleeve ) , Part Number :


    BATTERY ( mounthead battery ) , Part Number : H1021H

    CONVEYOR, BELT ( M3 belt ) , Part Number : XB04160

    PACKING ( air interface) , Part Number : PG00975

    PACKING ( vacuum interface) , Part Number : PH00991

    3.5A fuse is used in the NXT feeder control panel ( P / N:

    XK00010) on - - - Fuji confirmed by item number should H61229,

    1.0A FUSE is used in the control panel NXT orbit ( P / N:

    XK01010) - - - - by Fuji confirm the item number should be




    FUJI NXT AJ02210

    NOZZLE STATION ( P / N: UL02600) ,

    COVER ( P / N: AA17702) ,

    NOZZLE ( P / N: AA07212) ,

    RUBBER SHEET ( P / N: WSS5380) ,

    THRUST BEARING ( H 4299A) ,

    NXT bearings


    H 4897A

    AC5- 14DBP5

    NXT Bearing, miniture



    NXT Collar


    NXT Spring, coil


    NXT Syringe

    AA 30A 02

    NXT Bolt, Hex Socket


    M02 * 004


    NXT Sensor, fiber


    HPF- S333- D

    Another NXT FEEDER spare parts:

    NXT W8 feeder RETAINER


    NXT W8 feeder CLAMPER


    NXT W8 feeder AARWESS


    NXT W8 feeder SW. MICRO


    NXT W8 feeder REEL HOLDER



    NXT W 12/ 16/ 24 feeder CLAMPER


    NXT W 8/ 12/ 16 / 24/ 32 feeder SPRING


    NXT W12 feeder GUIDE


    NXT W16 feeder GUIDE


    NXT W24 feeder GUIDE


    NXT W32 feeder GUIDE


    NXT W32 feeder CLAMPER


    NXT W44 feeder GUIDE


    NXT W44 feeder PIN ( 4)


    NXT W56 feeder GUIDE


    NXT W72 feeder GUIDE


    NXT W12/ 32/ 44 feeder Spring


    NXT W16/ 24 feeder Spring


    PM03957 ( ECCENTRIC PIN)

    PM03966 ( ECCENTRIC PIN)


    PM54879 ( LIFTER)

    PM63923 ( SLIDER)

    RH02471 ( HARNESS)

    XP143 filter cotton , P / N: GFPN1150

    Cotton filter on the component XP143E ' s , P / N: GFPN1140

    XP141E Z - axis screw , P / N: DEPH1031

    XP142/ 143 Y - axis screw bearings used H4224W

    XP143E Piston AGFPH8015

    XP143E data lines DNEH7021

    XP143E Stopper, DNPH2100 XP142 H 3012L, H3012D

    Fan two kinds of ( 1 . 2 machine enclosure fan . Placement

    head small fan ) XP242 DNPK0240 STOPPER ( cylinder rubber

    mats ) XP242 S21975 CYLINDER, AIR ( cutter cylinder )

    FCD- KL- 50- 150- MOV3- D- FL324

    XP242 H13384 VALVE, SOL ( cutter cylinder solenoid valves )

    SX5320- 5MZ- C6- F2- X21 XP142 S31992 SW. LIMIT ( safety lock )

    XCS- PA791 xp242 H 2124A

    FEEDER jack Fuse

    3A125V XP142 R2081T control security door collector battery

    3V/ 3.6V XP242 XP142 H10212 servo vacuum generators H 1007G /

    F ( PISCO VKBH12R- 0608SR 01G- B- NW- FMS- VBS)

    XP242/ XP243 vacuum generator H1007D / E ( PISCO VKBH12W-

    0608SR 01G- B- NW- FMS- VBS)

    XP reflective lenses LIGHT HOLDER; AGFGC8052/ 8050 ( XP light

    base )

    XP reflective lenses LIGHT HOLDER; AGFGC8042/ 8040 ( XP light


    O RING, A 5133A

    BEARING, H42253

    HEAD, AGFPH8040


    XP hard drive , T4017D

    XP MARK lens , GFGC3770

    XP baffle cylinder DEQC0760

    XP baffle cylinder GFQC1220

    XP142E security doors RELAY, Part Number : R2081T,

    Specifications : SLB200- C04- 1R

    XP142E/ XP143E hard disk , part number : SDD512

    XP142E/ 143E Stopper, Part Number : DNPH2100

    XP142E/ 143E Spring, Part Number : DNPH2090

    XP142E/ 143E: Piston ( P / N: AGFPH8011/ 8013/ 8014)

    PIN, Part Number : DNPH1083/ ADNPH8170/ 8171; Part Number :

    DNPH1094/ ADNPH8180/ 8181

    On XP142E/ 143E/ XPF Nozzle Parts : FILTER

    GFPN1150 ( AGFPN8160) nozzle filter cotton , GFPN1140

    ( AGFPN8150) on the nozzle filter cotton plastic components ,

    GFPN1130 ( AGFPN8140) under plastic components

    XP used filters, Part Number : H 3022L

    XP used filter, part number : H3022T

    XP lamp transformer circuit board ( Tigger Trans Box) , Part

    Number : ADNEE3503

    XP connector, part number ; K5051H

    XP142E 1 Part camera ADNGC7100

    XP142E 2 Mark camera ADNGC8292

    XP142E 3 Timing belt H45735

    XP142E 4 Light holder ADNC8168

    XP142E 5 Motor SAM6830

    XP142E 6 Motor SAM6820

    XP142E 7 Motor ADNPH8010

    XP142E 8 Motor XM00211

    XP143E 1 Part camera AGFEN3300

    XP143E 2 Mark camera AGFGC8122

    XP143E 3 Light holder ADFGC8090

    XP143E 4 Vision PCB AFEPE270 *

    XP143E 5 CPU AFEPE260 *

    XP143E 6 R, Q, Z servo amp EEAN2651

    XP143E 7 F, G servo amp EEAN2870

    XP142E Parts Feeding Mechanism SERVO MOTOR, P / N: SAM6720,

    Specifications : SGMAH- 01A 1A 21

    XP142E/ 143E Parts Feeding Mechanism SERVO MOTOR, P / N:

    XM00211, Specifications : SGMAS- 01A 2A- FJ11

    XP142E Z- Axis SERVO MOTOR, P / N: SAM6830/ SAM6790,

    Specifications : SGMAS- C 2A 2A- FJ11

    XP142E Q / R- Axis SERVO MOTOR, P / N: SAM6820/ SAM6780,

    Specifications : SGMAS- C 2A 2A 21

    XP142E LAMP, Part Number : R 1009A

    XP1 / 2 of the Lamp ( Part Number : DEEM5460, Specification

    : XC- 91RW; Part Number : DEEM5390, Specification : XC- 71RW)

    HOLDER XP1 / 2 ' s , LIGHT, Part Number : AGFGC8040; Part

    Number : AGFGC8050

    XP142E FUSE, Part Number : H2001R; H20013; H2002Y

    XP142E SPRING, Part Number : DNPH2130

    XP142E VATTERY, Part Number : H10212

    XP142E BELT, Part Number : DEQC0220

    XP142E/ 143E Z- AXIS belt Part Number : H45735

    XP142E/ 143E Z- AXIS BALL SCREW, Part Number : DNPH2150

    XP142E/ 143E of PUSH, Part Number : DNPH2002

    XP142E/ 143E the BODY, Part Number : ADNPH8810/ 8812

    XP142E/ 143E the BEARING, Part Number : H42253

    XP142E/ 143E of SPRING, Part Number : DNPH2090

    XP142E/ 143E the STOPPER, Part Number : DNPH2100

    XP142E/ 143E Y axis belt Part Number : H4519T

    XP142E accessories : REVOLVER, P / N: ADNPH8812

    XP142E parts : Piston, P / N: ADNPN18912

    XP142E Accessories : Air- blw Pin, P / N: ADNPH8960

    XP142E accessories : Vacuum Pin, P / N: DNPH1581; DNPH1591

    XP142E Accessories : Spring, P / N: DNPH1510

    XP142E Accessories : Spring, P / N: DNPH1520

    XP142E Accessories : Spring, P / N: DNPH1050

    XP142E Accessories : BALL SCREW, Part Number : DNSY1331

    XP142E Accessories : 7904A 5DBC7PS, Part Number : H4224W

    XP142E Accessories : AC SERVO AMP, Part Number : EEAN2550

    XP142E Accessories : PC BOARD ( I / O BOARD) , part number ;

    FH 1249A

    XP142E CPU board, part number : AEEPE2600, Specifications :

    ACP- 126F

    XP142E I / O board , part number : FH1249A

    XP142E Accessories : SAFETY RELAY, Part Number : GFED2090

    XP143E accessories : RELAY, Part Number : R2081T,

    XP143E Accessories : Y - axis ENCODER, Part Number : DNEHT191

    XP143E Accessories : Sensor, P / N: S4067H, Specifications :

    SLB200- E31- 21

    XP143E Accessories : Relay / Controller, P / N: R2081T,

    XP242E/ 243E vacuum solenoid valve

    XP143E accessories : HARNESS, P / N: DNEH7021

    XP143E accessories , R / Q axis servo cable, Part Number :


    XP143E cylinder head control line item number : GFEH7060

    XP241E Accessories : MFU feeder interface board , part

    number : EEPE3120

    XP241E Accessories : MFU Board, P / N: ADEEE6700

    XP241E Accessories : Y - axis AMP, Part Number : EEAN2550,

    Specifications : SGDM- 15ADA- RY5

    XP241E Accessories : XP241 cutter cylinder S2088Y, and

    solenoid valves H1333Z

    XP242E, rubber tube , P / N: H5456T; hose , P / N: T2061E;

    connector plug , P / N: K5030T; connector , P / N: S2176B

    XP241E/ 243E accessories : , AIR BLOW, Part Number : H11243,

    Specifications : VQ2332R- 5L- C8

    XP241E T - axis motor , Part Number : SAM6690, Specifications

    : SGMAH- 04A 1A 6C

    XP243E T - axis motor , Part Number : SAM6850, Specifications

    : SGMAS- 04A 2A- FJ21

    XP243E BALL SCREW, Part Number : GFSY3102

    XP243E HOUSING, Part Number : DESY3032

    XP243E HOUSING, Part Number : DESY3041

    XP243E BEARING, Part Number : H4217T

    XP243E NUT. LOCK, Part Number : N1025E

    XP243E COLLER, Part Number : DESY3170

    XP242E/ 243E Accessories : Tigger Trans Box, item number ;


    XP242E/ 243E Accessories : Y- AXIS BALL SCREW, Part Number :


    XP242E/ 243E Accessories : Y - axis belt , good material :


    XP242E/ 243E accessories : BEARING, Part Number : H4217T

    XP242E/ 243E accessories : HOUSING, Part Number : GFSY3011;

    Part Number : GFSY3022, Part Number : GFSY3264, Part Number

    : GFSY3274

    XP242E/ 243EU parts : Shaft BEARING, Part Number : H42324

    XP242E/ 243E U- axis belt Part Number : H 4518L,

    specifications : 130- 3GT- 9

    XP242E/ 243E accessories : COLLAR, Part Number : DESY3170

    XP242E/ 243E Accessories : LOCK NUT, Part Number : N1025Z

    XP242E/ 243E Accessories : LIGHT HOLDER, P / N: ADNGC8431;

    AGFGC8040; AGFGC8050

    XP242E/ 243E accessories : MIRROR, P / N: ADEGC8300

    XP242E/ 243E accessories : camera , Part Number : AGFGC8361

    XP242E CPU BOARD, Part Number : AFEPE2100

    XP242E I / O BOARD, Part Number : AFEPE2400

    XP242E Y- AXIS SERVO AMP, Part Number : EEAN2552

    XP243E accessories :

    XP243E accessories , lamp transformer circuit board , part

    number : ADNEE3503, specifications :

    XP243E accessories , VP BOARD, Part Number : AFEPE270 * ,

    Specifications : ACP- 333AT

    XP243E Accessories : X - axis BALL SCREW P / N: GFSY3310 /

    GFSY3311 / GFSY3101

    XP243E Accessories : Y - axis BALL SCREW P / N: GFSY3102

    XP243E Accessories : XP BALL SCREW, P / N: DNSX1010

    XP243E Accessories : BEARING P / N: H4217T

    XP243E Accessories : HOUSING P / N: GFSY3272/ GFSY3262

    XP243E Accessories : 10UM SPACER P / N: Y3004GFPH0163

    XP243E Accessories : U axis BEARING H42324, Specifications :

    FLAWBV5- 10- ZZA

    XPF- L Spare parts

    Company Contact:

    • Phone: 86075527801389

    • Address: 2nd floor 4th building 3rd Fuan industry Dayang de, shenzhen, China

    • Email: Email

    Published date: April 26, 2014 -

    • Business Description: Goodluck Electronic Equipment Co.,Ltd.is highly professional in Surface

      Mount Technology area and supports most major brands of electronic

      assembly equipments with a large selections of compatible SMT automotive

      spare parts, such like Fuji, Hitachi, Juki, Panasonic(KME),

      Assembleon(Phillips), Sanyo, SIPLACE(SIEMENS), Universal and Yamaha on a

      quotation basis.

      Staying in competitive in today's SMT assembly marketplace means managing costs and getting the best value for your equipment investment. At Equipment Services, GLEE, we offer you quality used SMT equipment & spare parts at affordable prices, delivered anywhere in the world. Our many years of experience in buying, selling and installing all major brands of used SMT equipment , from single machines to entire factories, from entire equipment to tiny spare parts ,plus our long list of satisfied customers, is your assurance of receiving complete satisfaction when you do business with us.

      Our main service as below

      1.Used SMT equipment

      Before we acquire equipment for resale, it is thoroughly inspected and tested in order to pass our rigorous acceptance standards. Whenever necessary, the equipment is reconditioned and refurbished by a certified factory technician. All equipment leaving our facilities is guaranteed to be fully functional, with no missing parts and in full working condition. We know that unless we provide you with reliable, quality used SMT equipment, we will not have your repeat business the key to our success.

      If you have used SMT equipment you would like to sell, call us to discuss the many options available to you. We can either buy your equipment from you or arrange to sell it for you. Whether you are a small manufacturer selling one machine, or large multinational company selling whole factory lines from different locations throughout the world, we have the experience and expertise necessary to help you dispose of your equipment efficiently and cost effectively.

      2.SMT automotive spare parts

      We have good source and large ready stock for major brand SMT automotive spare parts. Such as, feeder/feeder parts, nozzle/nozzle holder/nozzle shaft, laser sensor, servo motor, driver, controller board, solenoid valve, ball screw, belt, cable, sensor etc.

      3. Repair service for key parts

      We have highly professional engineer back to us to provide repair service for key parts, like laser sensor, servo motor, driver, controller board etc. Quality guaranteed period is offered after repair service. Do you have faulty parts on hand? It costs you not little money to find replacement? Pls just send it to us for repair service. Besides we can also provide replacement for certain parts to you at repair period in case you re in urgent.

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