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Fiberglass Barriers Ground Protection Connected 96kg 1295 - China

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1穿线器 Fiberglass duct rodder, Duct rodder, Duct rod

As one of biggest duct rodder manufacturers in Asia, we provide the

duct rodder with high quality and competitive price. We could produce

from 4 to18mm diameters' duct rodder, and provide duct rodder adding

with copper wire, stainless steel wire for detecting uses. So the duct

rodder is also called Detectable Rodders. According to customers'

requirement, We could produce different length and color duct rodder.

In the world , the duct rodder have different name: Cobra duct

rodder, Pipe Eel, FISH TAPE, Cable Handling Equipment, Cable

Jockey,CONDUIT SNAKES, cables rodder.

The Cobra duct rodder is the highest quality rod, designed for heavy duty applications. The extra strength comes from a unique construction process that ensures greater rigidity and strength, enabling it to endure the additional force required for long duct runs with multiple bends and sweeps.

Duct Rodders are composed of fiber glass rod which was extruded by fiber glass and high strength resin at high temperature. This type of rod has high tensile strength and flexibility. It was covered by a high density polyethylene engineering plastic as its protect layer, which make duct rodder cover sliding on surface, durable, corrosion resistant and has good insulation performance, which make them safe for use in cable occupied duct.

High Density polyethylene (Grade: for the insulating and jacketing of Telecommunication Cables) is used in the outer diameter coating. Duct Rodder

Duct Rodders will equipped with different size reel according to the length of rod. There are wheels on the reel, which make it convenient for moving.

1-Light weight, durable, resistance to acid, alkali, aging resistant, corrosion resistant.

2-High tensile strength and bending properties, which make it to go through narrow pipes easily.

3-Good temperature adaptability, the product will not soften in hot weather/nor become brittle in cold weather. Its usability will not be affected by temperature. 4-Outer protect layer are made of high density polyethylene engineering plastic, which has good anti-UV capability.

5-Cover was coated with long-term UV-resistant polyethylene.

6-Its surface has the advantage of smooth, wear-resistant and long service life.

7-There are meter marks on the protect layer of duct rodder, which can be used for measuring distance. Marks are printed by professional printing machine, which has the advantage of strong adhesion, clear writing, waterproof, anti-ultraviolet, it can be still clear even after using many times.

8-There are several kinds of colors for the rod for your chosen.

1 - Glass Reinforced Composite core:

General properties

Property Duct Rodder Value Duct Rodder

Keinforcement E-Glass Fiber

Glass Content of Inner Part 75-80%

Material of Pulling Rod Epoxy fiber glass (inner)

High density Polyethylene(outer)

Density >1.9 gr/cm3

Diameter Tolerance ± 0.10mm

Work situation temperature - 40 0C to +800C

Mechanical properties

Property Value

Minimum pulling strength 4000 N±5%

Tensile Modulus >30000 Mpa

Consistency of rod 150gr/m±5%

Flexural Modulus >30000 Mpa

Elongation at Break 2.5-3%

Min. Bending Radius 400mm

Water Absorption <0.15% after 24 hr.

2 - Polyethylene cover


Medium Density Polyethylene Resin for the insulating and jacketing of Telecommunication Cables.

Property Value

Tensile Strength >15N/mm2

Environmental Stress & crack resistance >1000 hr.

Heat Stability OK.

Carbon Black OK.


Pulling grip, Support grip, Cable grip

Mesh pulling-grips are used for pulling overhead or underground cable, for stringing service or communications lines into buildings, for pulling wire through conduit, and for general underground construction.

Pulling grips may be used for pulling bare or insulated wires, and wire rope. They install quickly and easily, and are designed to pass readily through ducts, conduit, blocks and sheaves.

Pulling grips are reusable and do not damage the cable because pulling tension remains uniform along the length of the grip. The mesh will fit either a single cable, or a bundle of cables. pulling grips are woven of galvanized steel - strong and long lasting.

There are three basic types of pulling grips, together with a choice of wire mesh types and lengths to meet a wide variety of pulling requirements:

No. Applicable diameter Rated load Length

Scd-01 6-13mm 900 kg 300 mm

Scd-02 12-19mm 1590 kg 550 mm

Scd-03 19-25mm 2120 kg 600 mm

Scd-04 25-38mm 2560 kg 700 mm

Scd-05 7-12mm 300 kg 315 mm

Scd-06 13-18mm 400 kg 365 mm

Scd-07 18-24mm 600 kg 365 mm

Scd-08 25-35mm 700 kg 465 mm

Scd-09 35-48mm 1100 kg 535 mm

Scd-010 49-60mm 2000 kg 715 mm

Scd-011 60-75mm 2000 kg 830 mm

Scd-012 75-90mm 2500 kg 930 mm

Scd-013 90-115mm 2500 kg 1045 mm

Scd-014 110-135mm 3000 kg 1170 mm

Scd-015 130-150mm 3000 kg 1295 mm

Single-head, double strand cable socks

No. Applicable diameter Rated load Length

Scs-01 10-20mm 1860 kg 600 mm

Scs-02 20-30mm 2256 kg 600 mm

Scs-03 30-40mm 3696 kg 600 mm

Scs-04 40-50mm 5490 kg 600 mm

Scs-05 50-65mm 5490 kg 600 mm

Scs-06 65-80mm 7320 kg 600 mm

Scs-07 80-95mm 7320 kg 600 mm

Scs-08 95-110mm 10613 kg 900 mm

Scs-09 12-16mm 800 kg 1300 mm

Scs-010 16-20mm 1000 kg 1300 mm

Scs-011 20-25mm 1200 kg 1300 mm

Scs-012 25-37mm 2400 kg 1400 mm

Scs-013 37-50mm 1600 kg 1400 mm

Scs-014 50-60mm 1800 kg 2000 mm

Scs-015 60-80mm 2000 kg 2000 mm

Scs-016 80-100mm 2500 kg 2000 mm

Scs-017 100-120mm 3000 kg 2000 mm


Cable Rollers, Cable Pulling Rollers, Cable Guides

Cable rollers and cable pulling equipment for the DNO, cable laying contractor and electricity supply industry - this includes straight cable rollers, corner cable rollers, triple cable rollers and specialist cable rollers for pulling underground cables into trenches and ducts up to 33kV.

Cable rollers should always be used when pulling cables.

Straight cable runs are pulled in using straight cable rollers suitably placed in the cable trench to prevent the cable being dragged on the trench bottom or in mud-cable roller spacing is dependent on cable type being laid and the cable pulling tension along the route. Leading cable rollers are used to support the cable over the entire drum width immediately before being pulled into the trench.

Cable laying applications with bends in the route require skid plates of a radius greater than the cables minimum dynamic bending radius.

Cable Rollers:For cables up to diameter 150mm.

Cat. No. Rated Load (kN) Construction Weight (kg)

CR0110 10 Cast aluminum frame, aluminum (nylon) roller 5.4/3.6

CR0111 10 Steel tubing frame, aluminum (nylon) roller 4.5/3.1

CR0112 10 Steel tubing, long legs, aluminum (nylon) roller 5.8/4.2

CR0113 10 Steel plate base, aluminum (nylon) roller 5.5/3.7

CR0114 10 Steel tubing frame, aluminum (nylon) roller 4.7/3.3

CR0115 10 Steel tubing frame, aluminum (nylon) roller 4.7/3.3

Corner Roller:Frames of corner rollers are linked together with stake pins to form a suitable bend to guide cables around the corner. (In the right pictures, three corner rollers are linked together)

Cat. No. Rated Load (kN) Max. Cable Dia. (mm) Weight (kg)

CR0116 10 150 11

CR0117 10 150 15

Manhole Rollers:Mounted on the verge of manhole to protect cables and pulling ropes.

Cat. No. Rated Load (kN) Weight (kg)

CR0118 10 10.8

Multi-Roller:Used to protect the cable when it enter or run out of a manhole. Easy to use.

Cat. No. Rated Load (kN) Weight (kg)

CR0120 10 10.8

Multi-Roller:Used to protect the cable when it enter or run out of a manhole. Easy to use.

Cat. No. Rated Load (kN) Weight (kg)

CR0125 80 3.3

CR0126 90 3.5

CR0127 100 3.8

CR0128 130 6

CR0129 150 7.2


Cable Pusher, Cable Laying Equipment , cable conveyor

The 20kN top-mount version is designed to grip cable from 50 –140mm in diameter and push (or pull) it by driving it through two caterpillar tracks that grip the wall of the cable with rubber shoes. Using an electrical control pendant, the operator has full remote control of the pusher. This pendant is connected to the unit by 5 metres of cable allowing the operator to observe and control the cable pusher from an optimum vantage point. All parameters of the pusher are adjustable to give the machine the largest possible envelope, maximise its versatility and ensure that cables are not damaged through bruising or buckling.

Cable Conveyor is a kinds of power cables /communication cable electrical laying machinery.

Cable conveyor adopt reasonable slow-down structure, which process stable speed, constant traction feature and can add intelligent control device so that fulfill fixed speed and fixed torque digital control.

cable conveyor is a kind of cable laying traction equipment sets .It consists of

traction head and up frame, etc.

It not only applied for traction power cable, communication cable and aerial wire, also for other tranction fields.It can be used alone or coordinated with our company other conveying sets.

Model No. Motor Power (KW) Convey Diameter(CM) Rated Force(KN) Pull linespeed


DCS-3 0.75X2 40-140 3 8

DSC-5 1.1x2 40-160 5 8

DSC-5B 1.5X2 40-180 8 8

Cable Diameter Max. Adjustable clamping force ≤2.7KN

Specification DCS-3 DSC-5 DSC-5B

Dimension 880X500X400 980X500X420 1018X500X420

Weight(kg) 168 198 208


Cable Block, Cable lifter , Cable Sheave

We can provide all kinds of Hook Sheave& Cable Block& Current Tools with first-glass art. We produce not only Cable Puller Hook Sheave Pulley&Cable Block Hook Sheave&Current Tools Hook Sheave according to customers requirement or produce according to the customer initial sample draft.


Usage:used in protecting fiber optic cable, OPGW or ADSS.

Advantage:1, Slot at the bottom of the wheel is equipped with a small groove, the design is to protect fiber optic cable.

2, MC nylon wheel materials for die casting , do not damage the surface of fiber opticcable.

3, Specification:

Rated Load:10KN ,

maximum cable diameter 80mm,

dimension 150*70*100*R41mm

hook opening 24mm, nylon wheel , and one side can open .


Cable drum lifting jack, Cable Drum Jacks

Product No.: DL011

Product name: Trapezoidal and hydraulic cable drum jack

Application: applied in the supporting of cable drum. With trapezoidal structure, it can be applied in different kinds of reel specification. Hydraulic lifting make it lift easily, trundles installed on the bottom make it easy to move, simple operation, secure and durable.

Product No. Rated load Applicable drum diameter Applicable drum width Axle bar diameter Dead weight

DL011-3 3T φ700mm-φ2100mm ≤1500mm φ60mm 90kg

DL011-5 5T φ700mm-φ2400mm ≤1700mm φ76mm 130kg

DL011-10 10T φ700mm-φ3200mm ≤1800mm φ120mm 210kg

Cable drum lifting jack & Cable Drum Jacks

Product No.: DL013

Product name: Trapezoidal cable drum jack (mechanical type)

Application: applied in the supporting of cable drum when laying cable. Manual-drive and mechanical jacking equipment saves time and labor a lot. With trapezoidal structure, it can be applied in different kinds of reel specification. Trundles installed on the bottom make it easy to move. Cable Handling Equipment&HYDRAULIC CABLE JACK SET

Product No. Rated load Applicable drum diameter Applicable drum width Axle bar diameter Dead weight

DL013-3 3T φ700mm-φ2100mm ≤1500mm φ60mm 96kg

DL013-5 5T φ700mm-φ2400mm ≤1700mm φ76mm 137kg

DL013-10 10T φ700mm-φ3200mm ≤1800mm φ120mm 219kg


Fiberglass barriers, ground protection

Expanding barriers are the easy and economical method to protect your business and improve security and safety at your factory and workplace. Current legislation places responsibility on all businesses to ensure the health and safety of staff and the public.

Made of Durable plastic, this easy to handle barrier is an ideal safety or traffic control unit. It is durable, maintenance free, temperature resistant, and will not damage or scratch floors. This barricade can link together with other like units for additional security. Some minor assembly is required.

Frp fencing grating&frp grating&tensile fence&fiberglass extension fence

Expandable barrier&extensible fence&retractable barrier


Our frp fences are assembled with all kinds of frp profiles such as : square tube, rectangular tube, I-beam, round tube and round bar, etc.

2) Our frp fences can be connected with frp joint piece, glue or inside block.

3) Our frp fences have a lot of special properties: light weight, high strength, smooth surface, UV protection, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation, rich color, low maintenance, easy installation etc.

4) We can design and produce all kinds of frp fences according to customer requirement.

Fiberglass Barriers Ground Protection

Feel free to contact us with all your questions

Company Contact:

  • Phone: 863165693583

  • Address: East Industrial Zone, North Loop Road, Bazhou, He, Bazhou, China

  • Email: Email

Published date: September 7, 2012 -

  • Business Description: Founded in 1998, Dpair Tools locates in Bazhou of Hebei province, 90km away from Beijing, the transportation is quite convenient. It covers an area of 9600 square meters, has three independent production plants, and maintains good cooperative relationship with many domestic and foreign construction tool production enterprises. Dpair Tools is a comprehensive enterprise that integrates independent production and agency factor in to a whole, mainly produces and sales electric power, communication, lifting and insulation etc. construction tools.
    Dpair Tools has more than 30 series, 1000 kinds of products. The main products are: fiberglass duct rodder, cable roller, cable drum jack, cable puller, wire grip, cable drum trailer, cable pulling equipment, wire and cable scissors, busbar machining tool, lifting tackles, security and insulated tools, etc. The product mainly applies in the electric power, railroad, water conservation, communication and many departments. Depending on reliable quality and reasonable price, Dpair Tools was highly appraised by its clients. Our products were exported to Chile, Saudi Arabia, Mauritius, Ethiopia, Britain, US, Japan, Australia, Hungary, etc.
    The advanced inspection equipment, scientific management and reasonable manufacturing process flow has guaranteed the leading position of our products in the same industry. Dpair Tools advocates the operation philosophy of producing over value goods for users, providing over value service for sellers. Always pursuit succinct, high efficiency and insists the tenet of prestige first and user supreme, to provide high quality products for the market.
    The Honest, hard working and hospitable Dpair people welcome customers home and abroad come to our company and give us precious suggestions.
    Dpair Tools now honestly invites general regional agent, agent and dealer to join us. Please consult the sales department of Dpair Tools for detailed information.

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