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  • Keller Swiss Built Series 23s 25s High Accuracy Compact Pressure Transmitter - China

    price: contact company for price

    The Series 23S / 25S features a fully welded pressure port construction,

    no internal O- Rings or seals are used up to 600 bar. Pressure ranges,

    pressure ports, signal outputs, electrical connectors, etc. Quality Each

    transmitter is subjected to severe test- and calibration procedures.

    Transmitters are manufactured and tested according to ISO 9001: 2000.


    Pressure Ranges ( FS) in Bar

    PR- 23 S / PR- 25 SÂ Â G1/ 2! Â - 1Â - 0, 5Â - 0, 2Â 0, 2Â 0, 5Â 1Â 2Â 5Â 10Â 20

    PAA- 23 S / PAA- 25 SÂ Â G1/ 2! Â Â Â Â Â 0, 5Â 1Â 2Â 5Â 10Â Â 20

    PA- 23 SÂ Â Â Â Â Â Â Â 1Â 2Â 5Â 10Â 20Â 50Â 100Â 200Â 400Â 600 1000

    PA- 25 S / PA- 25 TABÂ Â G1/ 2! Â Â Â Â Â Â 1Â 2Â 5Â 10Â 20Â 50Â 100Â 200Â 400

    This piezoresistive pressure transmitter fits 19 mm ( 3/ 4”) manifold pressure ports for applications in bio- reactors or autoclaves. The transmitter is compensated up to 150 °C and may be operated continuously or sterilised at this level, including the special circuit electronics. The transmitter circuit is based on the “PROGRES” programmable KELLER amplifier.

    This piezoresistive high temperature transmitter ( - transducer) is suited for media temperatures up to 300! aC. The pressure, acting onto the flush diaphragm, is transferred over an oil- fille capillary onto the silicon measuring cell. The capillary has the function of a cooling spiral. When measuring media with temperatures of 300! aC, the temperature at the silicon cell onl

    increases by 100! aC. The integrated amplifier electronics provide a voltage- or current signa proportional to the pressure.

    For highly aggressive media, KELLER offers pressure ports in different materials.


    PA( A) 25HTC PAA: Zero at Vacuum  PA: Zero at 1bar absolute

    PR- 25HTC PR: Â Â Vented Gauge

    This high precision of 0, 01 % FS is available as an option ( the standard Series 33 X has an accuracy of 0, 05 % FS) . These Series are based on the stable, floating piezoresisitive transducer and the newly developed XEMICS micro- processor with integrated 16 bit A/ D converter. Temperature dependencies and non- linearities of the sensor are mathematically compensated.


    Standard Pressure Ranges ( FS) and Overpressure in bar

    PR 33 X / PD 33 X / PR 35 XÂ Â 1 3 10 30

    PA( A) 33 X / PA( A) 35 X 0, 8…1, 2 1 3 10 30 100 300 700 1000

    Overpressure 2 2 5 20 60 200 400 1000 1000

    Overpr. referential pressure side PDÂ Â 2 5 7 20

    PD, static line pressure*

    standard / high Pressure 200 bar / 600 bar

    Standard Pressure Ranges ( FS) and Overpressure in Bar

    PR- 33 X Ei, PR- 35 X Ei,

    PR/ PA( A) - 36 XW Ei 1 3 10 30

    PA( A) - 33 X Ei, PA( A) - 35 X Ei 0, 8…1, 2 3 10 30 100 300 700 1000

    Swiss- Built Series 35X HT- HTT High temperature high accuracy analog digital output pressure transmitter Piezoresistive pressure transmitter for applications in bio- reactors or autoclaves. The transmitter is compensated up to 150 °C and may be operated continuously or sterilised at this level, including the special circuit electronics. The transmitters are supplied in absolute or gauge versions, with current or voltage output. The sensing component is a micro- machined silicon pressure chip of high sensitivity. An independent temperature sensor is integrated on the surface of the silicon chip.


    PR 35 X HTC 3 10 30

    PAA 35 X HTC 3 10 30 100 300 1000

    In applications where the differential pressure is more than 5% of the maximum standard pressure range, differential pressure measurement with two absolute pressure sensors offers major advantages over conventional methods of differential pressure measurement ( such as the Series PD- 10) . The Series PD- 39 X does not measure the differential pressure directly - instead, it uses two absolute pressure sensors to take the measurement indirectly. As well as reducing costs, this differential pressure transmitter is also more robust in relation to unbalanced ( one- sided) overloading. The differential pressure range should be at least 5% of the standard pressure range.

    The Econoline by Keller America is a general purpose pressure transmitter intended for almost any application involving aggressive media and where small size, weight, and low cost are required. This proven design utilizes a media isolated, piezoresistive silicon sensor, a design known to be highly reliable in thousands of applications around the globe. Combined with state- of- the- art signal conditioning electronics, the result is a robust transmitter that will provide trouble free service and

    accurate results. For more information on the Econoline, or any other Keller product, please con- tact Keller America, or view the entire.

    The Preciseline by Keller America pro- vides standard features that far exceed those of comparably priced transmit-

    ters by combining proven piezoresistive silicon sensor technology with Keller! ˉs state- of- the- art signal conditioning cir-

    cuitry. The result is outstanding ! Ã 0.25% FS standard ( ! Ã 0.1% optional) Total Error Band ( TEB) accuracy over a wide com-

    pensated temperature range. The ability of the Preciseline to provide this level of sustained performance over a wide range of operating condi- tions makes it ideally suited to pressure monitoring applications such as tank level measurement, pump control, and VFD control. Plus, guaranteed lightning protection makes this transmitter ideal for installation in areas prone to chronic damage due to transients caused by lightning.

    Series 23 ( S) Ei, 25 ( S) Ei and 26 Ei pressure transmitters are all ATEX approved for use in Hazardous Areas where there is a high risk of explosion. Series 23 Ei / 26 Ei The Series 23 Ei / 26 Ei achieve high stability ( especially in low pressure ranges) with large piezoresistive capsules and stress- free, floating mountings with O- rings. Series 23 S Ei / 25 Ei / 25 S Ei

    The 23 S Ei / 25 Ei / 25 S Ei offer a complete range of „Ported“ and „Flush Diaphragm“ pressure transmitters for ranges of 1bar and above. Still giving high stability and accuracy but without any internal O- rings. This is achieved using either an all welded 316L stainless steel housing and diaphragm or an all welded 316L housing fitted with a brazed Nickel diaphragm.

    – A complete range Absolute, barometric, gauge ( positive and negative) . 16 nominal pressure ranges. Current or voltage output.

    – Flexibility A modular concept is used, with fast and economical production achieved by using off- theshelf sensors. Numerous options and variations are available to meet customers’ specific requirements: Pressure ranges, mechanical- and electrical interface, process- and plug connection, signal outputs etc.

    – Reliability / QualityÂ

    Each transmitter is subjected to severe test- and calibration procedures. Transmitters are manufactured and tested according to ISO 9001.

    PR/ PAA- 23 Ei, PR/ PAA- 25 Ei / 26 Ei - 1 - 0, 5 - 0, 3 0, 3 0, 5 1 2 5 10 20

    PR/ PAA- 23 S Ei, PR/ PAA- 25 S Ei       2 5 10 20

    PA- 23 Ei, PA- 25 Ei      1 2 5 10 20 50 100 200 400 600 1000

    PA- 23 S Ei      2 5 10 20 50 100 200

    PA- 25 S Ei      2 5 10 20

    69. Murphy pressure transmitter Direct Mount Pressure Switch Model PSB PD8100 Series, PXT- K Series

    The PSB switch is a direct mount switch for critical pressure points. It has one limit contact that can be used to activate an alarm, actuate indicator lights or shutdown equipment.

    The construction of this instrument is the same as our time- proven Swichgage® instrument. A precision machined brass mounting plate and port captures a high quality stamped beryllium copper diaphragm. The single- pole, double- throw ( SPDT) snap- switch is operated directly from the diaphragm for quick acting and positive switching. Trip point is factory preset according to your specifications.

    Housing is weather sealed to prevent entry of moisture, dust, etc. A glass- filled nylon terminal block with quick screw terminal connections gives the PSB switch a real advantage in industrial engine applications. The PSB is ideal when reading is not desired, but pressure is critical to operational efficiency.

    Intended for use in general purpose nonclassified areas.


    • Fits all engine applications

    • SPDT snap- switch

    • Activates indicator lights, alarms, or shut down equipment

    • Time- proven SWICHGAGE® construction

    • Easy wiring terminal block

    • Steel housing specially coated to resist corrosion

    • Factory preset to your specifications


    • Engine lubrication

    • Water pumps

    • Compressors

    • Oil field systems

    • Irrigation systems

    • Construction equipment

    • Light- duty mobile equipment

    • Marine engines

    • Generators features

    • Limit Switch for Critical Pressure

    • Operate Alarms or Shutdown Equipment

    • SPDT Snap- Acting Switch

    • Fits Most Engine Applications

    Housing: Plated steel.

    Pressure Connection: 1/ 8- 27 NPT, Brass.

    Diaphragm: Formed beryllium copper ( heat treated) .

    Pulsation Dampener: Brass ( it is removable for cleaning)

    Terminal Block: Three # 4- 40 screws.

    Accuracy: Trip point: ±3% of full scale. Switch reset differential: ±7% of full scale.

    Repeatability: ±1% of full scale.

    Contact Rating: SPDT 3 A @ 30 VDC inductive.

    Temperature Range:

    • Ambient: - 40°F ( - 40°C) thru 150°F ( 66°C) .

    • Process: - 40°F ( - 40°C) thru 250°F ( 121°C) .

    Pressure Range: Specify from 0- 400 psi ( 0- 2.76 MPa) [ 0- 27.58 bar] .

    Contact: Operates on rising or falling pressure ( specify) .

    Shipping Weight: 8 oz. ( 0.25 kgs) .

    Shipping Dimensions: 3 in. ( 76 x 70 x 70 mm) .

    The PD8100 Series eliminates pointer flutter on pressure indicating SWICHGAGE® devices which are subject to pulsating pressure from reciprocating pumps or compressors. It also allows a close setting of high and low contact points providing for more accurate pressure indication and control of equipment.

    The PD8100 Series decreases wear on geared movements and increases the life of pressure indicating instruments by eliminating excessive gage strain and unnecessary movement. A necessity which quickly pays for itself by protecting any pressure indicating and control instrument which is subject to pulsation.


    Quality built with a large diameter valve stem wheel for ease of adjustment with clearly printed operating instructions. Machined from 1- 3/ 8 in. ( 35 mm) hex bar stock. A two degree taper on valve and stem assure positive dampening.

    Available in brass, carbon steel, 303 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel to meet pressure and environmental requirements with either 1/ 2 NPT or 1/ 4 NPT inlet connections.

    • Used on Controllers, Instruments and Recorders to Dampen Pressure Pulsation

    • Eliminate Gage Pointer Flutter

    • Aids in Providing More Accurate Pressure Indication

    • Decreases wear on a Gage’s Geared Movement


    PD8183: All wetted parts are Brass.

    Rated to 3, 000 psi ( 20.68 MPa) [ 206.80 bar] .

    PD8184: All wetted parts are Carbon steel.

    Rated to 5, 000 psi ( 34.47 MPa) [ 344.70 bar] .

    PD8185: All wetted parts are 303 stainless steel.

    Rated to 10, 000 psi ( 68.95 MPa) [ 689.50 bar] .

    PD8190: All wetted parts are 316 stainless steel.

    Meets NACE standard MR- 01- 75 for direct exposure to H2S.

    Operating Temperature: - 15 to 400°F ( - 26 to 204°C)

    Shipping Weight ( all models) : 2 lbs. ( 0.9 kgs. )

    Shipping Dimensions ( all models) : 3- 1/ 4 in. ( 121 x 121 x 83 mm)

    • 4- 20 mA Output Signal

    • Piezoresistive Pressure Transmitter

    • Corrosion Resistant Construction

    • High Stablity

    The PXT- K Series pressure transmitters are state- of- the- art instruments providing 4- 20 mA output. Each Piezoresistive Pressure Transmitter contains a transducer comprised of a piezoresistive silicon chip mounted on a glass- metal feedthrough header welded into a stainless steel housing and filled with silicone oil; the very thin laser- welded stainless steel isolation- diaphragm completes the front side. Media pressure is transferred from the stainless steel isolation- diaphragm,  via the oil inside the cell, to the silicon measuring chip. This construction, combined with the advanced internal signal conditioning circuitry, results in a rugged instrument with extremely small temperature error and class- leading EMI/ RFI resistance.

    The enclosure and all wetted parts are made of 316L stainless steel to meet NACE MR01- 75.

    Applications: PXT- K Series Pressure Transmitters can be used in applications such as Compressors, Engines, Process Control, Liquid Level and Pumps.

    • Operating Pressure Range: See the part number matrix on the reverse side.

    • Operating Temperature: - 40 to 180°F ( - 40 to 82°C) .

    • Compensated Temperature Range: - 20 to 160°F ( - 29 to 71°C) .

    • Process Connection: 1/ 4 NPT female with 7/ 8” Hex Nut.

    • Electrical Connection ( PXT- K- XXX) : 1/ 2” NPT Male Conduit connection with 60” long cable, vented

    • Enclosure: NEMA 4/ IP65 or better

    • Body: 316L Stainless Steel. Meets NACE MR01- 75.

    • Wetted Parts: 316L stainless steel

    • Environmental Effect ( Humidity) : No effect for 0- 95% ,  Non- condensing

    • Mounting: Transmitter can be installed in any axis.

    • Transmitter position has negligible affect on performance as long as it is perpendicular to the flow being monitored.

    • Shock Resistance: 1000g per IEC 60068- 2- 6 ( Mechanical Shock)

    • Vibration Resistance: 20G per IEC 60068- 2- 6 ( Vibration under resonance)

    • Wiring Protection: Protected against reverse polarity and short circuit, 48 VDC Maximum

    • Supply Voltage: 8 - 30 VDC ( Typically 24 VDC)

    • Transmitter Output: 4- 20mA, two wire configurations with load characteristics

    • Insulation: Greater than 10MΩ @ 300 VDC

    • Electromagnetic Compatibility ( EMC) : Standards; EN 61000- 6- 2: 2005, EN 61000- 6- 3: 2007, EN 61326- 2- 3: 2006

    • Voltage Surge/ Spike Protection: Protection against a 600

    • Volt spike per IEC 60- 2

    • Shipping Weight: 6.5 ounces

    • Applicable Standards:

    â—¦ NACE MR0175 Compliant with the requirements

    â—¦ CSA ( c/ us) : Class I / II / III, Div 1 , Groups A- F T4

    â—¦ Class I / II / III, Div 2, Groups A- D, F, G T4

    • ATEX:

    â—¦ IBExU 10 ATEX 1124 X

    â—¦ II 1G Ex ia IIC T6- T4

    â—¦ II 3G Ex nA IIC T6

    PXT series ( 4- 20ma)

    PXT- K series ( 4- 20ma)

    05705320 PXT- 30V30WC 05707730 PXT- K- 30V30WC 05707354 PXT- 30V30 05707731 PTX- K- 30V30 05707355 PXT- 30V100 05707732 PXT- K- 30V100 05705064 PXT- 15 05707733 PXT- K- 15

    05705065 PXT- 60 05707734 PXT- K- 60 05707356 PXT- 100 05707735 PXT- K- 100 05705066

    PXT- 200 05707736 PXT- K- 200 05705067 PXT- 300 05707737 PXT- K- 300 05707357 PXT- 400

    05707738 PXT- K- 400 05705068 PXT- 600 05707739 PXT- K- 600 05707358 PXT- 1000 05707740 PXT- K- 1000 05707359 PXT- 2000 05707741 PXT- K- 2000 05705069 PXT- 3000 05707742 PXT- K- 3000 05705070 PXT- 5000 05707743 PXT- K- 5000 05705071 PXT- 6000 05707744 PXT- K- 6000

    05706114 PXT- 9000 05707745 PXT- K- 10000

    Company Contact:

    • Phone: 862885218395

    • Address: Huayangnian,huahaoyuan community,Jitou Town, Wuhou, Chengdu, China

    • Email: Email

    Published date: December 6, 2015 -

    • Business Description: Established in 2003, Contranspower Co., Ltd was an integrated trading, technology and service company engaged in retail and wholesale of international automotive products, imported hydraulic and pneumatic components, instruments, meters and various kinds of valves and valve accessories. With establishing partnerships with many international leading manufactures, we can provide customers with a comprehensive range of high quality services from process control valve accessories, petroleum and chemical instruments and meters to industrial automation.We possess extensive knowledge in technical requirements of related projects and capacity in equipment selection. We has leading expertise in petroleum and natural gas, petroleum chemical, refining, pulp and paper manufacture, water treatment and various process industries. The company is the agent for following recognized international brands:Parker Automatic, USA (hydraulic, pneumatic, EMD, CIC, instruments and meters, flow connectors, etc.); explosion proof solenoid valves from ASCO (USA), Kaneko, Konan SMC and CKD (Japan); electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic drives from TYCO BIFFI (USA); Cameron combined hydraulic pneumatic mechanisms, limit switches from WESTLOCK, AVID, HONEWELL (UK) and AZBIL(Japan), valve position controllers from ABC, Siemens, SMC and AZBIL;Borsch Rexroth (Germany), FESTO hydraulic and pneumatic components and Nass coils (German) and so on.
      In industrial automation area, the company offers following leading products and services:
      Valves, actuators and accessories (mainly for project cooperation)
      The company is the selling agent for flow drives (with imported BIFFI) from Cameron and Tyco (USA); Ledeen pneumatic actuators and electrical actuators, and pneumatic hydraulic interlocked actuating mechanism; TYCO AVID valve accessories: filter regulator, solenoid valve; Westlock and AVID value limit switch;and electrical/pneumatic and pneumatic/pneumatic localizers from ABB, Siemens, SMC, AZBIL (Japan) and YAMATAKE.We also can collaborate with customers in projects with selecting high quality and proven products and supplying complete equipments according to customer specific requirements.
      Automatic instruments (including project cooperation)
      To provide instruments, meters, automatic devices, filters, flow connectors, seals, etc. components and parts from the international industrial leader Parker (Parker Hannifin);ASCO explosion proof solenoid valves; Honeywell limit switches (USA), Herion explosion proof solenoid valve (Germany), and transformers, transducers, rasters, isolated gates, flow meters and controllers from TURCK, P+F, Burkert and other domestic and international recognized manufacturers.
      Parker, BEKO etc. imported complete filter series and flow detection products
      Only for filter, we can provide more than 5000 kinds of interchangeable components and parts of different brands and provide spare parts supporting services.
      Pneumatic components and generic flow controlling valves
      Products from Usa, German, Japan, UK and Korean leading manufactures such as PARKER, ASCO JOUCOMAITC, BOSCH, AIRTEC, KANEKO, SMC, CKD, NORGREN, FESTO and YTC; and equivalent products of domestic leading manufacturers.These products includes various solenoid valves, pneumatic valves, proportioning valves (flow pressure), cylinders, special cylinders, pressure switches, sensors and filter/pressure regulator assemblies.
      Hydraulic components and parts and medium small sized system retrofitting
      Hydraulic components and parts and whole sets of Parker hydraulic (including engineering hydraulic), Bosch Rexroth, Atos, Rexroth China, Vickers, Moog and equivalents of domestic manufacturers.We also provide medium small sized system retrofitting services for customers in Sichuan and adjacent provinces.
      We hope to have the opportunity to work with you and we will make every effort to satisfy your requirements!

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