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  • Norgren Solenoid Valves - China

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    Norgren 2401103380302450 direct solenoid actuated poppet



    Main application: single operated process actuators

    T? ? V- approval based on IEC 61 508, DIN V 19 251. Approvals:

    DIN EN 161/ 3394 DVGW, group Rm and EN 13611

    Valves for safety systems to SIL 4 or AK 7

    Standard NAMUR type manifold system for easy assembly

    Redundancy: 1 of 2, 2 of 3

    Valve switches at power failure into starting position

    ( mechanical return spring)

    Rest position in the event of power failure provided by

    mechanical return spring

    These solenoids are ATEX approved

    Suitable for outdoor use under critical environment


    Flow: 340 l/ min

    Operation: 3/ 2

    Port size: G1/ 4


    Medium: Aggressive gases and liquids; Neutral gases and

    liquid fluids

    Maximum operating pressure: 10.0 bar

    Operating pressure: 0.0 . . . 10.0 bar

    Operating temperature: - 25.0 . . . 60.0 ? °C

    Electrical connection: DIN EN 175301- 803

    Protection class: IP65

    Flow direction: Optional

    Material: Brass; NBR

    Material - Body: Brass; Anodised aluminium; Stainless steel

    ( 1.4404/ 316)

    Material - Seat seal: NBR

    Norgren 2401103380302450

    Norgren 2401103426123050

    Norgren 2401103466002400

    Norgren 2401107080002400

    Norgren 2401107380323050

    Norgren 2401109080002400

    Norgren 2401109380323050

    Norgren 2401109426123050

    Norgren 2401112466002400

    Norgren 2401112466023050

    Norgren 2401119080002400

    Norgren 2401119380323050

    Norgren 2401126380323050

    Norgren 2401126426002400

    Norgren 2401138080002400

    Norgren 2401138380323050

    Norgren 2401138426123050

    Norgren 2401147080002400

    Norgren 2401147380323050

    Norgren 2401191080002400

    Norgren 2401191380323050

    Norgren 9500100024602400

    Norgren 9500100320623050

    Norgren 9500300422002400

    Norgren 9500400423002400

    Norgren 9501400080002400

    Norgren 9501400380323050

    Norgren 9501500080002400

    Norgren 9501500380323050

    Norgren 9501600380323050

    Norgren 9502210024602400

    Norgren 9502210320623050

    Norgren 9600210070002400

    Norgren 9600240070002400

    Norgren 9600240370323050

    Norgren 9600240423002400

    Norgren 9600320020002400

    Norgren 9600320320423050

    Norgren 9600320422002400

    Norgren 9600340370323050

    Norgren 9600340423002400

    Norgren 9601430082702400

    Norgren 9601430380523050

    Norgren 9601440380323050

    Norgren 9601540380323050

    Norgren 9601544080002400

    Norgren 9601544380323050

    Norgren 9602210080002400

    Norgren 9602210320623050

    Norgren 9602210380323050

    Norgren 9602340070002400

    Norgren 9602340370323050

    Norgren 9602340423002400

    Norgren 9602440080002400

    Norgren 9602440380323050

    Norgren 9500200320623050

    Norgren 9502310320623050

    Norgren 9500400370323050

    Norgren 2401103426002400

    Norgren 2401138466002400

    Norgren 9500400070002400

    Norgren 9600210320623050

    Norgren 9602210024602400

    Norgren 2401109426002400

    Norgren 9600340070002400

    Norgren 9501600080002400

    Norgren 9502310024602400

    Norgren 9601540080002400

    Norgren 2401126080002400

    Norgren 9601440080002400

    Norgren 9500200024602400

    Norgren 9500300320423050

    Norgren 2401103380323050

    Norgren 2401138426002400

    Norgren 9500300020002400

    Norgren 9600210024602400

    Norgren 2401103080002400

    Norgren V04A286M- B622A

    Norgren V04A286M- B626A

    Norgren V04A286M- B628A

    Norgren V04A386L- B622A

    Norgren V04A386L- B624A

    Norgren V04A386L- B626A

    Norgren V04A386L- B629A

    Norgren V04A486L- B622A

    Norgren V04A486L- B624A

    Norgren V04A486L- B626A

    Norgren V04X486L- B622A

    Norgren V04X486L- B624A

    Norgren V04X486L- B626A

    Norgren V05A486M- B632A

    Norgren V05A486M- B634A

    Norgren V05A486M- B636A

    Norgren V05A486M- B638A

    Norgren V05B286N- B433A

    Norgren V05B286N- B434A

    Norgren V05B286N- B436A

    Norgren V05B286N- B438A

    Norgren V05B286N- B439A

    Norgren V05X286M- B632A

    Norgren V05X286M- B634A

    Norgren V05X286M- B636A

    Norgren V05X286M- B638A

    Norgren V05X286M- B639A

    Norgren V05X486M- B632A

    Norgren V05X486M- B636A

    Norgren V05X486M- B638A

    Norgren V05X486M- B639A

    Norgren V04A286M- B624A

    Norgren V04A286M- B629A

    Norgren V04X486L- B623A

    Norgren V04A286M- B623A

    Norgren V05X486M- B634A

    Norgren V04A486L- B628A

    Norgren V04A386L- B628A

    Norgren V04X486L- B628A

    Norgren V05B286N- B432A

    Norgren V05A486M- B639A

    Norgren V05X286M- B633A

    Norgren V04A486L- B629A

    Norgren V04A386L- B623A

    Norgren V04X486L- B629A

    Norgren V05X486M- B633A

    Norgren V04A486L- B623A

    Norgren V05A486M- B633A

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MAZ/ 12J/ T2

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MAZ/ 12J/ T3

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MAZ/ 12J/ T4

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MAZ/ 12J/ T5

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MAZ/ 12J/ T6

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MAZ/ 13J/ T2

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MAZ/ 13J/ T3

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MAZ/ 13J/ T4

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MAZ/ 13J/ T5

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MAZ/ 13J/ T6

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MAZ/ 14J/ T2

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MAZ/ 14J/ T3

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MAZ/ 14J/ T4

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MAZ/ 14J/ T5

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MAZ/ 14J/ T6

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MAZ/ 18J/ T2

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MAZ/ 18J/ T3

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MAZ/ 18J/ T4

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MAZ/ 18J/ T5

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MAZ/ 18J/ T6

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MAZ/ 19J/ T2

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MAZ/ 19J/ T3

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MAZ/ 19J/ T4

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MAZ/ 19J/ T5

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MAZ/ 19J/ T6

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MDZ/ 82J/ T2

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MDZ/ 82J/ T3

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MDZ/ 82J/ T4

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MDZ/ 82J/ T5

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MDZ/ 82J/ T6

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MDZ/ 83J/ T2

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MDZ/ 83J/ T3

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MDZ/ 83J/ T4

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MDZ/ 83J/ T5

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MDZ/ 83J/ T6

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MDZ/ 84J/ T2

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MDZ/ 84J/ T3

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MDZ/ 84J/ T4

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MDZ/ 84J/ T5

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MDZ/ 84J/ T6

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MDZ/ 88J/ T2

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MDZ/ 88J/ T3

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MDZ/ 88J/ T4

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MDZ/ 88J/ T5

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MDZ/ 88J/ T6

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MDZ/ 89J/ T2

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MDZ/ 89J/ T3

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MDZ/ 89J/ T4

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MDZ/ 89J/ T5

    Norgren DM/ 49/ MDZ/ 89J/ T6

    Norgren M/ 49/ MAZ12J

    Norgren M/ 49/ MAZ14J

    Norgren M/ 49/ MAZ/ 18J

    Norgren M/ 49/ MAZ/ 19J

    Norgren M/ 49/ MDZ/ 82J

    Norgren M/ 49/ MDZ/ 88J

    Norgren M/ 49/ MDZ/ 84J

    Norgren M/ 49/ MDZ/ 89J

    Norgren M/ 49/ MDZ/ 83J

    Norgren M/ 49/ MAZ13J

    Norgren 8468000.9150.00000

    Norgren 8466000.9101.23050

    Norgren 8466000.9100.00000

    Norgren 8570000.9400.00000

    Norgren 8570100.9400.00000

    Norgren 8570200830102400

    Norgren 8570200.9401.02400

    Norgren 8570300830102400

    Norgren 8570400940102400

    Norgren 8570701840102400

    Norgren 8570300.9400.00000

    Norgren 8570300.9401.02400

    Norgren 8570400.9400.00000

    Norgren 8570200.9400.00000

    Norgren 8240000910111000

    Norgren 8240000910111050

    Norgren 8240100910102400

    Norgren 8240100910111000

    Norgren 8240100910111050

    Norgren 8240100910123050

    Norgren 8240200910111000

    Norgren 8240200910111050

    Norgren 8240200913602400

    Norgren 8240200913611000

    Norgren 8240200913611050

    Norgren 8240200913623050

    Norgren 8240300910102400

    Norgren 8240300910111000

    Norgren 8240300910111050

    Norgren 8240300911602400

    Norgren 8240300911611000

    Norgren 8240300911611050

    Norgren 8240300911623050

    Norgren 8240400910111000

    Norgren 8240400910111050

    Norgren 8240500.9101.23050

    Norgren 8240600910102400

    Norgren 8240600910111000

    Norgren 8240600910111050

    Norgren 8240700910102400

    Norgren 8240700910111000

    Norgren 8240700910111050

    Norgren 8241000910102400

    Norgren 8241000910111000

    Norgren 8241000910111050

    Norgren 8241000910123050

    Norgren 8273000.9100.00000

    Norgren 8273100.9100.00000

    Norgren 8273300910102400

    Norgren 8273300910111000

    Norgren 8273300910111050

    Norgren 8273300910123050

    Norgren 8273400910102400

    Norgren 8273400910111000

    Norgren 8273400910111050

    Norgren 8273400910123050

    Norgren 8240700.9150.00000

    Norgren 8273400.9100.00000

    Norgren 8240500.9101.02400

    Norgren 8273200.9101.02400

    Norgren 8273300.9100.00000

    Norgren 8240600.9150.00000

    Norgren 8240500.9150.00000

    Norgren 8273200.9100.00000

    Norgren 8240500.9100.00000

    Norgren 8240600.9100.00000

    Norgren 8273200.9101.23050

    Norgren 8240000.9100.00000

    Norgren 8240700.9100.00000

    Norgren 8240400.9100.00000

    Norgren 8240300.9100.00000

    Norgren 8240100.9100.00000

    Norgren 8240200.9100.00000

    Norgren 2221006000000000

    Norgren 2221010000000000

    Norgren 2221106000000000

    Norgren 2221110000000000

    Norgren 2221112000000000

    Norgren 2221206000000000

    Norgren 8026570080002400

    Norgren 8026570080002450

    Norgren 8026572080002400

    Norgren 8026572080002450

    Norgren 8026670080002400

    Norgren 8026670080002450

    Norgren 8026770080002400

    Norgren 8026770080002450

    Norgren V50A611A- A213A

    Norgren V50A6DDA- XA020

    Norgren V50A711A- A213A

    Norgren V50A811A- A213A

    Norgren V51B417A- A2000

    Norgren V51B4D7A- XA090

    Norgren V51B511A- A213J

    Norgren V51B5D7A- XA090

    Norgren V51B5DDA- XA020

    Norgren V51B611A- A213J

    Norgren V51B711A- A2000

    Norgren V51B711A- A213J

    Norgren V52C4D7A- XA090

    Norgren V52C511A- A213J

    Norgren V52C517A- A213J

    Norgren V52C5D7A- XA090

    Norgren V52C611A- A213J

    Norgren V52C6DDA- XA020

    Norgren V52C711A- A213J

    Norgren V52C811A- A213J

    Norgren V53D417A- A213J

    Norgren V53D511A- A213J

    Norgren V53D517A- A2000

    Norgren V53D517A- A213J

    Norgren V53D5D7A- XA090

    Norgren V53D611A- A213J

    Norgren V53D711A- A213J

    Norgren V53D811A- A213J

    Norgren V60A411A- A313J

    Norgren V60A411A- A319J

    Norgren V60A413A- A313J

    Norgren V60A413A- A319J

    Norgren V60A511A- A219J

    Norgren V60A511A- A313J

    Norgren V60A511A- A319J

    Norgren V60A513A- A319J

    Norgren V60A517A- A319J

    Norgren V60A611A- A319J

    Norgren V60A711A- A319J

    Norgren V60A811A- A3000

    Norgren V60A811A- A313J

    Norgren V60A811A- A319J

    Norgren V60AA11A- A313J

    Norgren V60AA11A- A319J

    Norgren V61B313A- A219J

    Norgren V61B411A- A2000

    Norgren V61B411A- A313J

    Norgren V61B411A- A319J

    Norgren V61B413A- A313J

    Norgren V61B413A- A319J

    Norgren V61B511A- A219J

    Norgren V61B511A- A319J

    Norgren V61B611A- A319J

    Norgren V61B711A- A213J

    Norgren V61B711A- A313J

    Norgren V61B711A- A319J

    Norgren V61B811A- A319J

    Norgren V61B8DDA- XA020

    Norgren V61BA11A- A319J

    Norgren V62C411A- A313J

    Norgren V62C411A- A319J

    Norgren V62C413A- A213J

    Norgren V62C413A- A219J

    Norgren V62C413A- A319J

    Norgren V62C417A- A319J

    Norgren V62C4D7A- XA090

    Norgren V62C511A- A219J

    Norgren V62C511A- A319J

    Norgren V62C513A- A319J

    Norgren V62C517A- A313J

    Norgren V62C517A- A319J

    Norgren V62C5D7A- XA090

    Norgren V62C611A- A219J

    Norgren V62C611A- A319J

    Norgren V62C711A- A319J

    Norgren V62C7DDA- XA020

    Norgren V62C811A- A3000

    Norgren V62C811A- A313J

    Norgren V62C811A- A319J

    Norgren V62C8DDA- XA020

    Norgren V62CA11A- A313J

    Norgren V62CA11A- A319J

    Norgren V63D411A- A2000

    Norgren V63D411A- A313J

    Norgren V63D411A- A319J

    Norgren V63D413A- A213J

    Norgren V63D413A- A219J

    Norgren V63D413A- A319J

    Norgren V63D417A- A2000

    Norgren V63D417A- A213J

    Norgren V63D417A- A219J

    Norgren V63D417A- A319J

    Norgren V63D511A- A219J

    Norgren V63D511A- A319J

    Norgren V63D513A- A219J

    Norgren V63D513A- A313J

    Norgren V63D513A- A319J

    Norgren V63D517A- A2000

    Norgren V63D517A- A219J

    Norgren V63D517A- A319J

    Norgren V63D611A- A213J

    Norgren V63D611A- A219J

    Norgren V63D611A- A313J

    Norgren V63D611A- A319J

    Norgren V63D711A- A3000

    Norgren V63D711A- A319J

    Norgren V63D7DDA- XA020

    Norgren 2221012000000000

    Norgren 2221103000000000

    Norgren V50A4D3A- XA090

    Norgren V50A5D3A- XA090

    Norgren V51B811A- A213J

    Norgren V52C411A- A213J

    Norgren V52C417A- A213J

    Norgren V53D411A- A213J

    Norgren V53D611A- A2000

    Norgren V53D6DDA- XA020

    Norgren V60A411A- A2000

    Norgren V60A417A- A319J

    Norgren V60A611A- A313J

    Norgren V60A711A- A313J

    Norgren V61B417A- A219J

    Norgren V61B417A- A319J

    Norgren V61B513A- A319J

    Norgren V61B711A- A219J

    Norgren V61B811A- A313J

    Norgren V62C511A- A213J

    Norgren V62C6DDA- XA020

    Norgren V63D511A- A313J

    Norgren V63D513A- A213J

    Norgren V63D6DDA- XA020

    Norgren V63D711A- A313J

    Norgren 2221204000000000

    Norgren V50A711A- A2000

    Norgren V51B411A- A213J

    Norgren V60A513A- A219J

    Norgren V60A517A- A313J

    Norgren V61B513A- A313J

    Norgren V61B517A- A319J

    Norgren V61B711A- A3000

    Norgren V62C513A- A313J

    Norgren V62C517A- A213J

    Norgren V62C517A- A219J

    Norgren V62C611A- A313J

    Norgren V63D5D7A- XA090

    Norgren 2221102000000000

    Norgren 2221208000000000

    Norgren V50A511A- A213A

    Norgren V61B517A- A313J

    Norgren V61BA11A- A313J

    Norgren V62C413A- A2000

    Norgren V62C711A- A313J

    Norgren V63D511A- A213J

    Norgren V63D611A- A3000

    Norgren 2221008000000000

    Norgren V50A411A- A213A

    Norgren V50A513A- A213A

    Norgren V51B7DDA- XA020

    Norgren V53D5DDA- XA020

    Norgren V62C417A- A313J

    Norgren V63D413A- A313J

    Norgren V63D417A- A313J

    Norgren 2221002000000000

    Norgren V52C5DDA- XA020

    Norgren V52C7DDA- XA020

    Norgren V61B4DDA- XA020

    Norgren V62C611A- A213J

    Norgren V62C711A- A3000

    Norgren 2221108000000000

    Norgren V51B417A- A213J

    Norgren V61B417A- A213J

    Norgren V61B611A- A313J

    Norgren V63D5DDA- XA020

    Norgren V50A5DDA- XA020

    Norgren V51B4DDA- XA020

    Norgren V53D4D7A- XA090

    Norgren V60A417A- A313J

    Norgren V60A511A- A213J

    Norgren V61B811A- A3000

    Norgren V61BA11A- A2000

    Norgren 2221203000000000

    Norgren V53D417A- A2000

    Norgren V53D4DDA- XA020

    Norgren V62C417A- A2000

    Norgren V62C413A- A313J

    Norgren V62C5DDA- XA020

    Norgren V63D511A- A3000

    Norgren 2221202000000000

    Norgren V50A511A- A2000

    Norgren V51B517A- A2000

    Norgren V53D511A- A2000

    Norgren V60A417A- A2000

    Norgren V60A7DDA- XA020

    Norgren V63D517A- A313J

    Norgren V51B6DDA- XA020

    Norgren V62C511A- A313J

    Norgren V53D711A- A2000

    Norgren V61B7DDA- XA020

    Norgren V63D513A- A2000

    Norgren V60AA11A- A2000

    Norgren V60A711A- A3000

    Norgren 2221104000000000

    Norgren V50A4DDA- XA020

    Norgren V61B417A- A313J

    Norgren V62C611A- A3000

    Norgren V50A7DDA- XA020

    Norgren V61B313A- A213J

    Norgren V61B6DDA- XA020

    Norgren V53D8DDA- XA020

    Norgren V52C4DDA- XA020

    Norgren V52C8DDA- XA020

    Norgren V62C411A- A2000

    Norgren V63D4D7A- XA090

    Norgren V50A413A- A2000

    Norgren V61B511A- A213J

    Norgren V61B511A- A313J

    Norgren V61B517A- A219J

    Norgren V50A413A- A213A

    Norgren V62C511A- A3000

    Norgren V53D411A- A2000

    Norgren V63D413A- A2000

    Norgren V62C513A- A219J

    Norgren V53D7DDA- XA020

    Norgren V62C513A- A2000

    Norgren V63D517A- A213J

    Norgren V51B517A- A213J

    Norgren V50A8DDA- XA020

    Norgren V53D811A- A2000

    Norgren V60A4DDA- XA020

    Norgren V61B517A- A213J

    Norgren 2221004000000000

    Norgren V51B8DDA- XA020

    Norgren V60A611A- A3000

    Norgren V51B511A- A2000

    Norgren V60A513A- A313J

    Norgren V61B511A- A3000

    Norgren V61B5D7A- X5090

    Norgren V60A8DDA- XA020

    Norgren V61B417A- A2000

    Norgren V52C811A- A2000

    Norgren 2221003000000000

    Norgren V52C611A- A2000

    Norgren V52C711A- A2000

    Norgren V60A4D7A- XA090

    Norgren V52C411A- A2000

    Norgren V62C513A- A213J

    Norgren V60A513A- A213J

    Norgren V61B4D7A- XA090

    Norgren V61B5D7A- XA090

    Norgren V62CA11A- A2000

    Norgren V60A5D7A- XA090

    Norgren V62C517A- A2000

    Norgren V60A413A- A2000

    Norgren V50A411A- A2000

    Norgren V60A6DDA- XA020

    Norgren V52C417A- A2000

    Norgren V61B513A- A213J

    Norgren V50A811A- A2000

    Norgren V51B411A- A2000

    Norgren V51B811A- A2000

    Norgren V61B413A- A2000

    Norgren V52C511A- A2000

    Norgren V61B513A- A219J

    Norgren V60A511A- A3000

    Norgren V61B611A- A3000

    Norgren V61B517A- A2000

    Norgren V50A513A- A2000

    Norgren V52C517A- A2000

    Norgren V60A517A- A2000

    Norgren V60A5DDA- XA020

    Norgren V61B5DDA- XA020

    Norgren V50A611A- A2000

    Norgren V61B513A- A2000

    Norgren V60A513A- A2000

    Norgren V51B611A- A2000

    Norgren 8256100.8001.02400

    Norgren 8256100.8004.23049

    Norgren 8256200800123050

    Norgren 8256200.8004.23049

    Norgren 8256000.8004.23049

    Norgren 8256000.8001.02400

    Norgren 8253000.8001.23050

    Norgren 8256200.8001.02400

    Norgren 8253200.8001.23050

    Norgren 8253000.8001.02400

    Norgren 8253200.8001.02400

    A& S Solenoid Valve Co. , Ltd Can provide all the kinds of

    solenoid valves and all famous brands of solenoid valves.

    All the types of solenoid valve we can provide as follow.

    Fuel solenoid valves

    Petrol solenoid valves

    Hydraulic solenoid valves

    Natural gas solenoid valves

    Steam solenoid valves

    Gas solenoid valves

    Motorized valves

    Electronic solenoid valves

    Micro solenoid valves

    Wireless solenoid valves

    Liquid solenoid valves

    Fluid solenoid valves

    Vacuum solenoid valves

    Air solenoid valves

    Electric air solenoid valves

    Magnetic solenoid valves

    Washing machine solenoid valves

    Ice maker solenoid valves

    Humidifier solenoid valves

    Hot water solenoid valves

    Shower solenoid valves

    Irrigation solenoid valves

    Sprinkler solenoid valves

    Aquarium solenoid valves

    Cng solenoid valves

    Automotive solenoid valves

    Automatic solenoid valves

    Proportional solenoid valves

    Miniature solenoid valves

    Mini solenoid valves

    Small solenoid valves

    Water solenoid valves

    12v water solenoid valves

    High pressure solenoid valves

    Single solenoid valves

    Direct acting solenoid valves

    Low voltage solenoid valves

    Latching solenoid valves

    Cryogenic solenoid valves

    Co2 solenoid valves

    Oxygen solenoid valves

    Liquid nitrogen solenoid valves

    Submersible solenoid valves

    Food grade solenoid valves

    Manifold solenoid valves

    Orbit solenoid valves

    Pwm solenoid valves

    Pulse solenoid valves

    Dual solenoid valves

    Bistable solenoid valves

    Explosion proof solenoid valves

    Low power solenoid valves

    Timed solenoid valves

    Electromagnetic solenoid valves

    Namur solenoid valves

    A& S Solenoid Valve Co. , Ltd can provide various brands of

    solenoid valve as follow.

    Asco solenoid valves

    Herion solenoid valves

    Parker solenoid valves

    Parker hannifin solenoid valves

    Parker lucifer solenoid valves

    Vickers solenoid valves

    Norgren solenoid valves

    Burkert solenoid valves

    Buschjost solenoid valves

    Rexroth solenoid valves

    BOSCH solenoid valves

    GE solenoid valves

    Airtac solenoid valves

    SMC solenoid valves

    Alcon solenoid valves

    Rotex solenoid valves

    Versa solenoid valves

    Jefferson solenoid valves

    Danfoss solenoid valves

    ODE solenoid valves

    MAC solenoid valves

    Numatics solenoid valves

    Festo solenoid valves

    Camozzi solenoid valves

    Sirai solenoid valves

    Lucifer solenoid valves

    CKD solenoid valves

    Aprilaire solenoid valves

    konan solenoid valves

    Invensys solenoid valves

    Magnetrol solenoid valves

    Sporlan solenoid valves

    Honeywell solenoid valves

    RGS solenoid valves

    Taiyo solenoid valves

    Joucomatic solenoid valves

    Wabco solenoid valves

    Daikin solenoid valves

    Hunter solenoid valves

    Castel solenoid valves

    Martonair solenoid valves

    Waterman solenoid valves

    Gemu solenoid valves

    Saginomiya solenoid valves

    Humphrey solenoid valves

    Bermad solenoid valves

    Nelson solenoid valves

    YPC solenoid valves

    Hydraforce solenoid valves

    Alco solenoid valves

    Wandfluh solenoid valves

    Atos solenoid valves

    Goyen solenoid valves

    Shako solenoid valves

    Yuken solenoid valves

    Uni- d solenoid valves

    Mindman solenoid valves

    Hansen solenoid valves

    Red hat solenoid valves

    Kuroda solenoid valves

    Kaneko solenoid valves

    Koganei solenoid valves

    Ingersoll rand solenoid valves

    Eaton solenoid valves

    Brahma solenoid valves

    Schrader solenoid valves

    Hawe solenoid valves

    Dungs solenoid valves

    Toro solenoid valves

    Hayward solenoid valves

    Swagelok solenoid valves

    Dayton solenoid valves

    Univer solenoid valves

    QUEEN solenoid valves

    HYDAC solenoid valves

    TKC solenoid valves

    DKC solenoid valves

    NCD solenoid valves

    DOFLUID solenoid valves

    PMC solenoid valves

    TPC solenoid valves 2000

    SANWO solenoid valves

    GEMS solenoid valves

    OLAB solenoid valves

    AZ solenoid valves

    TAI- HUI solenoid valves

    UNIWO solenoid valves

    CEME solenoid valves

    COVNA solenoid valves

    Sunward solenoid valves

    TOYOOKI solenoid valves

    REXPOWER solenoid valves

    New- Era solenoid valves

    ARK solenoid valves

    SNACE solenoid valves

    Matrix solenoid valves

    STNC solenoid valves

    CHANTO solenoid valves

    M& M solenoid valves

    BONESI solenoid valves

    SOMMER solenoid valves

    YAMATAKE solenoid valves

    TYCO solenoid valves

    YSC solenoid valves

    Northman solenoid valves

    DELTROL solenoid valves

    MISUMI solenoid valves

    CHELIC solenoid valves

    TACO solenoid valves

    ACL solenoid valves

    7OCEAN solenoid valves

    NEUMA solenoid valves

    UEA solenoid valves

    Dongcunyeya solenoid valves

    Panasontc solenoid valves

    Sunwell solenoid valves

    NORGREN solenoid valves

    SULLAIR solenoid valves

    WAIRCOM solenoid valves

    Elektrogas solenoid valves

    ASHUN solenoid valves

    VENN solenoid valves

    Siemens solenoid valves

    SUN solenoid valves

    COAX solenoid valves

    Jeougang solenoid valves

    Enerpac solenoid valves

    KROM solenoid valves

    GSR solenoid valves

    NACHI solenoid valves

    Emerson solenoid valves

    FSL solenoid valves

    BANICO solenoid valvese

    HINAKA solenoid valves

    TAICIN solenoid valves

    BELLOFRAM solenoid valves

    Autel solenoid valves

    PNEUMAN solenoid valves

    WAM solenoid valves

    Duplomatic solenoid valves

    Cummins solenoid valves

    SHINDENGEN solenoid valves

    THB solenoid valves

    PNEUMAX solenoid valves

    KEIHIN solenoid valves

    Nordson solenoid valves

    TONAB solenoid valves

    MARCHEL solenoid valves

    ORIGA solenoid valves

    Crouzet solenoid valves

    ABB solenoid valves

    HYVAIR solenoid valves

    If you intrested in our products, please feel free to contact


    Company Contact:

    • Phone: 862865825614

    • Address: 2nd Floor,Xinhelinghang Tower,Middle Section Airpo, ChengDu, China

    • Email: Email

    Published date: February 27, 2015 -

    • Business Description: A&S Solenoid Valve CO.,LTD was founded in 2007,which belongs to A&S Machinery Co,Ltd. We aim to supply our clients with the quality products and in time delivery. We procure customers sources. Our sources are the best in their industries complying with domestic and international ,standards and procedures.We have been dispatching products to customer in Japan, South Korea, India, Iran, United States, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Russian Federation, UnitedKingdom, Italy, Spain, Germany, Canada, France, South Africa , Egypt, ect. These brands we can supply: Parker, Burkert, Danfoss, Honeywell, Rexroth, Vickers, CKD, SMC, Sporlan, Festo, Airtac, ect.
      The solenoid valve is industrial equipment controlled by the electromagnetic. In the industrial control system ,they are used to adjust the direction of the medium flow, speed and other parameters. The solenoid valve can be used with different circuit to achieve the desired control, the control accuracy and flexibility can be guaranteed. Solenoid valves play a important role in the different positions of the control system, the most commonly used is the hydraulic solenoid valve, air solenoid valve, water solenoid valve and the purge solenoid valve.
      If any interest in our products,please feel free to contact us by calling,mailing or leaving a message,we will reply you as soon as we get it,hope that we can have a long term cooperating relationship in later.

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