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  • Provide Good Sputtering Targets And Thin Film Coating Materials - China

    price: contact company for price

    Able Target Limited can give you various choice on vacuum

    coating, PVD, CVD materials

    Pure Metal sputtering targets:

    Boron target, magnesium target, scandium target, titanium

    target, vanadium target, chromium target, manganese

    target, cobalt target, nickel target, gallium target, Ge

    target, selenium target, yttrium target, zirconium

    target, niobium target, molybdenum target, ruthenium

    target, rhodium target, palladium target, Silver target, cadmium

    target, indium target, tin target, antimony target, tellurium

    target, hafnium target, tantalum target, tungsten

    target, rhenium target, iridium target, platinum target, gold

    target, lead target, bismuth target, cerium target, Pr

    target, wolfram carbide, terbium target, holmium target, erbium

    target, thulium target and so on.

    Alloy Sputtering Targets:

    Al-Ag target, Al-Si target, Al-Si-Cu target, Ag-Pt target, Ag-

    Cu target, Ce-Gd target, Cu-Ce target, Ce-Sm target, Co-Zr

    target, Co-Cr target, Co-Ni target, Co-Pd target, Co-Fe

    target, Cr-V target,

    Cr-B target, Cr-Cu target, Co-Ni-Cr target, Dy-Fe target, Gd-Fe

    target, Gd-Fe-Co target, Ga-As target, In-Sn target, Ir-Rh

    target, Ir-Pt target, InSb target, La-Y target, La-Fe target, La-

    Ti, MZT (MoTiZr alloy), Ni-Fe target, Ni-Ti target, Ni-V

    target, Ni-Cr target, Nd-Dy-Fe-Co target, NdFeB target, Sm-Fe

    target, Tb-Fe target, TbDyFe target, Ti-Al target, TiNd

    target, TiCo target, Tb-Fe-Co target, Tb-Gd-Fe-Co target, Y-Al

    target, Y-Cr target, Zr-Tb

    target, Zr-Al target, Zr-Cu target, Zr-Y target, Zr-Hf

    target, Zr-Sm target..

    Ceramic Sputtering Targets:

    Al2O3 (aluminum oxide), Al2O3/ZnO (AZO) aluminum zinc oxide,

    WO3, GeO2, BaF2, CaF2, CeO2, CeF3, Dy2O3, Eu2O3, Er2O3, Gd2O3,

    Ho2O3, HoBCO, In2O3/SnO2, ITO, In2O3/ZnO, IZO, IGZO, LaAlO3, LiNbO3,

    LiTaO3, LaF3, MgO, MgF2, Nb2O5, NdF3, Nd2O3, SiO, Sc2O3, SrTiO3, SiO2,


    SmBCO, TiO2, Ta2O5, Y2O3, YF3, YbF3, YBCO, ZnO, ZrO2, ZnS, ZnSe, B4C, Mo

    C2, SiC, WC, Europium oxide(Eu2O3), Gadolinium

    oxideGd2O3), Terbium oxide(Tb4O7), Dysprosium

    oxide(Dy2O3), Holmium oxide Ho2O3), Erbium

    oxide(Er2O3), Thulium oxide(Tm2O3), Ytterbium

    oxide(Yb2O3), Lutetium oxide(Lu2O3), Scandium

    oxide(Sc2O3), Yttrium oxide(Y2O3)

    Rare Earth metal:

    Lanthanum(La), Cerium(Ce), Praseodymium(Pr), Neodymium(Nd),

    Samarium(Sm), Europium(Eu), Gadolinium(Gd), Terbium(Tb),

    Dysprosium(Dy), Holmium(Ho), Erbium(Er), Thulium(Tm),

    Ytterbium(Yb), Lutetium(Lu), Scandium(Sc), Yttrium(Y), Scandium-

    Aluminum alloy (Sc-Al alloy), Terbium-Dysprosium Alloy (Tb-Dy

    alloy), Yttrium-Aluminum alloy (Y-Al alloy), Copper-Cerium

    alloy(Cu-Ce alloy), Neodymium-Aluminum alloy(Nd-Al alloy),

    Dysprosium-Iron alloy(Dy-Fe alloy), Holmium-Copper alloy (Ho-

    Cu alloy), Terbium-Dysprosium-Iron alloy(Tb-Dy-Fe alloy)

    Rare Earth Nitride:

    Lanthanum nitride (LaN), Cerium nitride (CeN), Praseodymium

    nitride (PrN), Neodymium nitride(NdN), Samarium nitride

    (SmN), Europium nitride(EuN), Gadolinium nitride (GdN), Terbium

    nitrid, (TbN), Dysprosium nitride (DyN), Holmium nitride

    (HoN), Erbium nitride (ErN), Thulium nitride(TmN), Ytterbium

    nitride (YbN), Lutetium nitride (LuN), Yttrium nitride

    (YN), Scandium nitride(ScN).

    Evaporation materials:

    La2O3, CeO2, Pr6O11, Nd2O3, Sm2O3, Eu2O3, Gd2O3, Tb4O7,

    Dy2O3, Ho2O3, Er2O3, Tm2O3, Yb2O3, Lu2O3, Sc2O3, Y2O3, SiC,

    Si3N4, AlN, Al2O3, Al(OH)3, TiN, TiO2, TiC,

    Aluminum pellet, Silver pellet, Chrome Plated Tungsten Rods,

    Chrome pellet, Cooper pellet, Hafnium pellet, Molybdenum

    pellet, Ni Cr pellet, nickel pellet, tungsten pellet, tantalum

    pellet, tantalum boat, Irinium pellet, Zr pellet, Platinum

    crucibles, Pt alloy (with Au, Rh, etc) crucibles, W

    crucibles, Mo crucibles, Ag crucibles, Tantalum (Ta)

    crucibles, Niobium (Nb) crucibles, Iridium (Ir) crucibles

    e.t.c (other shape: rods, shots, wire)

    Precious Alloys:

    Gold Antimony, Au/Sb, Gold Arsenic, Au/As, Gold Boron,

    Au/B, Gold Copper, Au/Cu, Gold Germanium, Au/Ge, Gold Nickel,

    Au/Ni, Gold Nickel Indium, Au/Ni/In, Gold Palladium,

    Au/Pd, Gold Phosphorus, Au/P, Gold Silicon, Au/Si, Gold Silver

    Platinum, Au/Ag/Pt, Gold Tantalum, Au/Ta, Gold Tin, Au/Sn, Gold

    Zinc, Au/Zn, Palladium Lithium, Pd/Li, Palladium Manganese,

    Pd/Mn, Palladium Nickel, Pd/Ni, Platinum

    Palladium, Pt/Pd, Palladium Rhenium, Pd/Re, Platinum Rhodium,

    Pt/Rh, Silver Arsenic, Ag/As, Silver Copper, Ag/Cu, Silver

    Gallium, Ag/Ga, Silver Gold, Ag/Au, Silver Palladium,

    Ag/Pd, Silver, Titanium, Ag/Ti


    Chromium Boride, CrB(2)Lanthanum Boride, LaB(6)Molybdenum

    Boride, Mo(2)B(5)Niobium Boride, NbB(2), Tantalum Boride,

    TaB(2)Titanium Boride, TiB(2)Tungsten Boride, W(2)B,

    Vanadium Boride, VB(2), Zirconium Boride, ZrB(2)


    Boron Carbide, B(4)C, Chromium Carbide, Cr(3)C(2), Molybdenum

    Carbide, Mo(2)C, Niobium Carbide, NbC, Silicon Carbide,

    SiC, Tantalum Carbide, TaC, Titanium Carbide, TiC, Tungsten

    Carbide, WC, Vanadium Carbide, VC, Zirconium Carbide, ZrC

    Fluorides targets:

    Aluminum Fluoride, AlF(3), Barium Fluoride, BaF(2), Calcium

    Fluoride, CaF(2), Cerium Fluoride, CeF(2), Cryolite,

    Na(3)AIF(6), Lithium Fluoride, LiF, Magnesium Fluoride,

    MgF2, Potassium Fluoride, KF, Rare Earth Fluorides, Sodium

    Fluoride, NaF

    Nitrides targets:

    Aluminum Nitride, AlN, Boron Nitride, BN, Niobium Nitride,

    NbN, Silicon Nitride, Si(3)N(4), Tantalum Nitride,

    TaN, Titanium Nitride, TiN, Vanadium Nitride, VN, Zirconium

    Nitride, ZrN, Si(3)N(4)/TiN Silicides targets:

    Chromium Silicide, CrSi(2), Molybdenum Silicide,

    MoSi(2), Niobium Silicide, NbSi(2), Platinum

    Silicide, PtSi, Tantalum Silicide, TaSi(2), Titanium Silicide,

    TiSi(2), Tungsten Silicide, WSi(2), Vanadium Silicide,

    VSi(2), Zirconium Silicide, ZrSi(2)


    Bismuth Telluride, Bi2Te3, Cadmium Selenide, CdSe, Cadmium

    Sulfide, CdS, Lead Selenide, PbSe, Lead Sulfide, PbS, Lead

    Telluride, PbTe, Molybdenum Selenide, MoSe2, Molybdenum

    Sulfide, MoS2, Zinc Selenide, ZnSe, Zinc Sulfide, ZnS, Zinc

    Telluride, ZnTe target.

    Besides, Able Target Ltd can also provide sputtering targets

    as customer request.Every inquiry of you will be taken

    seriously here.

    Company Contact:

    • Phone: 861067261028

    • Address: No.64,Yongdingmen Outerstreet,Chongwen district, Beijing, China

    • Email: Email

    Published date: July 18, 2013 -

    • Business Description: Able Target Limited is a professional manufacturer of coating film materials, sputtering targets, and an excellent supplier of nonferrous metals, evaporation material, crucible, high purity materials, rare earth materials and alloys for Flat Panel Display industry, Architectural and automotive glass coating, Optical communication and optical storage coating, Electronic Coating, Solar panel coating, Semiconductor, PVD coating industry, and all kinds of downstream industry of sputtering target.
      We have a whole experimental analysis and thin film deposition technique through smelting, hot press and hot isostatic press(HIP) press at high purity (99%, 99.9%, 99.99%, 99.999%, 99.9999 %.) with very competitive price and customized approach.
      ABLE TARGET Limited have best excellent engineers with experienced skills and a specialty Magnetron Sputtering Technology focused on its core skills in producing coating film materials, precious metals, fine chemicals and processing technology.

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