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Company Showrooms: Construction

 Aluminum Ceiling 85u Linear
haputa - China
U shaped strip ceiling combination with small dimension panel strip is unique design easy installation and efficiency ceiling areas that functionally superior as well as visually dynamic The stan ....


 Aluminum Ceiling Linear
haputa - China
1 C shaped Closed Linear Ceiling has a very excellent extensibility in Visual space When it combines with the grille ceiling in installation to get richer visual effects and 3D effects Ea ....


 Clip In Ceiling Tiles
haputa - China
1 Metal Ceiling Specifications Designed and engineered to perform in multiple commercial environments under multiple stresses Haputa Metal Ceiling systems allow cutting edge technologies to be ap ....


 Galvanized Or Ungalvanized Steel Wire Rope
dawson-group - China
Wire rope is made of plaiting strands of wire normally medium carbon steel into a thick cable The strands are formed around a core The strands in wire ropes are made of wore twisted together Stra ....


 En12195 3 G80 Ratchet Load Binder For Chain
dawson-group - China
Ratchet Load Binder for Chain Dawson has the load binders you need to tie down heavy cargo From chain binders and ratchet binders to binder chains you ll find them here Binders are ideal load con ....


 G80 Ratchet Type Load Binder For Chain
dawson-group - China
Grade 80 Ratchet load binder G80 EN12195 3 Chain Ratchet Load Binder China Dawson Group Made 1 Ratchet Type with Eyes Load can be safely and easily tied down using the tensioning ratchet All ....


 Bow Or D Shaped Anchor Shackle For Lifting
dawson-group - China
Dawson Shackles Web Sling Shackles Hot DIP GalvanizedSquare Head Pin Bow Shackles Square Head Pin Bow ShacklesLarged Bow Shackles BS3032 Farm Bow ShacklesDouble Clevis Links Drop Forged Dee Sha ....


 Ds Lc Series Lifting Clamp
dawson-group - China
DS TK Cargo Trolley for conveying and rotating of goods DS TC Vertical Lifting Sling Clamps DS CD Type Vertical Lifting Clamps For straight plate lifting DS YGC Rail lifting clamp for steel pl ....


 Offshore Stud Link Studless Mooring Chain
dawson-group - China
Stud link offshore mooring chain Studless offshore mooring chain 1 Size Dia 52 to dia 152 2 Class RQ3 R3s RQ4 Stud link offshore mooring chain Studless offshore mooring chain Chain Diam ....


 En12195 3 G80 Ratchet Load Binder For Lashing
dawson-group - China
EN12195 3 G80 Ratchet Load Binder for Lashing According to EN12195 3 standard Handle forged Suitable for G100 chain Not for lifting only for lashing With G100 eye grab hook ....


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