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Company Showrooms: Mushrooms

 Boletus Edulis Cep Porcino Penny Bun Bolete
First Wild World - China
Boletus edulis known as the Cep Porcino or Penny bun Bolete is a most sought after edible bolete It is frequently found at the edges of clearings in broad leaved and coniferous forests Our pro ....


 Hericium Erinaceus Lion s Mane Mushroom Yamabushitake
First Wild World - China
Hericium erinaceus also referred to as the Pom Pom mushroom often has a roundish fruitbody with spines all emerging from the same point and cascading down like a mop head White or pale yellow bro ....


 Amanita Caesarea Sun Dried Wild Mushrooms
First Wild World - China
The most obvious feature of Amanita caesarea is its gorgeous color which can be dull to quite vivid Below are more identification characteristics Cap Convex and becoming flat with age Color i ....


 Cantharellus Cibarius Chanterelle Sun Dried
First Wild World - China
Cantharellus cibarius is known as the Girole in France and simply as Chanterelle in Britain Occasional large groups of Chanterelles occur in mixed woodland notably under birch trees and often besi ....


 Lactarius Deliciosus Saffron Milk Cap Delicious
First Wild World - China
Pileus Cap 5 13 cm broad convex becoming centrally depressed and vase shaped margin incurved sometimes upturned in age surface viscid when moist color variable various shades of orange and gre ....


 Lactarius Rubrilacteus Bleeding Milk Cap
First Wild World - China
Pileus Cap 5 0 12 cm broad convex margin inrolled when young becoming plano convex to shallowly infundibuliform in age surface viscid when moist banded concentrically with shades of orange ofte ....


 Morchella Deliciosa Morel
First Wild World - China
Common Name morel Cap 2 0 7 0 cm tall 2 0 3 5 cm broad conic to cylindrical conic surface of longitudinal sterile ridges anastomosing cross ribs and pits the latter typically several times long ....


 Morchella Elata Morel Black Fire
First Wild World - China
Common Names morel black morel fire morel Pileus Cap 2 0 8 0 cm tall 2 0 6 0 cm broad narrowly to broadly conic occasionally more rounded i e obtuse conic to ovoid conic surface of parallel ....


 Laetiporus Gilbertsonii Sulphur Shelf Chicken Of The Woods
First Wild World - China
Laetiporus gilbertsonii Common Name sulphur shelf chicken of the woods Misapplied name Laetiporus sulphureus Sporocarp Fruiting body annual sessile to substipitate consisting of overlapping ....


 Armillaria Mellea Honey Mushroom
First Wild World - China
Armillaria mellea Common Name honey mushroom Pileus Cap 3 13 cm broad convex at first becoming nearly plane sometimes broadly umbonate at maturity margin finely striate color varying from yel ....


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