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"Our company, AAA Wholesale Distributor Co., is a major giftware company, and has given us an opportunity to conduct our business worldwide. For instance, we recently posted an "offer to sell" on our hand-blown and hand-painted Christmas ornaments. Two days later, we got more responses from worldwide customers than we have ever had before. And we owe it all to Thank you very much!"
Tom Huynh, Director of Sales and Marketing

"I don't know if our company would be in business without Every morning I check the offers posted at Without we would probably spend an enormous amount of time searching for a fraction of the information available on the web. I praise the method information delivery via email."
Bart Fava, Canadian Fused Homes Incorporated

"A few months ago I registered with and since then things look very different."

"Since we are here in the Far East, the most important thing is penetrating the markets abroad. If we do that, we get all the advantages of the low cost - high quality labor here, we get out of the bottle neck of Asian countries slowly adjusting to the new tech, and we get a head start in an area that will surely grow here in the future - in this way, helps us build a good track record and become leaders in the market."

"Now, few months after joining, we are in the process of likely winning the bid to create a portal for the department of education, a 3-5 year project that will take place here and in Canada simultaneously."

" is helping us to help the Philippines as a country. With the new contract that has helped us get, we are having an effect on our country's education system. These are chances and opportunities we would never have without Worldbid. If the Philippines has a chance to come out of where it is and to be independent financially, it is all up to the people and their education."

"We are hoping that our project might be a strong enough economical force to help the country - that 25% of the income will go to charity, the education system etc. In this way, is helping the Philippines more effectively than direct donations could ever do."

"Good day and our thanks to the people at"
Saar Herman The Lion and the Zebra - Computer solutions

"Thank you for the information you send to me every day. We are a leading trading company in China, dealing in importing and exporting chemical products for many years. I, however, am a newcomer who joined this business only several months ago. With the help of, I have adapted to my new post smoothly and quickly. First thing every day, I seek information on and take advantage of new offers sent to me. By studying the various offers, I am acquainted with the current demands essential to developing my work."

"Again, thank you for your past, present and future help."

"Thanks for the service which your great company provides us. is the best site on the net. This is not just my personal opinion but also the opinion of all the members with whom I have contact."

"We are a computer business that has made some great deals through your website and we have become consultants for manufacturing companies both at home and in foreign countries. All of this has happened in just 6 months of being a member of So thank you to the team for this great site, and we wish you all success."
Shreef El-Smary

"We are an Importer & Exporter of agriculture products in China. We have established essential business relationships with many companies all over the world by using the information that supplies. Your website is an excellent method for us to promote our trade."
Harward Ken, Guangdong Kking-nong Industry Information

" has helped us extend our horizons all over the world, providing us with new and attractive business opportunities. It is incredible - and perfect!"
A. Burak Cokugras, pronto marine technic & supply co. ltd. Istanbul, Turkey

"Our business has increased since using At first, we did not take advantage of everything your site offers. Then, we started posting offers, researching offers and requests. Since then our business has increased fivefold."

"Thank you Keep up the great work. Great site!"
Brian Napoli, The Shadigee Co. Medina, New York

" has been great for my business. I signed to receive your trade leads, which I do every day and there are always requests for the laptop computers I sell through your site. I received one in particular which resulted in $3 Million of business!"

"Thank you for your help, your site, and for continuing with such a good job."
Julian Wilton, RZM Computers. Richmond, Virginia

"Thank you for your nice support, staff. We have greatly increased our business dealing through Your service is very good and we have used contacts from your site to establish some business relationships with customers/partners which are very promising for our future."
Vu Tuan Giang, Director. Well Shine Co., Ltd (IMPORTER EXPORTER ) Hanoi, Vietnam.

"I am very grateful for your good web site. Through, I have had some successful business experience. As a chemicals producer, we used to sell our product through a middle company. Now, with your website we find many direct buyers. We have done business with some companies worth approximately $100,000. We believe your website is going to become more and more popular."
Richard Zhao

"I love the site. I place offers daily and have executed a number of business transactions because of your organizations."
Mark Lovil, President. Rite-Kem Inc.

"You have a wonderful and powerful website."
John Leahy, MP Ventures

"You provide great service. I just found a trade lead this morning that I'm going to forward to my manufacturer. Good Job!"
Ernest Johnson

"We like very much! It's the number 1 internet trade site."
Jim Inn, Agricot Investment Ltd.

"Worldbid's trade board is an invaluable source. It has brought me a lot of business, and I have recommended it to several other people who have reached their target in sales like never before. Thank you Worldbid!"
Mrs. June De Jager, Ceo/President, Moriel Finance

"Worldbid gives me the general information I need about web-based business. You are part of an exceptional challenge to creative human activity around the world."
Maya Dimitrova, Omda Ltd., Bulgaria

"Your trade web has given a great boost to our business."
Owis Ali, Pakistan

" has opened up a world of possibilities for us. You are doing a fantastic job of opening new commercial opportunities around the world."
Belen Rial, Commercial Relations, Mexico Trade

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