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644n Air Spring For Volvo Bpw Daf Man Guomat 8017 - China

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644N W01-095-0118 8017 VOLVO, BPW, DAF, MAN




Order No: 910001


Order No: 910021


Order No: 910041


FIRESTONE 1R1A 390 295 W01 095 0118


PHOENIX 1, 00E+021

DUNLOP UK PNP301470101


CF GOMMA 1S 285-24 - 92574




FIRESTONE 1R1C 390 310 W01 095 0021



DUNLOP UK PNP304980101


CF GOMMA 1S 310-28 91016



FIRESTONE 1R1D 355 355 W01 095 0207


PHOENIX 1, 00E+032


DUNLOP UK PNP 302730101

CF GOMMA 1SC360-30 92594


BUSSING 831 120 144

BUSSING 546 905 134

DROGMOELLER 440320200002-00

EVO-BUS 4, 771, 440, 000

EVO-BUS 4, 731, 031, 000


EVO-BUS (KASSBOHRER-SETRA 4, 731, 042, 000

EVO-BUS (KASSBOHRER-SETRA 4, 771, 427, 000


BUSSING 536 905 265

DAF 0 689 677

EVO 4.771.143.000

EVO 4.771.170.000

EVO 4.771.441.000

EVO (MB) A 000 327 01 01

EVO (MB) A 307 328 00 01


MAGIRUS-DEUTZ 536 905 265

MAN 81, 43601, 0017


MERCEDES-BENZ A 000 327 01 01

NEOPLAN 1001 10 300

NEOPLAN 1001 12 254

VAN HOOL 624319-420

VAN HOOL 624319-610

VOLVO 1 134 445

VOLVO 1 199 893

WG1642440025WG16424400 85WG1664430078, WG1664440068, 1B24950201

011, 2B383, 20F-2, 3B300, 3B383, 20F-1, 2B120-20, 1C3011,

1C3012, 1C3007, S1085, 1B300, 1B9-202, 1B12-

300, 2B250, 2B260, 2B200, 2B220, 2B210, 2B9X2, 2B40-10, 2B20-1, 2B20-

2, 2B360, 2B330, 2B331, 2B5020, 2B6X2F, 2B5831, 03362-33000, 49711-

1010, 2B5007, 2B26C, 2B70-

13, 2B400, 2B5315, 2B8X2, 2B5364, 3B5179, 3B12X3, W01-358-

7994, 3B12-328, W01-358-6927, FD200-25-453-426-454, W01-358-

6943, W01-358-7557, FD530-35530, 2B14-383, W02-358-

7012, HINO52270-2253, 52270-

1350, 50893914, 7041502, 7032701, 7032704, 70303515, 70305D1, 61002

01, 60913001, MAN, 81.41722.6053, 81.41722.6048, 81.41722.6051, 81

.41722.6049, 81.41722.6052, SCANIA, 94114144, 93113143, 942890291

9, 9428900219, 94289060, VOLVO, 3172984, 1075077, 1081785, 20721169

, 20427897, 1075076, 1075077, 3172984, 1629724, 1629719, 20534645, M

5Q-5001550BFS40-4ʍ 07;FS50-5FS70-7FS120-9FS1 20-10FS120-12FS200-

10FS330-11FS530-11FS53 0-14FD40-10FD70-13FD110-1 5FD120-

17FD120-20FD200-19FD20 0-25FD330-22FD530-22FD530 -30FD530-

35FT330-29FT530-32FT53 0-35644N, 661N, 662N, 701N, 713N,

715N, 720N, 727N, 762N, 769N, 782N, 786N, 817N, 819N,

882N1, 884N, 897N, 916N, 927N, 928N, 943N, 945N, 975N,

1885N, 4390N, 4420N, 4713N, 6605N, 6606N, 6608N, 887M,

4151N, 836M, 940MB, 941MB, 810MB, 811MB, 942MB, FS40-6,


7DZ1640430030, DZ1640440015, DZ199112680014, WG9114680004, WG972

5680014, WG910068001, WG9100680046, WG1642440021, WG1642430091, W

G1642430385, WG1642430285, WG1642440028, 5001290B242, 2905010-

369, 2905011-8H-

21, WG6029440091, 116029110091, 1122929200006, 1120029210005, 113

8129200010, 112402920005, 1417029200015, , 2921Q01-010, 2921C-

010, 2921D-

010, 1B24950200137, 1B24950200131, 1B24950200083, 1B24950200132,


660, 5001085C0302, 5001150C0302, 8683173010, 8684473011, 86831Y40

10G, 86844Y4010G, 54300-

7H050, 2905010G1710, WG1642440081, WG1642440082, WG1642440381, WG

1642440382,FS40 -6FS70-7, FS120-9, 1B7-540, 1B8-550, 1B8-

580, FS200-10, 1B9-202, FS330-11647, FS330-11474, FS330-

11468, FS330-11468, FD200-19724, FD200-19539, FD200-19505, FD200-

19319, FD200-19310, FD200-19315, FD200-19362, FD200-19320, FD200-

19504, FD200-19452, FD200-19499, FD200-19450, FD200-19448, FD200-

19506, FD200-19510, FD200-22524, FD200-22706, FD200-25717, FD200-

25453, FD200-25426, FD200-25454, FD200-25427, FD200-25463, FD200-

25428, FD200-25429, FD200-25507, FD200-25511, FD200-25717, FD330-

22363, FD330-22472, FD330-22471, FD330-22500, FD330-22313, FD330-

22337, FD330-22318, FD330-22346, FD330-22364, FD330-22365, FD330-

22366, FD330-22637, FD330-22331, FD330-22368, FD330-22327, FD330-

22343, FT330-22334, FT331-26514, FT331-26541, FT331-26480, FT331-

26541, FT530-25543, FT530-35530, FT530-35545, FT530-35720, FT530-

35720, FT330-29-498, FT330-29-546, FT330-29-547, FT330-29-

521, FT330-29-432, FT330-29-

433, FT330-29-469, FT330-29-466, FT330-29-469SK112-24, SZ130-

25P04, SZ37-6, 816Z, SZ53-10, SZ50-9, SZ51-4, SZ51-5, SZ51-

7P02, SZ51-10, SK95-26, SZ135-19, SZ11-5.867Z, SZ35-11, SZ50-

11, 644N, 661N, 662N, 673N, 701N, 713N, 715N, 720N, 727N, 737N, 757N, 76

2N, 769N, 782N, 786N, 817N, 819N, 882N, 884N, 896N, 897N, 916N, 927N, 92

8N, 943N, 944N, 945N, 975N, 1421N, 1885N, RZ415-

28, 644NP04, 661NP01, 715MB, 725NP01, 725NP02, 725NP03, 726NP01, 769

MB, 782NP04, 819MB, 836MB, 836MK1, 836MBK6, 836MBK4, 836MK1, 881MB, 8

87MK1, 887MBK6, 887NP03, 887NP04, 940MB, 4940NP02, 941MB, 4941NP02,

4962NP02, 942MB, 4390N1, 4390NP01, 4390N2, 4390N21, 4390NP02, 4390N

P03, 4390NP23, 4390NP04, 4713NP02, 4420NP02, 4881NP02, 4882N1P01, 4

882N1P05, 6604N1P01, 6605NP01, 6606NP01, 6608NP01, 910-

10P328, 4150NP04, 910-12A543, 910-12A327, 4159NP06, 910-

12A488, 910-14A469, 91014-A545, 910-14A546, 910-14A330, 910-

14A490, 910-14A437, 910-14A492, 910-

14A496, 4156NP04, 4156NP15, 4159NP044, 4159NP06, 4159NP03, 4159NP0

9, 4159NP07, 4159NP05, 4157NP04, 4157NP05, 4157NP06, 4157NP10, 4158

NP03, 4158NP04, 99-9P767, 910S-16A382, 910S-

16A382, 4004NP02, 4004NP03, 4022NP02, 4022NP03, 1110.5-

15A415, 1110.5-15A506, 1110.5-15A414, 1110.5-15A421, 1110.5-

15A422, 1110.5-15A420, 810MB, 810NTB, 1110.5-17A367, 1110.5-

17A365, 1110.5-

17A405, 4810NP04, 4023NP03, 4813NP07, 4028NP05, 1110.5-

21A313, 4811N03, 813MB, 811MB, 4811N04, 4813NP07, 4913NP04, 912NP01

, 912NP02, 1110.5-

21A370, 4913NP02, 912NP02, 4810NP02, 4810NP03, 1110.5-

17A377, 1110.5-1

Company Contact:

  • Phone: 8602022925001

  • Address: The Fourteenth Industrial Zone,Taihe Town Baiyun,G, Guangzhou, China

  • Email: Email

Published date: May 13, 2013 -

  • Business Description: Guangzhou Guomat Auto Parts Co., Ltd is located in China's first open

    ports Guangzhou, from the International Airport only fifteen minutes

    by car. Our factory has an area of about 20, 000 square meters and

    is modernly built with advanced rubber air spring manufacturing equipment.Is currently China's largest production base of air spring.

    Our products are mainly used in commercial vehicles, track vehicles, industrial machinery equipment base.

    The main products are: rubber air spring, passenger car truck airbag, airbag, papermaking machinery industry with the air spring, large washing machine, automotive rubber air spring, now has hundreds

    of models and styles, but also according to customer requirements or customer's existing product specifications to design and production, welcome new and old customers call advisory.

    Our company adopts the most advanced domestic air spring dedicated processing equipment and the introduction of foreign production technology of air spring Combined with our unique production

    process, in accordance with international standards of production, to create a world class products.

    A first class production technology and scientific production workshop, is to ensure that my company first class product the main conditions

    More than 10 fully functional air spring experimental and testing equipment, rubber from the plant into the detection to product the factory sales, to ensure that products of each process have the

    most stringent quality testing, so that product quality more good safety and stability.

    Our company is in production process of ISO/TS16949:2002 quality system under the control of completion.Through advanced production equipment and testing equipment for the production and testing of

    control, a senior professional and technical personnel, design and management, our company product life already amounted to more than about 4000000 times, in Europe and the United States and the product

    test, our product appearance and performance have reached Europe and the United States the requirements of customers.

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