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    siemens plc s7-200 6ES7211-0BA23-0XB0


    Supply voltage

    120 V AC Yes

    230 V AC Yes

    Line frequency

    Frequency of the supply voltage 63 Hz

    Load voltage L+

    Rated value (DC) 24 V

    permissible range, lower limit (DC) 5 V

    permissible range, upper limit (DC) 30 V

    Load voltage L1

    Rated value (AC) 100 V; 100 to 230 V AC

    permissible range, lower limit (AC) 5 V

    permissible range, upper limit (AC) 250 V

    permissible frequency range, lower limit 47 Hz

    permissible frequency range, upper limit 63 Hz

    Input current

    Inrush current, max. 20 A; at 264 V

    from supply voltage L1, max. 120 mA; 15 to 60 mA (240 V); 30 to 120 mA (120 V); output current for expansion modules (5 V DC) 340 mA

    Encoder supply

    24 V encoder supply

    24 V Yes; Permissible range: 20.4 to 28.8 V

    Short-circuit protection Yes; electronic at 600 mA

    Output current, max. 180 mA

    [nicht versorgt: TAK_ABX692_001_000]

    Backup battery

    Battery operation

    Backup time, max. 50 h; (min. 8 h at 40 °C); 200 days (typ.) with optional battery module


    Number of memory modules (optional) 1; pluggable memory module, content identical with integral EEPROM; can additionally store recipes, data logs and other files

    Data and program memory

    Data memory, max. 2 kbyte

    Program memory, max. 4 kbyte


    present Yes; Program: Entire program maintenance-free on integral EEPROM, programmable via CPU; data: Entire DB 1 loaded from PG/PC maintenance-free on integral EEPROM, current values of DB 1 in RAM, retentive memory bits, timers, counters, etc. maintenance-free via high-performance capacitor; optional battery for long-term buffering

    CPU processing times

    for bit operations, max. 0.22 µs

    Counters, timers and their retentivity

    S7 counter

    Number 256

    of which retentive with battery

    adjustable Yes; via high-performance capacitor or battery

    lower limit 1

    upper limit 256

    Counting range

    lower limit 0

    upper limit 32767

    S7 times

    upper limit 64

    Time range

    lower limit 1 ms

    upper limit 54 min; 4 timers: 1 ms to 30 s; 16 timers: 10 ms to 5 min; 236 timers: 100 ms to 54 min

    Data areas and their retentivity


    Number, max. 32 byte

    Retentivity available Yes; M 0.0 to M 31.7

    of which retentive with battery 0 to 255, via high-performance capacitor or battery, adjustable

    of which retentive without battery 0 to 112 in EEPROM, adjustable

    Hardware configuration

    Connectable programming devices/PCs SIMATIC PG/PC, standard PC

    Digital inputs

    Number/binary inputs 6; integrated

    m/p-reading Yes; optionally, per group

    Input voltage

    Rated value, DC 24 V

    for signal "0" 0 to 5 V

    for signal "1" min. 15 V

    for signal "1", typ. 2.5 mA

    Input delay (for rated value of input voltage)

    for standard inputs

    Parameterizable Yes; all

    at "0" to "1", min. 0.2 ms

    at "0" to "1", max. 12.8 ms

    for interrupt inputs

    Parameterizable Yes; I 0.0 to I 0.3

    for counter/technological functions

    Parameterizable Yes; (E0.0 to E0.5) 30 kHz

    Cable length

    Cable length, shielded, max. 500 m; Standard input: 500 m, high-speed counters: 50 m

    Cable length unshielded, max. 300 m; not for high-speed signals

    Digital outputs

    Number/binary outputs 4; Relay

    Functionality/short-ci rcuit strength No; to be provided externally

    Switching capacity of the outputs

    with resistive load, max. 2 A

    Output voltage

    for signal "1", min. L+/L1

    Output current

    for signal "1" rated value 2 A

    for signal "0" residual current, max. 0 mA

    Output delay with resistive load

    "0" to "1", max. 10 ms; all outputs

    "1" to "0", max. 10 ms; all outputs

    Parallel switching of 2 outputs

    for increased power No

    Aggregate current of outputs (per group)

    all mounting positions

    up to 40 °C, max. 6 A

    horizontal installation

    up to 55 °C, max. 6 A

    Relay outputs

    Max. number of relay outputs, integrated 4

    Number of operating cycles, max. 10000000; mechanically 10 million, at rated load voltage 100, 000

    Cable length, shielded, max. 500 m

    Cable length unshielded, max. 150 m

    Analog inputs

    Number of analog potentiometers 1; Analog potentiometer; resolution 8 bit


    Connectable encoders

    2-wire sensor Yes

    Permissible quiescent current (2-wire sensor), max. 1 mA

    1st interface

    Type of interface Integrated RS 485 interface

    Physics RS 485


    MPI Yes; As MPI slave for data exchange with MPI masters (S7-300/S7-400 CPUs, OPs, TDs, Push Button Panels); S7-200-internal CPU/CPU communication is possible in the MPI network with restrictions; transmission rates: 19.2/187.5 kbit/s

    PPI Yes; with PPI protocol for program functions, HMI functions (TD 200, OP), S7-200-internal CPU/CPU communication ; transmission rates 9.6/19.2/187.5 kbit/s

    Serial data exchange Yes; As freely programmable interface with interrupt facility for serial data exchange with third-party devices with ASCII protocol transfer rates: 1.2 / 2.4 / 4.8 / 9.6 / 19.2 / 38.4 / 57.6 / 115.2 kbit/s; the PC/PPI cable can also be used as RS232/RS485 converter


    Transmission rate, max. 187.5 kbit/s

    Transmission rate, min. 19.2 kbit/s

    Integrated Functions

    Number of counters 4; High-speed counters (30 kHz each), 32 bits (incl. sign), can be used as up/down counters or for connecting 2 incremental encoders with 2 pulse trains offset by 90° (max. 20 kHz (A/B counters)); parameterizable enable and reset input; interrupt facilities (incl. call of subroutine with any content) when the setpoint is reached; reversal in counting direction, etc.

    Counter frequency (counter) max. 30 kHz

    Number of alarm inputs 4; 4 rising edges and/or 4 falling edges

    Galvanic isolation

    Galvanic isolation digital inputs

    between the channels Yes

    between the channels, in groups of 2 and 4

    Galvanic isolation digital outputs

    between the channels Yes; Relay

    between the channels, in groups of 1 and 3

    Permissible potential difference

    between different circuits 500 V DC between 24 V DC and 5 V DC; 1500 V AC between 24 V DC and 230 V AC

    Degree and class of protection

    IP20 Yes

    Ambient conditions

    Environmental conditions For further environmental conditions, see "Automation System S7-200, System Manual"

    Operating temperature

    horizontal installation, min. 0 °C

    horizontal installation, max. 55 °C

    vertical installation, min. 0 °C

    vertical installation, max. 45 °C

    Air pressure

    permissible range, min. 860 hPa

    permissible range, max. 1080 hPa

    Relative humidity

    Operation, min. 5 %

    Operation, max. 95 %; RH class 2 in accordance with IEC 1131-2



    Command set Bit logic instructions, compare instructions, timer instructions, counter instructions, clock instructions, transmissions instructions, table instructions, logic instructions, shift and rotate instructions, conversion instructions, program control instructions, interrupt and communications instructions, logic stack instructions, integer maths, floating-point math instructions, numerical functions

    Program processing free cycle (OB 1), interrupt-controller, time-controlled (1 to 255 ms)

    Program organization 1 OB, 1 DB, 1 SDB subroutines with/without parameter transfer

    Number of subroutines, max. 64

    Programming language

    LAD Yes

    FBD Yes

    STL Yes

    Know-how protection

    User program protection/password protection Yes; 3-stage password protection

    Connection method

    Plug-in I/O terminals No


    Width 90 mm

    Height 80 mm

    Depth 62 mm


    Weight, approx. 310 g

    Status Mar 25, 2013




    We can supply many automation producuts of siemens or famous brand's products. Pls welcome to our website http://www.aotewell.com !






    6ES7214-1BD23-0XB06ES7 211-0BA23-0XB0


    6ES7214-2AS23-0XB0 6ES7211-0BA23-0XB0




    Extension module:

    6ES7221-1BH22-0XA8 6ES7211-0BA23-0XB0


    6ES7221-1EF22-0XA0 6ES7211-0BA23-0XB0



    6ES7222-1HF22-0XA86ES7 211-0BA23-0XB0


    6ES7222-1HD22-0XA0 6ES7211-0BA23-0XB0





















    6ES7241-1AA22-0XA0 6ES7211-0BA23-0XB0



    Attachment6ES7211-0BA2 3-0XB0


    6ES7297-1AA23-0XA0 6ES7211-0BA23-0XB0








    6AV6640-0AA00-0AX0 6ES7211-0BA23-0XB0


    6ES7810-2CC03-0YX06ES7 211-0BA23-0XB0

    Company Contact:

    • Phone: 85265632160

    • Address: UNIT 040, 7/F, BRIGHT WAY TOWER, NO. 33 MONG KOK , HK, Hong Kong

    • Email: Email

    Published date: April 2, 2013 -

    • Business Description: AoteWell is a industry supermarket that we can do professinal help

      manufactures succeed and grow!

      We are a leader in bringing electrical, mechanical, and motion control systems to companies of all sizes.with industrial automation control and information solutions designed to give our costomers a competitive advantage

      We agent a large of industrial automation products and process control instrument, we selling siemens plc and made in German prodution, A large number of stocks(siemens s7/siemens s5/siemens 200/siemens 300/siemens400) kindly sell some famous factory automation products , the brands such as SIEMENS, ABB, ALLEN BRANLEY, OMRON, SCHNEIDER,
      MITSUBISHI and so on ! we are stronger on siemens PLC/HMI /INVERTERS&MITSUBISHI FA, AB PLC. proess protection meanwhile, through the investment in mainland china and Asia. we are looking forward to foring one of the largest automation marketing aompanies in the world!

      Aother is our main business in the process control instrumentation , we also proxy siemens control instrumentation, no matter in which industry, no matter wehre you applied.

      if you have a large under construction, we are best partners and we look forward to doing business with you in the future, !

      We Also Can Supply Kinds Of Siemens's, Omron's, Allen Bradley's, Mitsubishi's, Abb's, Schneider's Products! And Much Automation's Products! Welcome To Visit Our Website

      if you intereted in our products, please contact with us !

      Sales team:

      Technical team:

      Automation & Process instrument
      Tel: +(852) 6563 2160
      Fax +(852) 6563 2161
      Tel: (86) 755 8660 6182
      Fax: (86) 755 2647 638

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